Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Autumn promenade - Capsule wardobe#158

The last few days have been nothing less than spectacular... blue skies, golden sunlight and a fabulous display of autumn colors bursting against a calm backdrop of evergreen olive and oak trees. The mild temperatures even brought back white blossoms into meadows and fields... impossible to stay indoors!

Capsule pieces: blue jeans, dark blue sweater (my 10 EUR market find!) and tri-color jersey coat (by Weekend MaxMara, available here)
Shoes: Canvas sneakers
Accessories: Hermès Farandole necklace (120cm), 'Chaine d'ancre' printed enamel bracelet and a Picotin MM in etoupe. 

Autumn addition - 'Cavalleria d'Etriers' GM in bleu/violet/parme. The cashmere/silk shawls' composition has changed this season.. instead of a 65% cashmere/35% silk ratio is now 70/30. Looking forward to seeing if this change has an effect on pilling and longevity.

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  1. Wow, dear MaiTai, that brilliant blue sky is balm to the soggy Seattle soul! The little cheeses make me hungry (but then, what doesn't make me hungry these days?). I just adore the Max Mara jersey coat. It looks like a great between-seasons transitional piece. Dibs on that, Jerrine, you grabby kitteh! Wishing all of Le Salon Swans a very w-w-warm aloha from c-c-cold rainy Seattle!

    1. How was the weather during your epic run?

    2. Hi, haverfordgal! Thanks for asking, the rain held off till about halfway through, by which time I was warmed up and didn't care much. I looked like a drowned rat but crossing that finish line was absolutely one of the best moments of my life! I need to find a way to wear some H when I race!

    3. Félicitations à vous! I think a lovely Pochette wrapped around 'le wrist would be apropos!

  2. Love the colours on your new shawl! Do you handwash your cashmere/silk shawls too? :-) Emily

  3. Dear Mai Tai,

    As always your post are a sight for sore eyes !!!

    Fall it's my favourite season.. and this year after a summer that was a nightmare.. the big C has come around, the sweet air of autumm it's a balm for the soul..

    Thanks again for sharing this beauty with us!!

    And I love your new addition.. still haven't make my mind up about FW2015 collection.. petrhaps I'm not in the mood.... but I'm between Siesta au Paradis and Jardin d'hiver as both Aline Honoré and Anni Faivre are my favourites designers..

    Warmest regards from Barcelona to you and all the ladies at the Salon

    1. Dear Ilsa,

      voting for the Jardin :). I am very happy with my scarf in vert, blanc, ebene.

      Have a nice day,

    2. Dear Ilsa,

      I wish you are doing well now and hope to see you around more often.
      Grande abrazo, Manuela

  4. Thank you for a lovely post, what beautiful autumnal images, and you look lovely! If I may, I have a style question for you concerning jeans - I love a bootcut, but I know skinnies are the contemporary look, so I wear both - skinnies with ballet pumps in the warmer months, and bootcut with loafers or boots when the weather is cooler, but where do you advice for buying jeans? You are the jean queen! Any jeans thoughts!! :) I really like your bordeaux jeans, but have not seen any like this. I bought some from Uniqulo last year (Innes de le F range), but actually I found them too flared and not that comfortable, though remarkably inexpensive. Always looking for the great jeans...

  5. Coucou très chère Maitai
    Aujourd'hui un léger mistral et un ciel bleu magnifique vraiment nous avons une très belle arrière saison .Pour l'instant les vêtements sont encore légers .
    Ton châle cavalier est très beau a voir pour la nouvelle proportion de soie et cachemire .
    Profite bien de cette belle fin de semaine Demain nous seront aux baux
    Bises Myriam

  6. Dear MaiTai,

    Fantastic colours hope calm weather stays with you.
    Loving your new cashmere looking forward to seeing it in action pics, will look fab on you no doubt.

