Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MT TV - Circuit 24 Faubourg

With the spring/summer scarves already in the stores since five months, I almost gave up hope finding one where the design AND color worked for me.. Until seeing the Circuit 24 Faubourg in the noir/marron/turquoise CW when in Paris last time! DH snatched it up though, and I had to wait until my birthday last weekend.

Design by Benoît Pierre Emery, description below from the 'Carrés' stories' spring/summer 2012 booklet:

With a visual trick displacing the boundaries between the abstract and figurative, this scarf presents an innovative interpretation at the house's legendary 1938 emblem. Chic and contemporary, it is inspired by an anchor chain of a boat. It's lines are simple. It's feel is sporty. But striated like a frame surrounding them, these rings could recall automobile racing circuits. The design is pure and graphic, and the restraint of a form fulfilling it's function is prominent. It is here that lies the modernity that defies time.

Hope you like my video, it is best to be enjoyed with the volume up!


  1. Snap! This is my first Hermes scarf bought a couple of weeks ago. Inspired by your wonderful blog I took the plunge. Love it (scarf and blog). Enjoy.

  2. very cool scarf but very very cool video....vroooom!

  3. amazing!!

  4. What a lovely scarf - super colours! Happy Birthday! xxx

  5. Many happy returns and congratulations on your lucky find. This scarf will happily work with a black or brown outfit and the turquoise gives it a punch of colour. It would look stunning with a turquoise dress. Surprised to see this colouration in SS as the colours are a bit dark; I wonder whether this will be a colder season scarf for you or an all year round one?

  6. Laura in GeorgiaMay 8, 2012 at 10:33 PM

    Too funny that this is the only scarf from Spring/Summer 2012 that I'm eyeing, and I think I read that it will be a shawl for Fall/Winter.

    How fabulous that DH grabbed it up so it can be a more sentimental purchase.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. What a fun video! I bought this same scarf a couple of weeks ago and happened to wear it today...received two compliments, which is always nice.
    DH certainly has exquisite taste in gifts... Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday, Maitai, and hope you had a wonderful day. Bought the scarf and love its graphic lines. Husband got me another one in navy & royal blue and am loving both. Real happy to be sharing the same scarf with you as you're always the inspiration! :)

  9. Tres joli comme d habitude a porter l an prochain pour le grand prix de formule un qui se passera tres pres de chez vous!
    Tres heureux anniversaire

  10. Congrats to your choice and once again in awe regarding your creative skillls! Thank you for treating with this joyful video and lots of fun with your b-day gift - xox, Macs :-)

  11. Many happy returns, Mai Tai!

    I was wondering whether you would find something to tempt you from this season's collection: I particularly appreciate how judiciously you make each choice (as with the previous post on Quadrige) as it has informed me, as a relative newbie, so much! The resultant video is a joy - we have no doubt as to its graphic artistry - in addition, the colours of this one are perfect for you.

    Looking forward to modelling shots in future months - this will work so well with much of your core wardrobe, not to mention Cecilia's ;) !

  12. Dear MaiTai,

    Adding Arts and Entertainment to your set of skills. What a super TV short! I'm considering this design in the blue and navy cw. Can't wait to see an action post from you.


  13. Congratulations,my dear MaiTai! It is a lovely scarf and thank you for the great video. It is so much fun!
    Blowing a bisou to you, Manuela

  14. Oh, dear MaiTai! I LOVE how you timed the audio and video together so perfectly, slowing down to focus on the names. An absolute joy to watch! Upon hearing the racing sounds from my computer, DH was quite interested in seeing your video as well. Thumbs up, and a huge smile from him as well! LOL

    Congratulations on receiving such a lovely birthday gift from DH.

    Warm orange hugs,

  15. Happy belated birthday, dear MaiTai. I very much enjoyed the video - when I was growing up I was a Formula 1-obsessed tomboy. Things have very much changed, but I got a good laugh at the memories

  16. Happy belated birthday wishes, dear MaiTai. Love your gorgeous scarf. I have my eyes set on the same design as well. - AngelaB

  17. Oh Tai what a fun and creative unveiling of your most recent addition. The soundtrack is a perfect fit! And what a good choice its not overtly spring/summer you've got a trans-seasonal there I think. Look forward to seeing her in action.

  18. Ooh, can't wait for the modeling pictures and wardrobe ideas. It is gorgeous. Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday MT. xxS

  19. Belated birthday wishes dear MaiTai,

    Just got the very same scarf and colours on my trip to London for the H exhibition, look forward to your modeling pics


  20. My dearest MaiTai,
    Warmest welcome to your new beauty - what a special and exquisite birthday gift from your DH! And how overjoyed I am to be twins with you <3
    The video is fantastic, so exhilarating, and as dear CS said, timing so perfect - love the knots with the shawl ring, the scale so perfect. Wishing you many joys and happy memories with your special birthday carré. Sending you much love and lots and lots of celebrations hugs xxx

  21. Happy B-Day, Dearest MaiTai!

    I LOVE your racy (in the most noble sense) video!
    Looking forward to your how-to-wear entry.

    much love,

  22. Thank you so much everyone for the sweet happy birthday wishes, the warm welcome for Ms Circuit au Faubourg and the lovely comments re the video <3 I very much enjoyed making the scarf profile, and your kind compliments mean so much.

    Sending special hugs for the many scarf twins and siblings, it is wonderful to have a special silken bond with you! As always, everyones comments brought so much joy and happiness... thank you, my dear friends. Wishing you all a most wonderful and happy weekend.

    Orange hugs xx