Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Ruby Thursday!

Without much ado, introducing Ms Rubis Picotin, newest member to the family. She arrived just in time to make her debut in Paris, where we spent a few days en familie. I have been longing for a red bag for the longest time, and so happy to have finally found the right combination for me.

Clockwise from left: chez Ladurée Champs-Elysées, at the hotel, on the roof of the Centre Charles Pompidou

Going out for the evening...

.. to watch 'The Wall' concert

Wearing black jeans, python print tunic shirt, taupe sandals, and accessorizing with
MT waterfall necklace in rosewood/sand (arriving next week) , H-clic bracelet in marron glacé and Picotin MM in rubis
Scarf: La Danse du Cheval Marvari cashmere GM

The best accessory of all, a back-stage hospitality pass

The python print shirt was inspired by a reader's style suggestion, a million thanks, my dear MS xx


  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new picotin!! Wear it in good health!

  2. you look great! thanks so much for posting! I am headed to Paris in two weeks so this was especially fun to see. Your outfits are so inspiring!

  3. Hello gorgeous,both Ms. Ruby Pico and MT! Totally lovin' this Rubis Pico. You know I have a fondness for this style and the Rubis is a perfect color choice for you.
    Looks like a grand time was had by all at THE WALL. You look so happy and relaxed and of course beautiful,as always! Love your whole look and rockin' vibe<3
    Happy days indeed! Kudos to DH for scoring such great seats and backstage pass!! Peace and hugs, T xx

  4. I love the colour juxtapositions above.
    Ah there us nothing like a backstage pass!

  5. Wow, my dear, what a beautiful post - what a nice Pico, wow (I have always thought deep in my heart, that you surely want a red bag, as any girl would like to own it, lol), nice shirt, necklace,, it must be a dream... You are ready for a book, please do consider it. Hint, hint (saw it in our dear CS's previous post, lol). Thanks for spoiling us. (Don't have to add any comment re my opinion about the bag - I would almost kill for anything red and for Pico as well,....feel totally weak...) Hugs to you

  6. Ms Picotin looks great...this color suits her alla perfezione, congrats on your pick MaiTai!
    The concert had to be amazing.I love Pink Floyd!!! Can't wait for the new MT necklace...;)

  7. Oh wow...this one blew my mind! I want, I want, I want...the rubis Picotin, the Marwari, the stopover at Ladurée, the new necklace (well, that at least I am getting soon), the fab sandals, and the Wall???? And backstage passes? TDF. Félicitations, c'est vraiment fabuleux.

  8. Dear MT,

    congratulations on your beautiful Ruby Picotin. Looks perfect !!!

    I`m really looking forward to new products of MT Collection.


  9. Gorgeous as always dear MT..
    Welcome Ms Ruby. I hope Ms Bleu de Prusse didn't get jealous to new member since she get so many attention today ... :D

    I hope I could always look put together like you...sigh

    PS. I'm wondering if Ms Ruby could going out together with Ms Fluer d'Indiennes ..

  10. Congrats on a lovely addition to your H family! Ruby is a gorgeous color.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time in Paris. Thank you for sharing with us.

  11. My dear MaiTai

    Congratulations on your beautiful picotin! I love its colour as much as your pretty tunic. I am a big fan of Pink Floyd and would love to see the wall live! I have the film and saw the concert on tv many years ago. Your sandals are gorgeous as well. A wonderful post, my dear! Thank you so much for sharing. Can´t wait for the necklace to arrive! Warm, Summer hugs, Manuela

  12. I do agree with Lilian regarding the book. It would be lovely!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, M.

  13. I've been at this concert in April, in Poland. It was so nice to see that You also enjoy it:))) picotin is so beautiful!

  14. Ms Rubis Picotin would look lovely with your FdI, as Erlina suggested. Such a beautiful color, and one that would compliment so many of your scarves, such as Belles du Mexiques gavroche, Tours de Clés, and a few others, too. Enjoy your new beauty!

