Thursday, April 22, 2010

FSH update

The partial refurbishment of FSH is not finished yet, and as before, the main corner window, and those along the Rue Bossy d'Anglas were still boarded up. The two big windows on the Rue Faubourg St.Honoré were decorated in orange, lemon and lime, a very joyous and bright spring time display

The orange Kelly (collage below, top right photo) had discreet croc trimmings, and was absolutely stunning. Inside the store, orange was the predominating color, there were orange Lindys, Paris Bombays, Jypsieres, SO Kellys, Plumes and Victorias. Also quite a few yellow (soleil), white and rouge vif and rouge garance ones. The most spectacular bag on display was a 35 sellier black shiny croc Kelly with diamond studded hardware.

On the rooftop of the building, the 'Lilanga' Carrés from three weeks ago have been replaced by the 'Mosaïque au 24'

Update on Autumn/Winter 2010 colors. The swatches were not available yet, but will be in the store by July/August. I asked about rubis, and apparently there is NO pink in it. It was described to me as a warm and rich color, a lighter version of bordeaux. Sounds intruiging, it could be just the perfect red!


  1. MT, thank you for the photos, I love the yellow, red, orange, green, all mixed up together. That orange kelly with the croc trimming is to die for! Joanne

  2. DELICIOUS! All the colours actually are mouthwatering..yum!


  3. A great window display to welcome springtime in Paris. By the way, do you know when the refurbishment of FSH will be finished? I bet their first window display will be nothing short of spectacular.


  4. Thank you for posting the delicious windows, MaiTai. I'm crazy about the orange kelly with croc trim. It must have been a feast for the eyes in person.

    Thanks also for the update on the leather samples. Guess we all just have to be patient and keep saving our H coin for fall.

  5. Glad you enjoyed, ladies, and thank you for your comments.

    Valencia, the refurbished part will be opening in September :-)

    xandrah, when fall comes, our money trees might have grown a bit bigger too, lol!

  6. Thank you so much for not only including us in your wonderful and royal blue reveal, but also thinking of "the little lurkers" and taking some beautiful pics of the FSH windows and, of course, "the flag" ;-). Starting to save for a trip to mothership a.s.a.p. hugs, HM

  7. Ah, I love the explosion of happy orange and vert, Spring is finally here, as forecasted by our lovely Mai Tai with the colourful Brazil pochettes!
    Can't wait to see the windows in person in May.
    Beautiful all around, I can just feel/share your joy looking at the windows your new Bolide safely ensconced in its orange box...your thread just makes me happy.

  8. Dear MaiTai,

    The orange kelly is my favourite!You´re absolutely right. It´s stunning!

  9. That sunny window looks like summer personified, or maybe I should say, bagified.

    Leila must have been in a good mood when she put that one together.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  10. What a burst of Spring colors! The orange Kelly is
    simply stunning! Thank you so much for sharing this
    citrus feast with us!!! Also can't wait to see their
    opening windows.
    Fixing your asparagus recipe tonite, and thank
    you for sharing that with us!

  11. Ahhh, FSH gorgeousness!! What a beautiful window. I love all the special bags the put in the windows, the ones no one could ever order. Thanks for providing us with all the pics! Hurray for spring!

  12. hair-mess, ABG, Manuela, Jerrine, pamella and Pauillac ~ thank you for taking part in the enjoyment of these gorgeous displays <3

    hair-mess, very much hoping that one day we'll be looking at the windows together x

    ABG, looking forward to your report about the vitrines in May(and May is nearly here, yay!) If only there would be such a thing as a guest photo book on Blogger, it would be so nice to see some pics of the latest decorations. Have a most wonderful and magical time in Paris! x

    Dear Manuela, aww yes.. that Kelly!!

    Jerrine, LOVE the 'bagified summer', your wit and humor is an online elixier.

    pamella, hope the asparagus turned out well. The season is in full swing, we had some yesterday too, this time incorporated into an omelett, it was not bad either.

    Pauillac, the special bags are such stunning pieces indeed. Good thing too they are behind glass, nice and safe from any possible drool related damage, lol.

  13. Thank you for sharing this dear MT <3 The window displays are always so beautiful =)

  14. Happy you enjoyed the pics, dear DD <3

  15. Thankyou for sharing dear Mai Tai

  16. Such fun to share these beautiful displays with you girls. Its's lovely to see you stopping by, Betina <3