Wednesday, August 6, 2014

FSH summer windows ~ part I and II



The following windows have been previously posted, but got accidentally erased, along with everyone's comments. I'm truly sorry about this, and although I can't retrieve the comments, here the duplicates of the deleted pictures.


  1. Ohhhh Ma Tai.... it is always nice to see some parts of Paris even though I have no time to visit.
    Very nice orange inspiration. Thanks.

    Liebe Grüße aus Frankfurt,

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  2. No problem Mai Tai all these beautiful
    Items are sitll here!

  3. Wow, Wow, Wow! Since H Orange is my fave colour, it thrills me to see it used in abundance in these beautiful windows. Is that a 40cm Birkin in orange, or another colour similar to Saffron? It's a beauty!
    On another note, there has been a news story populating all of the media venues about a burglary that occurred, wherein the thief headed straight to the homeowner's closet and cleared out her substantial Birkin collection. He stole nothing except her bags and scarves ...and of course she's heartbroken because they're irreplaceable.
    Note to self: Get a closet alarm!!
    Hope your summer has been fun and healthy!

  4. Dearest Mai Tai,
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and for taking us with you to 24, Faubourg St Honoré. Love the pretty fans! What a fabulous idea to make them in the same pattern as the scarves. Wishing you a wonderful remaining holiday. Happy hugs, Manuela

  5. Hope you are enjoying your holiday. Thank you for the lovely photos. (I saw some young ladies trying on those orange sandals in Chicago a few weeks ago!)

  6. Beautiful as always,dear friend! I so enjoy window shopping with you<3 Every year as we turn the corner towards September,my eyes yearn for the depth and richness of Fall colors! Even though we have a few more months of hot weather to get thru, I will add a touch of a Fall via a pedicure this weekend! Hope you have had a most wonderful holiday! Happy days,T xx

  7. Hello Dear MaiTai!

    Oh my, all so beautiful! The colors are luscious. Thank you for bringing these gorgeous windows to us, especially if we are not able to view in person. Hope your vacation has been wonderful! Happy rest of the summer! Simone xx