    Have a great week
    Jane xx

  7. Hi MaiTai, me again … so further to my last question, I suppose what I'm asking is can you give us a style challenge, or a tutorial … on jeans! Have a lovely day, and I hope your autumn weather stays glorious. Here in the UK the weather has finally changed, and although unseasonably warm, the wind and rains have arrived, along with the dark evenings. Time to get cosy and plan for Christmas. Thank you again, best wishes, s

  8. Bravo! We did have rather warm weather, too- but we cannot compete with this amazing scenery...how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful area! Perfect backdrop for your new wardrobe additions, which I absolutely love. I immediately looked up the coat...to be disappointed: the Max Mara pictures are so absolutely unattractive....compared to your stylish fashion shooting! I was really waiting for your scarf pick this Season- I have been to the website and stores over and over again, but so far nothing has really caught my eyes....the colours are often very gloomy and none of them would have been a perfect match with my wardrobe. I can imagine how well the blue shades will go with yours and will be happy to see it in action! Jeans are certainly a good combination....so there is your new style challenge:)
    Thanks for another lovely post, it always makes my day!

  9. What a fun and gorgeous day playing in the leaves, darling MT! Each of your pics had me grinning from ear to ear<3 Thank you for that!
    Love the playful spirit in action and with wardrobe choices! Agreeing that you look way better than the Max Mara model in this divine coat! They describe it as egg shaped and there is nothing resembling an egg in your styling!
    Love your new GM selection and I hope you will be pleased with the quality. There are so many beautiful H shawls this Fall!
    Thank you for another stunning Autumn post! I am off in search of a pile of leaves to jump into;)
    Chin chin to fun days ahead, T xx

    1. I agree that the GM selection is beautiful this year. Wish I could get in the mood for cashmere....we've been experiencing such warm weather here in Philadelphia. I miss the brisk Autumn air! Have fun in that leaf pile! xo

    2. Dearest Trudye, all our leaves are wet and sticking to the sidewalks. Not very appetizing for jumping purposes. Enjoy your frolic, and stir up those leaves!
      Aloha from Fifi

    3. Well ladies, I am still searching for that leaf pile! We have yet to have any Autumn color or leaf drop due to our warm temps! But, a girl can dream!
      Haverfordgal, get in the mood and add some drama to that cast with a beautiful shawl! I seem to always be in the mood for a little cashmere no matter the season;)
      Fifi, I hope you are blowing a little of your cold front our way and that the drizzle doesn't fizzle before it makes its way south! Hope you had fun on Saturday with your 5K!
      Warm Autumn hugs to you both, Txx

    4. Sending a bunch of golden leaves and a fresh breeze your way, dearest Trudye! <3 Hugs, Big hug, Manuela xx

    5. Sorry I repeated the 'hugs' ;-)

    6. Thank you dearest Manuels! I will be waiting!;)
      Big hugs your way, T xx

  10. You must have had such a serenely pleasant day, crunching about in the leaves! You bring a casual elegance to all of your endeavors. The new GM is brilliant, and I bet it would look fantastic with that gorgeous coat and jeans.
    Wishing I could wear "normal" clothes, but this bloody cast is hindering my fashion choices :( C'est la vie, I can still wear pretty scarves!
    Noticed your response about the basket totes. Keeping my fingers (because I can't cross my toes) crossed! LOL~

  11. Dear MaiTai,

    argh what a wonderful scenery. What kind of camera are you using?

    I like the table with the wine leaves instead of a dish and would join you for fromage and olives with fougasse and a glass of wine.

    Have a wonderful sunny week,


  12. Bonjour Dear Mai Tai.
    Yes, we also have this wonferful autumn here, for once, only fog this morning but sun will arises later. And so warm... We go tomorrow to the South few days hope it continues like this.
    I loooove your new coat and this beautiful blue shawl. Looking forward to seeing it on you.


  13. Dearest Mai Tai,

    I was delighted when I started reading your post. Your pictures are breathtaking!!! I love the small white flowers on the fields!
    How wonderful it must be to wake up to such a scenery! <3
    Your great descriptions are the icing on the cake.
    Your coat is lovely and cozy and you look so calm and relaxed in all the photographs.
    Congratulations on your new Cavalleria d' Etriers! It's very beautiful! <3 Can't wait to see how you wear it with different outfits!
    Blowing Autumn leaves your way.

    Warm hugs, Manuela xx

  14. Dear Maitai

    The scarf rings I ordered arrived at Tokyo safely just in days. The wrapping and presentation was so nice and I was really pleased and excited to open the lovely boxes. The color you chose with my small request was perfect, which brought me a big smile. Thank you so much! I hope to see more of your style soon!!

    From Tokyo Girl

  15. Hi Maitai,
    Really a great post. I just love your all posts. But I found that there is nothing written about handbags and ladies clutch purses.