Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Style challenge - leopard print!

Today's style challenge was submitted by Faux Fuchsia (www.fauxfuchsiastyle.blogspot.com), via blog comment

For your next challenge please do something with leopard print.

Thank you Maitai. x

The request has been quickly endorsed by haverfordgirl, markdownmaven and Marla in the OC (who's been suggesting it for years to me), and a fun discussion evolved. Back to Faux Fuchsia:

Can I just say that I love the comments on this blog?

Seems like you are going to have to beg borrow or steal something in leopard becuse it's what the People want Maitai.

I have a leopard cardy and a leaopard jacket and need to figure out what colours and styles would work with this? Somehting in neautral and caramel I'spose?

... x
Impossible to resist you, dear Faux Fuchsia, and the others! I have not bought any leopard print clothing since the eighties (I seem to gravitate towards reptile print), so this was a real challenge to me. I never notice leopard print when out and about, but suddenly I'm seeing it everywhere.. on carpets, cushions, and in every other shop. I was surprised to find just how many different leopard prints exist... big and bold, tiny and almost monochrome, warm and cool, different colours... A small print in blue and grey caught my eye, but I thought it would be cheating the challenge... So I went for a classic print shirt and cardie instead.

my new shirt from Zara (39.95 EUR),

and a cardigan in slightly cooler colors from Monoprix

definitely a 'bon prix!'

Since autumn has just started chez Faux Fuchsia, I am including some wintery options too.

I had so much fun with this challenge, that there's going to be a part 2. Part 1 starts with 'tone in tone' combinations, and then moves on to incorporate color.

Look #1 - Tone in tone

Capsule wardrobe pieces:  leopard print shirt and Chino wide leg trousers in beige (Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo)
Shoes: ballet flats
Accessories: Hermès 'Brides de Gala' 90 Dip Dye Carré
Scarf tying method: asymmetrical wrap secured with a  MaiTai Collection Grande Classique scarf ring in black horn,(you can tie the ends into a double knot instead)

Variation: with a MaiTai Collection waterfall necklace in black instead of the scarf, plus a Kelly Double Tour bracelet and a crew neck sweater

Look #2 - Tone in tone, with a pop of color from scarf and bag

Capsule wardrobe pieces:  leopard print shirt and Chino wide leg trousers in beige (Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo)
Shoes: ballet flats
Accessories: Hermès 'Coupons Indiens' 90 Carré and 'Clic-clac H' enamel bracelet in bourgogne.
Scarf tying method: criss cross bow knot tied with a MaiTai Collection Grande Classique scarf ring in black horn

Look #3 - Choosing a scarf with similar color elements to the leopard print, and wearing trousers in accord with the scarf's predominant color.

Capsule wardrobe pieces: grey trousers, black sweater and leopard print cardigan
Shoes: grey patent flats
Accessories: Hermès 'La presentation de chevaux' 90 Carré and 'Clic H' enamel bracelet in black.
Scarf tying method: fold scarf into a rectangle and plead into a narrow strip. Tied with a MaiTai Collection shawl ring in black horn in the basic slide.

Look #4 - Tone in tone with a light base, and a pop of happy sunshine yellow

Capsule wardrobe pieces: light beige cotton trousers and leopard print cardigan
Shoes: yellow patent flats
Accessories: Hermès 'L'instruction du Roy' cashmere GM, 'Clic H' enamel bracelet in marron glacé and Picotin in etoupe (and a Picotin insert inside!)
Scarf tying method: Cowboy knot with ends secured into a basic slide with a MaiTai Collection shawl ring in dark sunshine horn.

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  1. Thank you, dear ladies, for the challenge. I am amazed by your great talent, dear MaiTai - I have managed to learn some of your style lessons but would need some 250+ years to put up the above combos, if ever. And there is even Part 2, if I understood properly? Respect.
    Hugs, Lea

  2. I didn't want this post to end thank goodness there's a part two!!
    Leopard is everywhere and I love it, tops and pants. As Faux Fuschia would say embrace it as a neutral. These looks you've put together are fantastic tried to pick a favourite but can't. They all rock! Ax

  3. Dearest MaiTai,

    I loved the style challenge though I´m not much into leopard. A woollen dress in blue and grey caught my eye last year though :-)
    Even with such a difficult challenge, you succeded in finding harmony in the different oufits. Amazing!