    Warm hugs, CS

  15. You look as gorgeous as ever. The ruby shade is berrylicious.

  16. Hurray, hurray - huge congrats from me also! Love how you paired this subtle pop of colour with a rather neutral outfit. ;-) Looking ddc as always and very relaxed in this "cool" atmosphere. :D hugs, Macs (

  17. I could not resist to comment on your Tiffany bean, love of my youth - it looks so good with Lena...I would even not come to idea to combine it this way...still learning and point of the game is in details.

  18. Congratulations on your new Picotin! Rubis is a beautiful color, I bought a 35 Kelly and it's incredibly versatile. Thank you for sharing.

  19. My dearest MaiTai,
    How much I've missed visiting here while I was away. First and foremost, a huge, warm welcome to the utterly beautiful Ms. Rubis Picotin - she is a stunner!! - the perfect combination of size, shape, unbelievable color and the most delightful personality. Her big sister, Ms Etoupe Picotin, must be so thrilled to welcome her sweet, gorgeous pretty sister home. And your necklace couldn't be more beautiful. It's truly wonderful to see you spending a happy time at the concert.
    Your last several posts are amazing, dear MaiTai. Scarves with a twist of pearl necklace is a stroke of genius. Particularly love your pairing with the Modulation - the contrast of the modern geometric with the warm, classic luminescent gems is superb - finished with our favorite criss-cross and so beautifully illustrated in your world's best how-to video <3 Then you take it all a step further, entwining with a variety of colorful beads!! - your creativity is endless and bottomless! And thank you for always sharing an H treat- the lexicon is truly marvelous. Hope you're having a most wonderful weekend. Missed you and sending you all my love and sunniest hugs xx

  20. Many thanks, dear Samantha <3

    Have a most wonderful time in Paris, dear Debbie!

    So happy you like Ms Ruby, my dear Trudye, big Pico hugs to you. I had the sweetest birdie sitting right next to me at The Wall, it was so nice to be surrounded by family and friends. With mwahs and hugs <3

    The passes were truly the icing on the cake, my dear Bourbon and Pearls.. as you say, there is nothing like it!

    Oh my dear Lilian, can’t tell you for how long I’ve been wanting a red bag! Only never managed to decide on the color/bag combo... until now. Have to disappoint re a book though, but sending hugs :)

    Here’s to Pink Floyd, dear Jana!!

    I wish, I wish, I wish... you would have been there with me, my dear Jamais. Have a most wonderful time in la patrie <3

    Thank you for the warm welcome of Ms Pico, my dear Lenka, and so happy you like the MT C x

    Merci, dear Erlina. The Fleurs d’Indiennes is absolutely lovely with Ms Ruby, and, thankfully, with Ms Bleu de Prusse also ;)

    Oh Manuela, how wonderful...another Pink Floyd fan! Looks as if we are having a party! So hapy you like Ms Pico et all, merci my dear x

    Wasn’t it absolutely amazing, dear KaRolka? The projections were unbelievable too. Rock on!

    My dear CS, it was so exciting to bring her home and to see which scarves would work with Ms Rubis, and you are so right about the ones you mentioned! But I also treated her to a new scarf...;)

    Berrylicious, I love it! Many thanks, cocolini :)

    Awh, thank you dear Macs. It has been a good Pico year for both of us! Rubis waving excitedly to MsGoldie <3

    Lilian, yes, it bridges the space nicely, I thought. (it is not a Tiffany bean though, but any discreet necklace would work.. in this case it was a diamond)

    Congrats on your rubis Kelly, dear Birkinmary. What a stunner she must be, woohoo!

    Merci, dear ssb :)

    How wonderful to have you back, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, warm welcome hugs to you! Ms Rubis blows a kiss to you and says merci, while nestling cosily side by side with her new friend, Ms Etoupe. So happy you enjoyed the catching up, and yes, the concert was such a fun and happy event! Ever since seeing the pearls and beads in Paris a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been experimenting and trying different combinations at home, there seems to be no end to it. So nice to know you enjoyed them. Hope you have been happy and well, much love to you x

  21. Great story and great pictures. I know you must have had a total blast at the concert. The Rubis Picotin is gorgeous! Is it togo or clemence?

