Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pyjama party ~ part two

As promised, here's part two of yesterdays Fur and PJ/lounge wear Theme Party! Wearing a cotton PJ in a toile de jouy pattern and throwing on a fur collar and scarf before enjoying my coffee by the computer. Weekend morning bliss!

Fur it up/H it up/Cosy it up

Vif Argent Gavroche
Grey fox fur collar
• the indispensable fingerless gloves

The Toile de Jouy pattern is named after the "Manufacture Royale de Jouy", a factory opened in 1759 by Oberkampf, in Jouy-en-Josas, a small town southwest of Paris. Toile is french for canvas or cloth, and Jouy represents the abbreviated name of the town.

Typical toile motifs often tell a story,
with isolated vignettes of historical figures, pastoral images or rural landscapes, and are usually printed in red, blue, brown or green on white cotton.


  1. I like the pattern and color on your cotton PJ. I have to add a sweater on top of my PJ at home to stay warm.

    have a nice weekend!

  2. You look very pretty in your PJ! The pink is gorgeous on you :) And the grey collar just matches perfectly xx

  3. Julia and DD, thank you <3

    Julia, I love the pattern too, it is Toile. In the evening I put a cardie on top, this winter has been so cold!

    DD, this color/pattern combo always reminds me of the gorgeous Toile H mousse, my grail! x

  4. Oh Mai Tai! You did not disappoint! I love the toile pajamas. So French and so chic! My grandmother taught me to wear nice bedclothes. You look great!

  5. I absolutely adore toile de Jouy in any form, and your PJ is delightful, even more so because of the stylish way you have accessorized it. Some day I must find the ""Toile d' Hermès" - or it will find me - as it is also (one of) my Grail(s)!

  6. emilyatheart, how fun..another thing we share, aside from our love for aprons! What a wonderful grandmother you have. x

    Oh dance, the Toile H!! I pray every season for a reissue, or for one to come my way. Now I hope that there are two out there, one for both of us. <3

  7. Gorgeous PJ's! I too adore toile de Jouy. I have never seen it in clothing, only in linens which I have in the red and I alternate w solid red for contrast.
    Classic beauty, always "in fashion".

    Maisie Z

  8. Dear MaiTai,
    The PJ in Jouy is really fantastic!
    When I am thinking about something really French toile de Jouy comes to my mind.
    I used the Jouy extensively in the furnishing of our master bedroom (wallpaper, curtains, bed covering and pillows) but it have never occurred to me that the pattern could go so well for a PJ.

  9. Dear Maisie and AA, hugs from one tdJ lover to another! <3

    Maisie, so true, all the same attributes that go for a H scarf. Your linen sounds lovely. :-)

    AA, a whole bedromm decorated in tdJ? Must be absolutely wonderful!

  10. Would love to know where you got the PJ's... website??

    Great post. I don't always comment, but I check your site every time I see you have a new post.

    You've got style girl! :)

  11. Thank you Teri, glad you enjoy the posts :-)

    The label of the PJs is OKHA and here is their site

    There is no option of online buying and apart from the collage nothing else seems to come up. You could try and send them an email. Good luck! :-)

  12. It's in Munich? I love Munich! Imagine spending Sunday in bed in Schloss Nymphenburg!

  13. dance, I'm on...let's have a OKHA pyjama party in Schloss Nymphenburg, I'll bring the champagne!

  14. I just stumbled over a toile H blouse on eBay and posted it to the finds thread on tPF. Have a look! (I'm going to hold out for the scarf...)

  15. Aww, so very pretty! But I'm with you, I'd rather have it as a scarf too!

  16. Gorgeous PJ'S!! They look so fab with the collar too! I must invest in a pair of fingerless gloves, they look impossibly chic on you!

  17. Thank you, dear DB! Keep your hands warm and toasty <3