Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Venice week #7 - Giudecca

For a tranquil time away from the crowds, book a lunch or dinner at any of the hotels on the calm and beautiful Giudecca island.

To get there, hop onto one of the hotel's private boat shuttles, which depart at regular intervals from little jetties close to the Grand Canal around St Mark's. We took off from the Bauer for a five minute crossing to it's sister hotel (Bauer Palladio), on the other side of the Canal di San Marco.

the landing jetty on the other side

Bauer Palladio

Don't try the main doors, they are always closed...

but lookout for this little side entrance

Lunch and dinner are also served al fresco on the terrace...

which opens onto one of the very few gardens in Venice

Right next to the jetty is a little café, ideally situated for having a drink while waiting for the next boat home, and enjoying the view of the skyline, which thanks to strict urban planning, has remained unchanged for centuries...

Bauer l'Hôtel/Bauer Il Palazzo: S. Marco 1459 Tel: +39 041 5207022
Bauer Palladio: Giudecca, 33 Venice 30133, Tel: +39 041 520 7022 

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  1. Mai Tai, you have made my week with these wonderful posts. I am now officially drooling and ready to call my travel agent!

    And your rose looks like it floating on the water...

    1. Many thanks, dear WMM! So happy you enjoy this series, it has been wonderful to share it with you ladies.

  2. So many lovely places and useful addresses! Thank you so much for sharing this precious information with us, dearest MT!
    You look terrific wearing your beautiful new shawl! May you always wear it in joy and good health, my dear.
    Love the picture with the glass of rosé:). Chin chin to all the beautiful things in life! M*

  3. Yes true you are a real and probably better guide agent! And vety pretty...

  4. Such a treat to see these, thank you, you look absolutely lovely. Noting all your suggestions for our next visit! Have a great day! s ps, I am wondering what kind of camera you choose for all these amazing images, are you able to recommend?

  5. Ich muss sagen diese Bilder sind die schönsten der Fotostrecke. Und meine Frage ist ja schon halb beantwortet. Die Kelly ist der Reisebegleiter :)
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Dearest MaiTai,
    These last two beautiful posts are my favorites - it has you in them <3 How very lovely you look in your special birthday shawl. Thank you so much, dear MaiTai, you have been so extraordinarily generous in sharing so much of your celebration trip with us. Much love with big thank you hugs xxx

    1. Awh, you are so very sweet and kind, my darling Scarf Enthusiast! We were lucky with the weather, it was just perfect for wearing my new treasure. Thank you so much for sharing my joy, and have a wonderful remaing week <3 xox

  7. thank you MaiTai for showing me something so absolutely beautiful that I know I would never have otherwise seen.

    1. So lovely to hear, many thanks dear Linda!

  8. Merci chére mai tai de nous montrer se fabuleux jardin au milieu de cette eau les jardins sont rares et cachés pour la plus part derrière de grands murs .
    Merci de nous avoir emmenée avec vous et de nous avoir fait rêvais
    Belle fin de semaine.

  9. Well, now I have a new spot to visit in Venice....Giudecca!! Never been...but I'm dying to go, now that you've enlightened me to a lovely little slice of heaven in Venice.
    This has been a thrilling series, and you look so lovely in your new scarf!
    Barbara A

  10. Féérique et magique Giudecca
    Is this wonder woman really 50? Let me doubt....

  11. I couldn't agree more with Catherine and ask the same question:) Mxx

    1. Hello Manuela, toujours sur la même longueur d'ondes ;)
      Cordialement et soyeusement, C.

  12. Bonsoir, chere Catherine

    C'est superbe de pouvoir partager des idées sur le merveilleux MaiTai' s Picture Book. Bon weekend à vous.
    Cordialement, M.