Sunday, June 13, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #12

Summery purple & yellow

The natural fiber ribbon display chez Ultramod's, is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a great source of inspiration. Seeing so many colors together, allows you to try out endless color combinations in a fun and easy way..

.. but can also remind you of combinations previously loved. While zooming in on the purple, lilac, yellow and gold

... I remembered an outfit I wore in early spring (to see the full post, please click on the thumbnail below)

.. and felt like adapting it for summer, by changing the beige/grey cotton pants for a crisp pair of white jeans, and knotting the Gavroche into a cool and breezy cowboy knot. Shoes and the rest of the accessories in a cool, dark brown, to frame the look and tie all elements together.

Capsules: purple sweater, white jeans
Shoes: suede loafers
Inspiration: ribbon counter at Ultramod's
Accessories: Brazil II Gavroche in a cowboy knot, Kelly 32 in Ebene, Horn cuff MT (to be launched soon), Silver rings as usual
Scarf tying method: Fold scarf into a triangle, place around neck 'bib style, knot both ends into a double knot behind your neck.


  1. Another beautiful and very summery look, MaiTai.
    While the page was downloading, the only pic I could see was the zoom on the yellow and purple ribbons and it reminded me of your new cent plis! Wonderful association of colors.
    I love the horn cuff. I thought it was from your collection but then couldn't find it on the page. Was I too fast? Or wrong?

  2. Dear Maitai

    Thank you for teaching us how to mix colours and with tiny differences create totally different looks! Purple and yellow go so well together! And the way you folded the gavroche is perfect for warm summer days. Hug to you.

  3. Dear MaiTai, Absolutely gorgeous! Your genuis is in choosing that perfect third color to tie it all together. Love both versions on you - so striking and vibrant, yet never overwhelming. Thank you for a fabulous Sunday treat! Have a wonderful week. x

  4. That shop looks so interesting, I want to go there! You look lovely as ever. Am always excited to see your comments on my blog. x

  5. Oh how I wish I could get a copy of this amazing book on time!! We're off in 5 days I doubt the order will come...thank you for sharing this beautiful outfit, it is truly one of my favourites - purple with yellow, absolutely gorgeous on you!! Now if you just throw in a touch of red hehehe xxx See you soon (and bringing you something buffa**)! =D

  6. MaiTai OMG you pick another winner. The mocs and scarf are beautiful. Have a great week :)

  7. Dear booksnchocolate, so true about the 100 plis...guess what I am wearing today, lol! So happy you like the horn cuff, I love it too. It is not up yet, but hopefully in a few weeks time! :-)

    Dear Manuela, I so much enjoy playing with the ‘ingredients’, and I am always excited to see new looks coming out from the capsule ingredients. It is the same kind of fun as shaking a kaleidoscope, and see new patterns emerging each time. Hugs to you too x

    Many thanks, dear Scarf Enthusiast, happy you like both versions. I was pleased how well the dark brown worked as a frame, it had a calming effect. Have a wonderful week too, hugs <3

    It is always great to see you stopping by, dear Faux Fuchsia, and I just love your blog!

    Dear DD, counting the days with you! Re the book, I have good news for you, you can get a copy at WH Smiths in Paris, rue de Rivoli no 248, just off the Place de la Concorde. Looking forward to seeing you soon too, and woohoo, very excited about the buffa**!!

    Dear Penney, happy you like the look, and thank you for saying so, that is so sweet of you. Have a great week too!

  8. What an easy breezy summer look.So chic and MT! The Brazil II gavroche is a fav of mine and I love seeing it tied in the easy cowboy Knot.Great fun it was being able to "travel" with you to Paris to browse the beautiful candy store of ribbons! Thank you for taking us all along and sharing the inspiration.
    Big hug:)

  9. Thank you, dearest Trudye, and waves from one Brazil II lover to another! I am happy you enjoyed 'our' trip to Paris, big hugs right back to you xx

  10. Dear Maitai,

    This may be a double-comment. If so, I apologize, but my first one seems to have been lost.

    I was just given my very first Hermes scarf (astrologie in red) and I'm hooked now. I came across your site while surfing for tips on how to wear my new scarf. I must say, you are truly inspiring: such style, such beautiful scarves and such great, great tips. Thank you so much - I'll be a regular reader from now on.

    I have a question for you though: how do you clean your scarves? do you dryclean or handwash? There seems to be some discussion on which way is better for the scarves. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thanks again for a great blog.

  11. Hello beautiful - that is such a great combination. The look may be similar, but you always manage to add a special new twist. And what did I read - new goodies? Sign me up, please. Wish I could dress up this chic, but the household is demanding my attention, and we're not talking about stunning cherry decoration, just simple cleaning. yuck. ;-)

  12. P.S.
    Please put my name on the list for the horn cuff BEFORE they sell out!!

  13. Magnificent this transition from early spring to summer.
    And really magnificent the transition of the cherries from the market to this placid place in the penumbra of your kitchen, framed by a rose.
    Thank you very much for your extremely elegant blog, full of refined sensibility and sharp intelligence.
    Have a great week.

  14. Dearest MaiTai,
    I'm catching up on everything - love the last posts! I happen to have an antique cake stand collection... perhaps I can serve you a slice of Gugelhopf? How I love the Brazil II gavroche - I still have one in an orange box, waiting to be unpacked when my days are less hectic!

  15. Dear ladies, please forgive me this late reply, I’ve been very busy in the last couple of days, but loved reading your comments, thank you <3

    Dear Mette, a warm welcome to the ‘orange silk road’, and to my blog. Congratulations on your first Hermès scarf, the Astrologie is such a beautiful classic, a perfect first scarf to start your collection with! Wishing you a wonderful journey collecting and wearing your silks. As for cleaning scarves, I generally hand wash my silks (except Plissés, as the pleats would come out). Dry-cleaning apparently weakens the silk over time (unless you have a top dry cleaner, who does not use PERT), and if you are really unlucky, the hand rolled hems get ironed over, and flattened in the process. Very occasionally, I do take a scarf to the dry cleaner, for example if there is a difficult stain on a very light scarf. I would hand wash the scarf afterwards though, to get it to smell nicely again.

    Hello, darling hair-mess! I bet you even look chic when performing mundane tasks, you always do! Hope the HFT rewarded you for all your hard work :D Re new goodies, they are coming in a few more weeks, I can hardly wait myself! <3

    Anything for you, dearest Trudye, your name is on top of the list! x

    Dear cecilia, thank you for your gracious and beautiful words, it is always such a joy to read your lovely comments. Hope you are having a great week too. x

    Oh dance, your cake stand collection must be so stunning .. the list of things we love in common is growing longer and longer! I am on my way to come and try your Gugelhopf, LOL. Hope all preparations are going well <3

  16. MaiTai, I hope you and your family are safe after the floods in France, I saw the images and went immediately worried about you. Big kiss from Arizona.

  17. Another beautiful look, so radiant and impeccable, I love it (can't wait for the cuff). Would love to see another outfit with the Cent Plis.

  18. You are so sweet to think of us, dear Birkinmary, thank you <3 We were lucky though, we had nothing more than heavy rain. Hugs x

    Thank you, dear MonSacHermes. Love your new nick, btw. Can't wait for the horn cuff launch either, and will soon take the CPdM off the wall for a little outing <3