Monday, February 6, 2017

Tigre Royal

When I was thinking about which picture to chose as the introduction to the playtime post with the majestic Tigre Royal giant scarf I bought a couple of months ago, my mind went straight to memories of Marrakesh and the incredible splendour of the Royal Mansour (click here to see the post, or here to see the complete travelogue). What better roof could there be for a royal tiger than the ceiling in the Royal Mansour's reception area!

The noir/argile/turquoise CW captured my heart straight away. The neutral base of black, clay and white makes it wonderfully versatile to wear and a perfect scarf for all year round. It is my first giant silk scarf, and it's been fun to find out how my favorite knots for 90 scarves work in the larger format.

Cowboy knot (click here for a tutorial)

Basic bias fold (click here for a tutorial)

Criss-cross bow knot, with the scarf wound once around the neck beforehand  (click here for a tutorial)

Criss-cross knot, with the scarf wound once around the neck beforehand  (click here for a tutorial)

Weave knot (click here for a tutorial)

Criss-cross bow knot tied with a shawl ring in black horn (click here for a tutorial)

With the new MaiTai Collection long gemstone necklace in burgundy/smoky quarz/prehnite  (available here)

Capsule wardrobe pieces: cream silk shirt, beige top, a black and a grey sweater. Jeans and black trousers.
Accessories: Hermes Tigre Royal Carré Géant, black croc Kelly Dog and Collier de Chien bracelets, Bleu Indiens Clic-H bracelet and a Kelly Pochette in black croc. MaiTai Collection shawl ring in black horn, long gemstone necklace in burgundy/smoky quarz/prehnite  and Crystal Cluster earrings in ciel
Shoes: black ankleboots

And what has little Milo been up to? Driving wild boar from their day nest in the woods and learning new tricks! Three wild boars stormed past me just 10 feet away, so I think we better concentrate on tricks only in the future! My favorite is 'cutie pie'.. when he hears the word,  he lifts the paws up to the face and gives you the sweetest and most mischivious look. The reward is a tummy rub, accompanied by a peal of laughter from his mistress. It's a game we both love playing, and judging by his performances it seems to be his favorite, too!

More pictures of Milo here:

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  1. Dear MaiTai,
    I am always happy and excited to see a new post and today even more so as I purchased this giant scarf in the fall in Barcelona. You look gorgeous and always so inspiring. No one does it like you! Sending you and that 'cutie pie' hugs. Barb

  2. This Tigre Royal was made for you and I could'nt help hearing Charles Aznavour singing this beautiful song "Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux..."

    Love love your cutie pie, aren't we totally besotted with this handsome wiener!

    PS : I have enough of winter temperatures and really need spring and warm , let us all fly to nice and tempered destination dear swans 😉

    1. Well, Catherine, you and the Swans could come visit me in Atlanta. It's already in the low 70-s, and the flowers and trees are either budded or blooming. We got NO winter whatsoever this year, boo hoo.

      Give Atlanta a couple of days to cheer up, though. We lost the Super Bowl on Sunday night in the last few seconds of the game after figuring we had it in the bag. I don't even like football, and I was sad. (Lady Gaga, the half-time entertainment, however, was S-T-U-P-E-N-D-O-U-S.)

      And, yes, I love the cutie pie, as well, even though, as you know, I am a cat person at heart (sister adopted a foster in December, so we had a Christmas kitten in the house - Annabelle. We also had several baby gates protecting the Christmas tree!)

      Love to you,

    2. Jerrine,
      You should have told us before concerning the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga! Just imagine us, H pom pom girls : well, terrific or terrifying ��Trudye let's plan for next one!

      Welcome to Annabelle, I'm sure Auntie Jerrine will do cat sitting. I found Newton into the Christmas tree a couple of times!

    3. Errrrr, Catherine, I think my pom pom days are far behind me. And, now it's not cheerleading with the professional teams. It's more dance and gymnastics . . . in very scanty costumes. A resounding no for me! Boy, they are in great shape, though - not a giggle to be seen. I shudder to think . . .

      Believe me, if I lived closer, I'd have Annabelle in a second. Was so tempted to smuggle her back in my suitcase. Happy to report that the Christmas tree survived unscathed. I hope yours did, too (very bad kitty, Newton!)