  22. You mentioned "a new scarf" ?! I guess it means you bought a new one. Very curious and impatient to see it! P.S. You are giving hardest time to me, my dearest MT, as I have decided to buy an etoupe Pico (have not bought it, as no H close to me has it) and now you can imagine how the person loving splash of colours (who I am) feels watching your rubis deep trouble to decide...

  23. Such a gorgeous bag MaiTai, it is a beautiful red! And I love the way your toe nails match her. ;)

    Looking forward to seeing her with more fabulous combinations, and of course with the new scarf!

    Melusine x

  24. Many thanks for the sweet welcome for Ms Ruby, my dear xandrah33 and Melusine <3

    xandrah, the leather is Clemence. As far as I know, the Picotin does not come in Togo, at least not in a standard bag :)

    Melusine, pics with the new scarf and other matches coming soon!

    Lilian and Melusine, here's a hint on the new is one of the re-releases which appeared recently in the boutiques (mostly 2007 and 2008 scarves..Vif Argent, Coupons Indiens, Aux Portes du Palais, but also some Aux Pays des Epices from the orig. 2001 issue) Any ideas? ;)

    Oh Lilian, so sorry for causing a Pico dilemma! I went for Etoupe first to cover the basics. But since your scarves are mostly red/pink/orange, perhaps a red Pico could be considered a basic color? The rubis might be difficult to obtain, there was not a single one left in France. But if someone can hunt it down, it's you my dear!

  25. Dear MT, you are giving me a headache:-). Ever since your wrote about the scarf, I have been browsing Internet, watching scarf videos and - actually - I should have a drink with you to see which direction, in terms of mood and colours, you are heading, then I could guess better. But, as I am not a coward and do not want to run away, this is my opinion: it might be Aux Pays des Epices (I found one cw (red - dark brown) which would fit your bag beuatifully). Or maybe, as a contrast, your beloved simple pattern Vif Argent, in blue-red. I have never seen that scarf IRL, but it is available on Internet and all said facts are bringing me into a new dilemma to buy it, as I like classic Hermes sooo much. I am starting the hunt for Pico, will let you know the results! I can hardly wait the news about the scarf!

  26. Personally, I would go for Aux Portes du Palais, as other designs have nested in your collection, either in form of gavroches or in later issues. I will have a nightmare with the scarf design, I am sure. Good night, lol! :-)

  27. My dear Lilian, no nightmares please! Will spill quickly, so you can have a peaceful night's sleep.. it's Coupons Indiens, in the fuchsia/brown/cream colorway. Back then, I thought I could not wear the colors and passed, forever regretting only having a Gavroche in this design. Could not believe my eyes when they started to appear back in the stores, and so happy to have added another Aline Honoré. Sweet dreams, my dear <3

  28. Ahhh, so, it was the missing element - I did not know you were sorry for not having bought the 90 cm carre! On the other side, I have none of them and CI gavroche is my dream. I am so glad I will see you modelling CI - I adore its versatility and completely different outfit obtained by folding over different diagonals. I am having troubles with it - two are on H site. Blue is out (no more blues for me, one is enough for changover from red), but another one itches me... Thanks for assuring my peaceful dreams. I have really put a lot of energy into research and guessing! LOL :-) Good night, my dear.

  29. Oh there are always so many factors to consider, it is so very true, dear Lilian! Have to say the red/dk brown cw of the Aux Pays was tempting me too. Just checked the non blue CI on, and it's the one that came home with me. Maybe we'll be twins once more... Sweet CW01 dreams ;)

  30. More congrats, on the beautiful and very practical Ms Rubis Pico. You really know how to fit a lot of stuff in there!! PS I adore Coupons Indiens, noticed it pop up on the US online store recently (was online day dreaming..) I thought of your gavroche immediately. Such a great design.

  31. Many thanks, dear msT! The Pico does hold a lot, more than my 32 Kelly. So thankful for the reappearance of the CI, I always regretted not having bought the 90 too.