    My favourite picture is the second one. You look so sweet with the shirt peeping out under the sweater. :-)
    Have a lovely remaining weekend. Cosy hugs, Manuela

  4. Yea, it's leopard time! I have to admit that I have always loved leopard and probably always will, and yes, I'm guilty of having a leopard rug in my bedroom, and I just might unleash a Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily leopard bag on Paris next time! Kidding . . . kind of.

    Seriously, though, leopard has been an influence on fashion and decor since time began, and there's no indication that it will ever go out of fashion. Julius Caesar liked leopard; Napoleon adored it, most fashion designers have dabbled in it at one time or another. It's here to stay.

    And, I must say, you do it very well. I think we're both neutral lovers at heart, but there's no reason we can't rock the cat from time to time. I like both your shirt and your cardigan, and you've worked the usual MT magic in combining them with staples, as well as H. scarves and accessories. I love all the looks you put together, but I think that the first and the last are my favorites.

    Can't wait to see what you do with bold color, too. MEOW!

  5. Bravo..well done. LOVE each and every look....I am always reluctant with a full on leopard shirt or sweater but you have proven it can look super elegant and chic...I do like a leopard shoe or scarf but now need to find a cute sweater and/or blouse...beautiful!

  6. I love this post ( I know, I know, I say this so often) you look so pretty in all your looks. You have just the right touch in putting outfits together. I especially like the last two. Lovely as always dear MaiTai!

    Warmly, Simone xx

  7. Thank you, dear ladies, for the challenge. I am amazed by your great talent, dear MaiTai - I have managed to learn some of your style lessons but would need some 250+ years to put up the above combos, if ever. And there is even Part 2, if I understood properly? Respect.
    Hugs, Lea

  8. I am grinning from ear to ear!! As a huge fan of leopard ( in moderation, of course) I am thrilled to see that you've stepped into the wild! I especially love the addition of the Coupons Indiens. It's a surprising and very modern choice. Where did you get the fabulous shirt? (and why isn't it in my closet:) Grrrrr....you look tres sexy in the animal print! I'd like to see more!

  9. Welcome to the Land o' Leopard, Mai Tai! You've done us kitty print lovers proud. Adore all the looks you've put together with 3 and 4 being my favs. Those little yellow shoes are so happy. Cue the Pharrell Williams song! Next challenge, my dear -- zebra print. Saw a very inspirational look in the window at Valentino.

  10. Whoops! The Valentino look is leopard not zebra. That's ok --- let's explore more animal prints of the savanna. xoxo

  11. Dear Maitai,

    I love this all so much and want to race out right now and get my paws on some more leopard print.

    Thanks so much for all thess lovely looks. I wish we had Zara and Monprix here.

    Good work with mixing your el cheapo chain store finds and your high end Hermes- luff that.

    I am sure your readers will be as thrilled to see this as I was. Love the blog and love your generous spirit too xxxx

  12. :-) Oh, wow, this is excellent! I like my leo every now and then and I always wonder where to go with the scarves. Thanks for these great inspirations, dear MaiTai! :-)

  13. Dear MaiTai,

    Usually, I read your posts but have never posted a comment . However after reading this post and your all so sophisticated approach to using scarves, I had to post a comment. You never cease to amaze me.


  14. Beau defi Et défi relevé §
    Comme quoi le léopard n est pas vulgaire quand l imprimé et bien choisi et qu il est bien porté .J aime beaucoup le petit gilet Et j adore comment vous porté la chemise avec le pull marron qui fait très moderne et actuel .Les accessoires sont très bien choisis BRAVO!
    Bises .MYRIAM

  15. Dearst MaiTai,
    What a wonderful post with amazing ideas. You gave us plenty of food for thought on how to get out of our comfort zone. I'm so looking forward to part to two. You are stylish and beautiful as always. Have a great easter.

    Tania T.

  16. MaiTai wearing leopard print!!!! You achieved the desired effect my Dear ! Your mix with the black sweater and the Instruction du Roy shawl are really well combined (even if I'm still convinced that these animal prints are definitely not my cup of tea ...maybe one day).
    Have a wild Easter time!