      Love to you and the furball,

    4. Well, darlings, given that our city just hosted the most amazing Super Bowl in history, I am still in party mode as is the whole town! So, ya'll are all welcomed to come visit!
      Sorry, Jerrine, for Atlanta, but Tom Brady is da bomb! Amazing second half stats!
      So many stories from this past week , but regarding Lady Gaga...
      She stayed in a house just around the corner from us! Given that I pass this house several times a day, it was fun seeing her entourage on more than one occasion.
      This house is for sale and therefore empty. My friends at the design and retail shop,Longoria Collection, were commissioned to trick out the whole house and grounds with furniture, linens, accessories ,etc.! What an amazing and exhausting task and today they are breaking it down!
      Yes, Lady Gaga rocked at halftime!!!
      So,dear swans, let's party!!!! T xx

    5. Well, Trudye, since Tom Brady is my favorite NFL quarterback (and that's saying a lot, as I am not a football fan), I'm glad that if Atlanta had to lose, they lost to him. He's a genius!

      I heard that, sadly, someone stole his game jersey from his locker after the game, and that the Texas Rangers are now on the case. Hope they get their man and retrieve that jersey.

      At first I thought, what's the big deal, and then I heard on the news that it's worth up to a million dollars to a collector. Yikes! Guess that explains all the furor.


    6. Yes, they originally thought it stolen, but the latest is that it was loaded on the truck by the equipment manager and is on the way to Boston. Mr. Brady should be reunited with that sweaty jersey any day!
      Happy day!

  3. The Tiger Royale is a hit and MaiTai looking fab as she apparently enters her Prime.

    I know of a Sardinian Archeress to sispatch those wild boars.

    GSL shares Milo's sentiments re MaiTaition Cutie-Pie Tummy Rubs.

  4. You picked a most amazing picture that reflects the pattern of Tigre Royal so perfectly! Congratulations on your choice- these are colours I love as well and seeing how it blends in with your wardrobe makes me think twice:) Very happy for me to see how you play with your scarf- the big, but softer and thinner format (than a CSGM) leaves a lot of room for new creations and I'm really looking forward to trying your ideas. And I do love the tapestry!!
    As for Milo- he's the luckiest little man ever to live with a loving family!
    Have a wonderful week and I hope spring won't let us wait too long...Catherine, I'm joining you!

  5. Tigre Royal is gorgeous on you. It's almost as if Hermès re-colored it with you in mind. And, I have to compliment you on the artful ties of the giant silk. I bought a Tapis Persane several years ago and have yet to wear it, as when I try, it always seems like I'm enveloped in big cloud of silk, and then it starts slipping all over the place, so back in the box it goes. I will have to study up, I guess . . . or find it a good new home.

    What can we say about Milo? He might be a small dog, but he's got a Great Dane-sized personality, and he's ten times as photogenic. (Of course, I do realize that the skill of the photographer has got something to do with it, too.)

    Anyway, you both look most handsome and stay away from those mean old wild boars - nasty guys they are.


    1. Oh Jerrine, I can't stop laughing! You need to be more self indulgent, I'm sure you are a very cute silky cloud!

    2. No, I get very frustrated with the cloud, Catherine. I need to study MT's great examples and spend some time, making it look less "cloud like" or less table cloth like, which ever the case may be.

      I'll get it out soon and experiment . . . and report back. I know I will not look like MT, though!


      PS - Coming to Paris in May. Can I tempt you?

    3. Oh yesssssss, love temptations ;-)

    4. ITA with Catherine,Jerrine. Give the giant silk another try as they are perfect for our climate! They have a very beautiful, elegant drape and work best with a scarf ring to keep them from slipping.
      Have fun practicing ! xx

  6. So very lucky to be twins with you on the Tigre Royal, as Santa left one under the tree for me!
    Lucky times two to have your fab styling options to refer to! Thank you!
    Oh, yes, we are all besotted by your cutie-pie! Can hardly resist reaching through the screen to give him a belly rub myself! Lucky him,lucky you...
    Hoping Spring is just around the corner for you and all of the swans eagerly awaiting her. Open invitation to all as we are having March mornings and April afternoons 'round here;) Mwahs, T xx

  7. Lovely outfits, perfect colours on you! As always, you're effortlessly chic! There's no one else on the net who carries H scarves so well as you do. You make it look like I (or any woman for that matter) could pull it off the way you do it. Truly admirable!

  8. CUTIE PIE Is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!
    PRECIOUS BABY BOY.................

  9. :-) Dear MaiTai,

    lovely pictures and I admire how you wear Tigre Royal.
    I'm such a fan of MILO, cute little dog and his tricks are amazing.

    Have a very HAPPY week :-)

  10. love the scarf and the dog is sweet too.

  11. Beautiful pictures of you so pretty and Milo so cute.
    This scarf suits you with perfection dear Mai Tai.

  12. Dearest Mai Tai,

    Love to see you wearing your Tigre Royal. A perfect choice, so pretty with your beautiful blue eyes <3
    Have a wonderful Sunday darling.
    Big hugs, Manuela xx