Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where's the blue?

Todays post should have been all about the homecoming of the lovely Bolide, BUT... there has been a major railway strike in France, and so yesterday's trains to Paris were cancelled. Normally the strikes last for just a day or two, and I was lucky to be able to rebook for tomorrow... until I got notice last night that this trip has been cancelled too! C'est la vie.. en France ;-)

But the sun is shining, and there's no time to feel bleu, so enjoying another day of happy orange and pink instead.
I've folded the scarf in the basic bias, placed it around the neck, and pulled both ends (coming from opposite directions) through a round scarf ring. Leaving one end longer than the other, permits to show the most of this beautiful design.

Today teaming up my pink cardie (a H&M find, btw) with enamel bangles, etoupe Picotin, Evelyne scarf ring and Tour de Clés scarf.

And for the moment, I just continue to dream of her... at least I know she is waiting for me!


  1. Oh no! Just stopped by to see the "news", but that's not what I'd expected. ;-) Laissez-faire en france, eh? But once again, you're takin' it like a true lady, with lots of style and grace. Cheers to you, dear MaiTai!

  2. Oh no, so sorry to hear this. Well at least you know she is patiently waiting for you.
    I wouldn't have thought of pairing the TdC in this colorway with a light pink cardi and I am amazed at how lovely and fresh this look is.
    PS: I have found LFASDV in the black cw that I had previously missed...I should receive it next week...jumping and bouncing as I am typing.

  3. How very frustrating for you, MaiTai! However, the wait will be worth it, I'm sure of that! Your TdeC looks really lovely with the pale pink. I thought I was done with the SS scarves but you're seriously tempting me...

  4. Such a beautiful outfit! i think i just got the idea what to wear today. thank you. :)

  5. You looke lovely in pink and orange.

  6. I was so disappointed along with you dear MT!! BUT the good news is the pickup will be much sweeter after the wait =) You look beautiful in pink!! Hugs to you xx

  7. Such a shame that the trip to pick up your beautiful Bolide has to be delayed. Yet I admire that you can smile and have a positive outlook, after all - she is YOURS, it is just a little longer before you can be reunited. Yet you still smile and look beautiful and as chic as always!

  8. hair-mess, booksnchocolate, sushi queen, DD and MiaT ~ thank you for sharing the Bolide journey.. first the decision making, then the wait, and now the delay. Your sweet support means a lot, hugs to you! xx

    hair-mess, mais oui, strikes are a big part of France's culture. But luckily, the french culture also offers many things to compensate for the inconveniences ;-)

    booksnchocolate, so excited to hear you managed to track down the LFASDV in black, many congratulations!!! Here's to you, my scarf twin, and to your superior hunting skills!

    sushi queen, thank you for commiserating :-) And btw, before seeing the TdC I thought I was done with the SS scarves too, lol!

    Happy you like the look, Julia, it's always so nice to see you stopping by <3

    Thank you, dear FauxFuchsia, so sweet of you to say :-)

    Thank you for sharing, dearest DD! And you are right of course, I will even cherish the train ride, once they'll move again ;-)

    Dear MiaT, truth spoken! With a wonderful prospect still ahead, there is no need to be sad. Happy you like the look, thank you my dear!

  9. What a disappointment not to have your new blue baby in hand! I probably would still be pouting. I hope you can go on Thursday - xx00 Joanne

  10. You're far more patient than I am, MT.

    Most likely, I wouldn't have been able to prevent myself from jumping in the car and making the long drive to Paris!

    Hopefully, the homecoming will be all the sweeter for the wait.

  11. Oh what a pity the train people were on strike!!! Hope you get to Paris really soon. Your pink outfit looks fabulous and love the way you have worn your TdC. Hopefully yhre next time you post a blog you'll have your new bleu!!

  12. Vorfreude ist doch die schönste Freude :)
    Ich finde Du siehst heute wieder super aus. Aber rosa habe ich bisher noch gar nicht auf den Bildern gesehen. Gefällt mir sehr gut, vor allem weil ich blau und rosa liebe.