  17. Dear Maitai,
    Thank you for another wonderful style lesson. I've never loved leopardprint in fact but I think that YOU would even look elegant as 'une motarde' or in plastic. The secret is -as I've noticed- to put the look together with simple but chic complements. To play it minimalist in the shadow of the leopard so to say. I must go out now and buy myself a leopard cardy and one or two smart accessories. Thank you for your time and your generosity. Love, Marie B.

  18. Well what challenge and you rose to it beautifully - amazing results!

  19. These looks are fabulous! I love the perfect mix of high and low and the way you convey fun and elegance simultaneously. You're such a good sport to take on a challenge that puts you in territory you don't usually inhabit. Well done!

  20. je n'adhère pas trop à l'imprimé léopard mais j'aime particulièrement l'association avec le châle l'instruction du Roy et les ballerines jaunes soleil,également celle avec votre collier noir! Qui sait je me laisserai peut être tenter? Continuez à nous surprendre!Amitiés.Véronique

  21. Well,my friend,you certainly rose to the occasion and gave FF and the other challengers their money's worth...and then some! I have been waiting for an Equipment silk blouse,leopard print to go on sale and you have given me some great ideas! Leopard is not normally in my wheelhouse,but I do appreciate it's playfulness! Like Manuela,the second look is my fav..peeking out from the sweater...could do the same with a blazer or leather jacket!
    Your creative juices worked this challenge to the max! You never cease to amaze!
    Lots of leopard love going on here with your merry band! Cheers to fun challenges, Txx

  22. Beautiful. Fabulous! I love this post. I especially like how you styled the black pull-over with the leopard blouse...I never would've thought to do that with my own leopard blouse and black sweater. I might try it today!

  23. Oh, you brave girl! You look fabulous! I'm just not brave enough to follow your lead--the best I can do are my leopard shoes and belt, which I love. My favorite looks are the grey scarf and the CSGM--as you can see, I am drawn to the simpler looks, but I am so excited that you took the challenge! Can't wait for Part II. xo

  24. Hello Maitai, Well done to you for pulling this look off! Seriously, It scares the hell out of me, if I live to be a hundred I do not think I would wear it, I would end up looking something like a pub landlady (sorry landladies!) or a lumpy leopard cushion! You are a classy lady. Best wishes Susan x

  25. Welcome to the wild side ;) Love all the looks you put together, especially the one with the leopard shirt peeking out from under the sweater. I love it when you mix high-lo on the budget front. Bravo!!

  26. Beautiful! Only you could make high street pieces look so chic!

  27. Oh dear, now I need a new scarf for the lovely tone on tone look ! Enjoyed these creative ideas...found that the dip dye scarves work well for the dash of color....Kate in Carmel

  28. A little leopard goes a long way...love your take on the multiple ways to wearing it (as usual). :- )

  29. I´ve never been a fan of animal prints - but admiring the results of the challenge, I have to discover: it´s really looking great! Especially the second look, just peeking the leo under the shirt is brilliant. Now i´ve got the next problem: where to find some leopard print clothing? ;-))
    Best easterwishes Claudia

  30. Dear MaiTai, loved this post, many thanks to you and to Faux Fuchsia for this leopardfest. All of the looks you suggest are sublime, my favourite has to be the Coupons Indiens one, inspired! Bxx

  31. Love all of these looks - well done on the style challenge MT - and kudos to Faux Fuschia for suggesting it! Agree with everyone - the Coupons Indiens look is my favourite too!

  32. Dearest ladies, a very warm and heartfelt thank you for the lovely, fun, kind and warm comments! My week has been full on, and reading each comment has been such a wonderful break. It's been really fun to do something different, and I've been wearing my leopard pieces a lot. Thanks so much again, dear Faux Fuchsia, your request opened a whole new world to me! Will try and get back individually to you soon. Have a most happy Easter everyone xxx

  33. Thank you MaiTai for the fabulous ideas and inspiration...it is wonderful and much appreciated. SAx

  34. Wow - that was amazing - just marvelous print mixing at its best.