Friday, April 30, 2010

Competion 'Chant du coq'

A few days ago, we went en famille to a country fair, showing DS some of France's finest varieties of farm animals.

The highlight of the show was a 'concours chant du coq' (rooster crowing competition). Of course we missed the early morning round, but every rooster's result was pinned to their cage.
The winner of the show is this imposing looking bird, with an impressive 58 score of early morning 'chanting', followed by 23 bonus chants. As beautiful as he is, I would not want to live anywhere near him...

this, slightly less spectacular bird, was my personal favorite, he had a total 'singing' score of zero. Definitely my type of rooster!

Other than that, there was a beauty competition, which Ms Fluff won single handedly, and various showcases of award winning geese, rabbits and ducks.

I spiced up jeans and a cardie with 'Aux Pays des Epices' in a basic bias fold, Lena necklace and 32 Kelly in Ebene.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Oh, this little competition looked like so much fun, and only in France.

    I'm with you, though. I'd prefer the loser with the zero score too. When we were in Tuscany once, we were living right next door to a rooster who definitely had his internal clock screwed up, as he insisted on showing off pretty much all night long.

    After two days of that, I really wanted to make him into a stew!

    You and Miss Fluffy both looked lovely, MaiTai.

  2. Many thanks for sharing the country fair. I've enjoyed it!!
    I like so much the rooster who comes from a "non définie" race, gets a zero in a crowing competition, and stands on his cage with a distant air of dignity.
    As always, you are great and you look great.
    with my best wishes, have a great weekend

  3. I do love what you're wearing on the photos, MaiTai - and the neutrals are in beautiful contrast to the roosters' plumage!

  4. These are the kind of outings that you and DS will remember for years to come. My sons bring up the little things we did together...and I thought they weren't paying attention! I'm so happy for you to have such a nice day with your family and as always (even at a farm competition) you look lovely. xxoo

  5. Dear Maitai, Thank you so much, I love this post! Sounds like a marvelous, fun-filled afternoon. As always, your outfit is beautiful and effortless. Especially love the color of your ebene Kelly in sunlight - a gorgeous deep, rich brown :-)

  6. Race: Non définie. That one definitely made me laugh.
    I love country fairs and living in the country (but that must be because Strbg is only 30 min away... and there's no singing rooster nearby ;-P )
    Even at a country fair you look perfect and lovely. You always make me want to put more effort into my outfits. For this I thank you.

  7. Awww the winning Cockerel is magnificent but like you I'd prefer the loser for a neighbour LOL!! Miss Fluffy is soo sweet!

    Love your outfit MT and your lovely Kelly - elegant as always.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing another family excursion with us. They're always such a treat and you look simply stunning! No need for competition to know, who was the chicest lady there. ;-), HM

  9. I love this post! I'm still smiling. Delightfully amusing. Both coq's are adorable, but I now have and overwhelming desire to make coq au vin! You are radiant and inspirational as always.

  10. This has brought back some lovely memories, MaiTai! When our children were younger we took them to a similar country fair near Bayeux in Normandy, on a family holiday. They were thrilled to see little chicks and wanted to bring them home!

    Glad you and the family had such a good day!

  11. Lol, I chuckled when I read your line on zero score =) Thank you for sharing this family outing with us, glad you had fun! You look FABULOUS as always, lovely weekend to you too xxx

  12. Country fairs - another sign that spring has sprung. Thanks for sharing pics from your outing. And as always, you look great.

    Having the winning rooster as a neighbor doesn't sound too bad. Listening to him has to be better than listening to my neighbor set off her car alarm every morning. ;-)

  13. Jerrine, cecilia, dance, andiamo, JTandIS, booksnchocolate, Scarf Addict, hair-mess, FauxFuchsia, BklnDiva, sushiqueen, DD and Valencia ~ it has been such a treat to read your sweet and fun comments when I got back home from Bavaria earlier today, many thanks, dear ladies <3

    Many thanks also for your sweet compliments, and with the various references to chicken stew, I guess I wore the approriate scarf to the event, LOL.

    Hope you all had a great weekend, MT xx

  14. Keekerekee. Great fun to read about this chant competition. ITA with Cecilia. The zero bird has this certain dignity only clever birds have and looks so much better than the cockerel gorilla.

  15. You made me laugh, angolfa, and I could not agree more with you girls! A big cocorico and cockedoodledoo to you x

  16. Thank you Maitai, you are my inspiration. I use your blog as my first aid how to develop my wardrobe in style.

    I've tried to wear my scarf with basic bias fold, but never be succesful. What is your trick to stop the scarf from sliding around when you wear it with the basic bias fold?

  17. Thank you, mytwoprincesses, I am so happy to hear you enjoy my blog. Wearing the scarf in the basic bias fold is a slippery affair.. I would never do it in crowded places for fear of loosing it, or on a busy day. That day, we were just wandering around, and I wore a non slippery wardrobe item underneath (cotton cardie). The scarf fur collars provide a secure way to wear a scarf in the basic bias fold, but that's just for winter :)