Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas recap

Chez nous, Christmas morning started on a happy note, with an excited DS dragging his stocking into his parent's bedroom.. his sweet anticipation of all good things to come was infectious.

Having not had much time this year to prepare for Noël, I was very glad to have made our Christmas pudding back in November (recipe to be shared when making it next year). DH did a great job choosing a beautiful tree while I was away, and I was happy to have found a place to stock up on tree candles, as they can be difficult to get here.

Accessorised a black shirt and a long taffeta skirt very simply with a new black MT fox fur collar, held in place by a Farandole necklace.

I hope everyone enjoyed a blessed and merry Christmas and holidays!


  1. When I was a child, my mother used tree candles. She brought them from Bavaria when we moved back to America. She'd light just a few each year, and just for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve, in order to save them for Christmases to come.

    Wonderful memory--thank you for bringing it back. Your tree is delightful. As is your skirt!


  2. Many thanks for sharing your beautiful childhood memories, those precious moments on Christmas Eve must have been full of magic. Even more so as the candles came with you from so far away. My mother always used tree candles too, their festive glow is something I will never forget. Wishing you belated Frohe Weihnachten x

  3. What a beautiful sight...the candle lit tree,your Xmas ensemble and most of all your beautiful smile!
    I love your skirt,too!
    T xx

  4. Your Christmas looks to have been quite lovely. I really like your simple ensemble, so elegant!

    Are those real candles on the tree??

  5. P.S.
    Bravo to DH for lighting up your life! xx T

  6. Dar MaiTai - Thank you for both posts during this difficult time. My BF, who is of German, still uses real candles on her tree - such a difference to lights. Beautiful photos as always. Wishing you and your Family Peace and Health in the New Year.


  7. You always look so beautifully dressed regardless of what you're wearing. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Hopefully, the happy memories you've had with her will ease your pain a little.

  8. You look Beautiful! I pulled my tree down today and packed everything away- after having it up since October I felt such relief!! Your tree looks spectacular too. Thank you for your kind baby wishes- you are my Gorgeous Mother Role Model- you always look so chic and elegant. I know this would have been a challenging time for you, so close to the loss of Your Mummy. xxxx

  9. I've always loved the look of a long, elegant (taffeta) skirt with a matching blouse. Haven't found a blouse yet, but thanks to your once again stunningly gorgeous inspiration was reminded to put that on my list. Long speech, short sense (don't know, if that saying even exists in english ;-) - the most beautiful accessory in this picture is your sweet smile! <3 ls, Macs

  10. My dearest MaiTai,

    How incredibly wonderful it is to see your beautiful smile again! Everything is glowing with Christmas magic - and your outfit is simply magnificent. I can just picture your happy little prince with his special stocking, and many compliments to your sweet DH for the gorgeous tree - you're so right, there is nothing like tree candles to warm the heart. Thank you for always sharing your special moments. Thinking of you, dearest MaiTai, with much love and warmest hugs xx

  11. Merry Christmas Mai Tai,

    I love tree candles but I am so neurotic that i'd have to sit in front of the tree upon a small stool for their lit duration.

  12. Hello MaiTai,

    It has been awhile since I've visited your blog. I am very sorry about the loss of your mother. I will be thinking about you and sending cyber hugs your way. :-)

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Your tree is absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you, MaiTai, for continuing to post during what I'm sure is a very difficult time.

    Happy New Year, MaiTai!

    Take care,
    Hermes Newbie from TPF

  13. I love your skirt and the way you paired it. And it's so good to see your beautiful smile again. This Christmas can't have been easy for you and I thought of you lots.

  14. Tree candles! My last memory of them was when I was about 13 and our neighbor who was German decorated her tree with candles. All was well until her son became a bit rowdy and toppled the tree causing things to ignite! The living room had a little redecoration after that episode! So glad your DS was able to bring you Christmas joy this year. Your ensemble is so beautiful and the fur collar the perfect touch.

  15. What lovely photos from your Christmas. I love the fact that you dressed up in your skirt. So many families now come to the Christmas table in jeans and a t-shirt. I try to keep the old fashioned tradition of proper dress alive with my family.

  16. Dear MaiTai,

    The photographs of your Christmas are stunning, as are you in your lovely outfit. I too love the tree candles! We also make our Christmas pudding and the Christmas cake in November, and I love spending the time cooking with my mother. We used to cook with my adored grandmother before she died, and so at Christmas it is always a time that we think of her even more. Thank you so much for taking the time to post, especially since it has been such a sad time for you and your family.