  13. Oh, drat! I was hoping to meet the new baby here today! I have just recently received my long searched for 37cm raisin Bolide, and I couldn't be happier. At least you know yours is safely awaiting your arrival, but I'm sure that's making the rail strike even more unwelcome than it might be otherwise. We will all be patient with you and hope you make it to Paris very soon.

  14. Mai Tai, Be sure and show us the box, wrappings, etc. That's half the fun! Waiting will make it all the sweeter. I love the Bolide - the structured one and in black.

  15. Ah, the flowers and trees are not the only things in bloom dear Mai Tai! You are surely one of France's fairest flowers personified! Yes, the delay is frustrating however, for me, the anticipation is wonderful too! Looking forward to your first photos.

    Maisie xoxo

  16. LOL! Yes, there really is enough to make up for those kind of inconviences - champagne, wine, macarrons, the beautiful landscape and on top of all hermès, of course, are just a few "excuses" I could think of in an instant. But I have to agree with Jerrine and really admire your patience ;-) hugs again and looking forward to pics, HM.

  17. Oh no, dear Mai Tai. I can't believe CGT Rail would come between you and your beautiful Bolide. Strikes are definitely not something I miss from home!
    But this one shall pass too, and I do hope that you will be able to get a TGV to FSH very soon. Looking forward to even more lovely photos,

  18. Joanne, Jerrine, Scarf Addict, Majara, xandrah33, emilyatheart, MaisieZ, hair-mess, ABGinDC ~ many thanks for your kind messages, so sweet of you to hang in there with me, it makes the additional wait so much easier, almost fun in fact! :-) xx

    Joanne, Thursday's trains got cancelled as well, between the strikes, and the volcanic ashes causing canceled flights, Europe is grinding to a halt..

    Good thinking, Jerrine, and making the drive was tempting, but it would have meant no champagne at the TB. Too much sacrifice, lol!

    Happy you like the pink look, Scarf Addict :-)

    Majara, du hast so recht mit der Vorfreude! Und es stimmt, ich habe bisher nie viel Rosa getragen, komme aber langsam auf den Geschmack! Freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt. LG

    xandrah, congrats on your raisin Bolide, wear her in health and happiness! Hope to be celebrating the arrival of my Ms B here with you soon :-)

    emilyatheart, I promise to show box et all! Happy you like my choice, even though it is blue, not black :-)

    Aww, what a sweet thing to say, dear Maisie, thank you. Looking forward to share Ms Bleu with you.

    hair-mess, haha, you have listed a few of the best excuses, spot on dear. With all that, how could one possibly care about a strike or two! ;-)

    ABG, your beautiful country compensates in so many ways for the inconvinience of the strike, and as you've said, it will pass eventually. Many thanks for your good wishes, looking forward to taking photos of her! x

  19. Oh, MaiTai - so sorry! How annoying and frustrating!
    But at least you know she's YOURS! I just love the
    Bolide, and picked up my latest, a 31 Ciel, yesterday.
    She came from Seattle, and I guess she just missed
    the volcanic ash - lucky for me. I hope you get your
    blue baby soon!

    The pink with the TdeC orange make a great
    combination - now who else would have thought
    of that?

  20. Ah, it's so hard to wait when it comes to "H"! I admire
    your patience! But that will make it so much sweeter
    when to go to fetch her! I love the colors in your
    new Tour de Cles, need a scarf with etoupe and yours
    looks beautiful with your etoupe picotin.
    We are all waiting with you!

  21. Many congratulations on your Ciel Bolide, Bonbon! What a beautiful color for spring and summer!! Happy you liked my summery color combination. On 'paper' I would have said 'no' to it, so it was fun to try and see that it works.

    Many thanks, dear pamella. Having you girls keeping me company while waiting, makes it all fun. The TdC will be perfect with your etoupe, the background color is the same lovely tone, only several shades lighter :-)

    H hugs to both of you <3

  22. Beautiful as always MT .. you should wear pink regularly. The color really compliments your radiant look.

  23. Thank you, dear Erlina. Long time, no see, great to see you stopping by! :-)