Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How-to highlight a rectangular part of a 90 Carré

In the previous post I was looking for a scarf to go with my blue/white/gold/turquoise outfit:

None of my silks seemed to match.. until I discovered a perfect slice (highlighted in green below) within my predominantly brown 'Le Laboratoire du Temps' 90 Carré.

Finding a way to tie the scarf with just the rectangle showing was a fun challenge, and resulted in a summary and breezy scarf necklace.


Fold your scarf into a rectangle, so that the part you wish to highlight faces you

Slide a large enough round and smooth ring onto the centre of your scarf

Slide two more rings on either side. The rings will hold the scarf firmly in place, and prevent the scarf from twisting and turning, or the backside from showing

Tie the ends together, leaving them as short as possible 

Puff out the silk between the rings (or straighten it out for a sleeker look), and fan out the ends (resulting in a back view as shown below)

Back view


This method can be applied to any part of a scarf, horizontally and vertically.

It is not only a wonderful way to bring out favourite aspects of a design but also allows to showcase those parts which get usually folded away.

'La Presentation de Chevaux'

highlighting this beautiful row of horses

'Carré en Carré'

turned into a red scarf necklace..


  1. This is cool,really ,really cool! Your creativity never ceases to amaze!
    This is cost conscious,too! Something that is not often muttered in the same breath as Hermes! So many possibilities my head is spinning! Off to order a couple of extra Infinity rings! Cool! Mwah, T xx

  2. Bright idea! I'll start right now to play with my scarves. Such a nice way to highlight details. Your presentation des chevaux is a "merveille"!
    Good night dear MaiTai xx

  3. Yes you are very creative it's amazing how you find all these ways to change to make new scarfs in one! Bravo dearest

  4. I totally agree with dear Catherine, what a fabulous idea!!!!!
    I will go through my scarves in the weekend to discover new colours and details.

    Your imagination has no end, my dearest MaiTai.
    Good night! Gros bisous, Manuela

    1. Dear Manuela,
      What a nice "homework" for the week end. We'll be twins and I'm sure we'll have fun!
      Salutations soyeuses.

    2. Chere Catherine,

      Lovely to be twins with you :) My game has already started yesterday thinking about possible outfits for the holidays. Have fun playing!
      Bisous à toi aussi,
      Manuela xx

  5. Dear Mai Tai
    You have done it again!!! LOVE this idea and am thrilled to be able to showcase other parts of our beautiful scarves!!!
    Cant wait to get dressed tomorrow.....
    As always....you are an inspiration!!
    Enjoy this wonderful summer.
    Much love.
    Orange Gaga

  6. You are amazing. I have learned so much from you, and you continue to teach me new ways to get the most value out of my gorgeous, but expensive scarves. Thank you for this post. I knew that your Laboratoire du Temps was in brown, but this view seemed to be a totally different scarf!
    Now to order some rings!

  7. Merci beaucoup, MaiTai!
    Cela super!

  8. Une nouvelle façon de porter le foulard très joli et très ingenieuse merci pour cette idée lumineuse .
    Très belle association de couleurs

  9. Dear Mai Tai, you are a scarf genius ! I would also like to thank you for sharing with us the Kellewell collection - I ordered few items and I love them !

  10. Thanks for this post. I have Laboratoire du Temps in the blue/purple/turquoise colorway and now I want to go highlight the center!

  11. Clever girl! What a wonderful idea! Wearing "Liberté Fraternité Égalité" today in honor of our own Fourth celebration tomorrow. Can't wait to pick out an element to highlight!!! How do you keep coming up with these fresh & inspiring ideas? You're amazing! :)

  12. OK, this is just crazy smart. Now I can't wait to get home from work and use this technique to find new color combos and design elements to showcase. You are an absolute gem!

  13. Such a great idea. I always have difficulty with square scarves. I used to make a necklace of them by tying two or three slip knots in the center of the scarf and then tying in the back. Your method will crumple the scarf much less. Lovely.