    Thinking of you and sending you warm wishes for a wonderful 2011,

    Melusine x

  17. Dear MaiTai,

    Merry Christmas ...
    May this christmas bring joy and happiness for you and your family.

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Your mother is very beautiful and elegant, just like you. I believe your mother will always live in your memory.

    Merry christmas lovely MT ... thank you so much for your beautiful posts.

  18. Dear Trudye, Deja Pseu, Maisie, Chocolate, Cookies and Candies, Faux Fuchsia, Macs, Tabitha, Hermes Newbie, booksnchocolate, gracekelly, Belle de Ville, Melusine and Erlina ~ hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Thank you for your kind comments, so lovely to hear that you liked the outfit and Christmas pictures. The tree candles are very special to me. For my whole life, I have never been without their special glow. An improvement was made 15 years ago, thanks to DH, when we introduced additional electric lights, so that our tree now also shines inbetween lighting the candles.

    Ah Trudye, DH says hello to you, happy that is efforts got appreciated! Happy you liked the ensemble, merci my friend <3

    Hello Deja Pseu, so happy to hear you like the look. And yes, the candles are real!

    Thank you for your good wishes, dear Maisie. So nice to hear that your BF is holding up the tradition. Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year.

    Many thanks for your kind comment, and warm words of sympathy, dear Chocolate, Cookies and Candies. I hope you had a merry Christmas yourself, and all my best for 2011.

    My dearest Faux Fuchsia, your wonderful news made my day, I am so happy you and Mr FF! Looking forward to follow via your blog your journey into motherhood. Many thanks for your sweet and comforting words, hugs xx

    I hope you’ll find a blouse for your skirt soon, my dear lovely Macs. I’ve had the skirt for so long, and it’s fun to experiment with different tops. The shirt is my current favorite. I don't know either if the saying exists in english, but langer Rede kurzer Sinn, hugs to you!

    Ma chère Scarf Enthusiast, many thanks for your warm and soothing words, you are such a kind and gentle soul. DH was very happy to hear you liked the tree, he knows how important it is to me, and went through at least 30 of them before finding a perfecly even one. I hope you and yours had a blessed and wonderful Christmas time. With much love <3
    PS Loved your description of the Mistletoe in the previous post, so poetic.

    Oh Tabitha, you made me laugh with your description of you sitting on a small stool! Come over here, and I’ll offer you an armchair and a glass of champagne instead!

    Happy New Year to you too, my dear Hermes Newbie! Such a nice surprise to see you here, and thank you for your warm comforting words. Please say hello to your little princess from me <3

    Thank you, for your heart warming words, ma chère booksnchocolate. Have a wonderful rest of the holidays, and a happy New Year x

    OMG, dear gracekelly! This is quite a memory to have of tree candles, how dramatic. Will definitely have a fire extinguisher at hand when DS hits adolescence..

    I am with you, Belle de Ville! Dressing up is very much part of it for me too, and I remember my mother doing the same, making it all the more special and memorable. I hope DS will remember the same when he’s older, as I am sure your family will too.

    Dear Melusine, thank you for sharing your tradition of making Christmas pudding and cake, and what a beautiful memory to have of your dear grandmother. Often the most powerful memories are the ones of having been doing things together, I can imagine how much this time of year means to you. Wishing you all the best for 2011 too x

    Dearest Erlina, so lovely to see you again. Many thanks for your kind words, and your sympathy. Wishing you a happy New Year 2011!

  19. Happy holidays, dearest Mai Tai! Thanks for sharing little snippets of your life.

    LOVE the photos -- you look so gorgeous and elegant as usual and your tree is simply beautiful. There is something special about a non-fake tree and I can only imagine how warm and inviting yours must be with its glowing tree candles. Your DH is such a darling.

    Here's wishing you much love, fulfillment, good health and many reasons to smile in 2011!

  20. Bonne année
    Dear Beautiful Tai

  21. Dear Mai Tai - even with no time your table looked gorgeous - Happy New Year - Sarah

  22. The pudding looks amazing, and I absolutely love your tree, and those candles too!

    Simply magical, belated Christmas wishes, and a happy 2011!

    Hugs to you xx

  23. Dear Simone, Neishy, ssb and dreamdoll, a very belated but heartfelt thank you for your lovely comments and good wishes. Hope your Christmas was joyous, festive and merry xx

    Simone, so happy you like the tree. Finding a good one (with even branches) is sometimes not an easy task, especially here in the South of France.. so it is all the more wonderful that we had a beautiful one this year!