Friday, January 24, 2014

FSH winter windows #6


  1. Dearest Mai Tai,
    Can you please tell me the colour of the Birkin?
    Thank you!

  2. Hello dear Barbara, I'm not very familiar with croc colors..they come out so differently. Perhaps Bleu de Prusse?

    1. I would suggest it might be sapphire

    2. Hmm, bleu sapphire seems lighter and brighter to me, and lacks the slight hint of green of the above.

      It could be bleu tempete though?

  3. Thank you! I told you some time ago that I had Bleu de Prusse "envy"! Gorgeous!

  4. Dearest MaiTai,

    I'm working backwards, and it's just so much fun enjoying FSH through your lens.

    That precious Kelly Cut in some jewel-like shade of blue is candy for the i's. I have no idea what shade of blue it might be, because colors 'take' so differently on crocodile than they do on leather. Rouge-H, which is a deep almost burgundy red w/ a hint of deep chocolate brown underneath, turns a bright clear cherry red on crocodile shiny. In contrast, Rouge Vif casts a bit more dull on shiny crocodile than Rouge-H. Who'd a figured that?

    I love the it a GM cash/slk? Gorgeously soft colors of the sand/sky. (MaiTai...I wonder how your Bolide might get along w/ Ms. Leila in sky/sand?)

    onto the next wonderful post...