  14. It looks great! Such a nice idea! Thanks a lot!

  15. Dearest MaiTai

    I couldn't wait until the weekend and have spent the last couple of hours looking for new colours and designs. It was a pleasure to diiscover so many 'new' scarves!!! Thank you or teaching us this new way of tying a scarf. <3. Silky hugs, M.

    I also tried to wear the Anneau Infinity in the center of a gavroche tied in the basic bias fold and it looked nice too.

    1. Sorry about the mistakes. I wrote too quickly.
      Warm hugs, Mxx

  16. Its very lngenious to have such good ideas. New followrer. Are you working for Hermes??
    From Spain

    1. Hola and a warm welcome to my blog! I don't work for Hermès, and (apart from spending too much money there) have no affiliation with them :-)

  17. Like many of the other ladies, I too, am off to play with my scarves. :-) Very creative post, dearest MaiTai.

    Warm orange hugs, dear.

  18. Dear Mat Tai,

    Firts let me thank you again for yor time and inspiration

    On last April I ask you some advice about choosing my new scarve , as I have told you I went to Provence to celebrate my 50th birthday...
    By the way you are lucky to live in such a wonderful area I can't make my mind about what I prefer most, Saint Rèmy, Avignon, Aix....

    I was thinking in "Pique fleuri..." but your clever recomendation about beeing open help me a lot, and the lady in the Aix store was absolutely kind... Finalment I bought Mexique in Fuchsia/Cyclamen/Gris

    I would have never dare to try this colours but they give me a lot of light and sometimes it's nice to be out of your comfort zone.....

    Could you be so kind to advice me with some combinations????

    Thanks in advance and enjoy the summer

    1. Dear ilsa, your question will be answered in the next post, hope you'll like it!

  19. How beautiful!
    I have seen Anneau Infinity in scarf horn is back in stock - as we are all experimenting and trying to get most of our scarves now, I bet it will be sold out in a heartbeat, along with the new rosewood version.
    We need them both for our colour combos, along with the shawl rings!

    Isn't it amazing to get so many variations out of one single H scarf?
    (Atop of it, it is soooo good a reason to shop the further collections :-)
    Sorry, must leave now - all my scarves are out for playing :-)
    Love, Lea

  20. Dear MaiTai,

    What will you come up with next! Such a clever idea and it looks lovely. This post made me want to try this with my scarves and I now feel as though I have added new ones to my collection! I have learned so much from your posts.

    Thank you for sharing,

  21. ITA with Simone (and everybody else of course) - thanks once again for being such a tremendously chic inspiration! hugs, Macs

  22. This is genius! I love how you've found a slice if colour and a knot to show it off perfectly.
    Tell us, are you thinking about any more additions from SS2013. There are so many beautiful designs. I've indulged in a couple and there's still more I want! Oh dear. The dilemma.

  23. Dearest Trudye, CSW, Catherine, Monica, Manuela, Orange Gaga, Melissa, Lara, Myriam, Hermesick, Jill, Gina, Anon, Kristien62, Tereza, CS, ilsa, Lea, Simone, Macs and msT ~ thanks so much for the lovely and warm comments, and for joining the welcome party for the new knot! Hope you are having fun playing, and a fabulous weekend ahead xx

  24. Dearest MaiTai,
    The depth and the wealth of your creativity is simply mind boggling! You've done it again, my dearest MaiTai - you've created such a beautiful style to highlight the inaccessible portions of a scarf with your lovely Anneau Infinity rings. Thank you, as always, for your unending generosity <3 Much love and giant summer hugs xxx

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely and beautiful compliments, my dearest Scarf Enthusiast <3 Hope you are enjoying a beautiful summer, sending you hugs and much love xx

  25. looking for small circumference scarf ring for h's littlee twillys. suggestions

  26. Hello Zona, The Classique Petite scarf rings from my collection are perfect for Twillys. They come in a variety of colors and materials, and can be purchased through: www.scarfrings.com (I'm sorry, you'd have to copy and paste the link... a direct link did not work!)
    Best, MT