Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FSH update - part eight

'Le Mors à la Connetable' 90 Carré

Le Mors à la Conétable cashmere GM ~ detail

                        'Le Mors à la Connetable' Cashmere GM


  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!!
    I am totally in love with 'Le Mors à la Connetable' and now totally in love with the two Pochettes as well! <3

    Hermes is unique, no doubt about that!
    Thank you so much my dear MaiTai for bringing a bit of the magic of Paris to us <3 Sending you lots of warm, orange hugs, Mxx

  2. The scarf is so beautiful - could be hung in a frame :-) Thanks for all the wonderful pictures, dear MaiTai :-)

  3. This is the window display, for those of us in the 'neutral loving' club! More questions, hope you don't mind! Do you know if the GM cashmere Mors shown is a current season offering, or only for display? And do you think the 90cm Mors shown, is a current offering? Hoping both available...any info appreciated :-)

    1. The Mors seems to be a 'window only' item. My SA checked the SS2013 order book, and it was nowhere to be seen. I am pretty sure it is avaiable in the 90 above, and yes, it is SS2013.

    2. Sending many thanks for checking, so nice of you! So sorry to hear the GM is just for display, but will look for the 90cm. Let's hope if they get many inquiries, about window only items, they reconsider!

    3. I already made my inquiry ;-)

  4. I am dreaming of these wonderful Jige pochettes. I bought the 90 Mors à la Conétable exactly in the color shown (S49) and it is magnificent. Just what we need to do the transition between winter and late spring! So nice to start the day with your lovely posts.

  5. My favourite display! I need to add Le Mors à la Connetable to my collection. It's beautiful in this colour-way.
    And...the Quicks in croc...WOW!
    Thank you for bringing FSH to us!
    Barbara A

  6. Love these neutrals! I, too, have Mors a la Conetable in this colorway, and it truly is stunning. I hope this is the souvenir that you brought home from Paris. <3 Thanks for posting all of those gorgeous photos of the window displays. They're truly a feast for the eyes.

    Warm orange hugs,

  7. Those Jiges are just beyond, I want to paint my nails red and carry one around, pronto! Thanks for this post, I loved it. XO, Jill

  8. Thank you for the lovely comments dear ladies, happy you enjoyed the post! xx

  9. Dearest MaiTai,
    The most exquisite elegant dream. This Le Mors à la Connetable is so very heavenly - how magical it must be to be embraced in it. Big big happy hugs xxx