Sunday, July 30, 2017

Postcard from Marseille - Le Petit Nice

It's been a while since we were in Marseille, and as so often with places that are close, one tends to forget that they are there. I've been so busy recently and was longing for a break.. to relax for a couple of days,  read,  enjoy lovely meals and not do much of anything at all.

We came across Le Petit Nice when we were in Marseille a couple of years ago walking along the Corniche Kennedy. You follow the sign off the street down a narrow alley, and then suddenly, this is what you see. It looked so beautiful and inviting that we went in for a drink on the terrace, and as we were enjoying a cold crisp glass of white wine overlooking the Mediterranean, I knew we'd be back one day to spend a couple nights in its calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Le Petit Nice has a family history going back a hundred years. It was bought by Germain Passedat in 1917, who made some additions and improvements and passed the reins to his son Jean-Paul in 1954, who made some more additions and improvements (and who incidentally still greets diners at the bar), and now it is run by his son, the celebrated chef Gérard Passedat, who has made it what it is today. The kitchen has a glass wall looking out onto the alley, so that anyone walking past can watch him and his team prepare the dishes that earned him his 3* Michelin status in 2008.

lunch preparations

Imagine how fabulous it would be to have your meal in the kitchen!

You don't have to be an aficionado of three-star dining to have a wonderful time at the Le Petit Nice.. it is such a welcoming place and such a  beautiful setting. The calm, light rooms are stylish and elegant and have amazing views over the Mediterranean sea.. the perfect place to relax and unwind. It was pure bliss to settle down in the room,  let the soft breeze float through open windows, and listen to seagulls while reading in bed or lounging on the private terrace.

When the Passedat family bought it in 1917 it was the 'Villa Eugenie'. Then later, because of of its beautiful setting and many improvements and refinements, it was re-named the Petit Nice. Personally, I think of it as the Petit Paradis!

Wearing the kaftan I bought on my birthday trip to St-Paul de Vence in May with an Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Ebene and MaiTai Collection Double Anneau necklace in Or (available here)

I'm often asked where I get inspiration for my outfits, and the answer is everywhere.. the plants and furniture on the terrace and the colored accents in our room provided me with plenty of ideas for new colour combinations, 'modeled' by my Parures de Samourais, a scarf which has quickly become a favorite in my collection.

What a wonderful surprise to find a turn table and vinyl records in our room. The Parures de Samouraïs was 'right in tune' with the album I pulled out!


The next day... feeling rested already. Cavallerie d'Etriers GM and MaiTai Collection Pearl collar necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here)

Grey and white capsule pieces as above. They are easy summer staples as you can style them in many different ways, which makes them a perfect travelling wardrobe, too.

Capsule pieces: Grey t-shirt and white jeans
Accessories left: Hermes Cavalleria d'Etriers cashmere GM, 35 Birkin in Gris-T and Elephant enamel bracelet. Breakpoint sneakers by Converse.
Right: Hermès Parures de Samourais 90 Carré. MaiTai Collection Pearl Collar necklace in blanc/ivoire (available here) and light brown sandals

Le Petit Nice-Passedat, Anse de Maldormé, Cornique JF Kennedy, 13007 Marseille, France
Tel: +33 491 592 592

For hotel information and reservations click here
For restaurant information and reservations click here

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  1. Hi! Lovely outfits!
    Best regards, Anette B

  2. Thank you, Anette! Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hello!
    You match the water..............
    Inspiration comes from all over especially where YOU live!
    Your photos here are divine..........
    Looks like a lovely spot to spend a few nights!
    Hop over to my BLOG if you can and see who I am featuring for OUR AGELESS STYLE series............a DYNAMO at 5 foot 2".

    1. Just came back from visiting your blog, plenty of beautiful pictures there too! Wonderful idea for a series. Loved this episode and looking forward to the next installment!! xx

  4. Just as summer should look . . . cool, crisp, blue and white with a few colorful accents. I won't tell you what our Southern summer looks like, certainly not like yours on the Mediterranean!

    Of course, you are a lovely addition to the surroundings as is the blue birthday caftan and the second PdeS, which I've now decided is even more desirable than the first.

    I've yet to wear my blue caftan twin. It just wouldn't look the same in Atlanta's smog and humidity. Someday . . . someday.

    Thanks for giving us all a lovely summer respite.

    Love to you,

    1. Agree with you on de PdeS, it is perfect for this season! The colors are light and summery, without being pale or pastel. Come autumn and winter, CW05 will be fantastic.. can't wait. Hoping the perfect day for you to wear our twin kaftan arrives very very soon. Much love xx

  5. Jerrine--

    Horrors! Let's not compare our fearless leader to the dismal Southern weather we're enduring! I was in the grocery store this weekend (I know, so glam), and a man working there told me that he hated to wish his life away, but he couldn't wait until October. I know how he feels. I'm anxious to accessorize with scarves and pull on fall-ish clothes. Right now, it's so hot in Alabama that if I had a lovely blue caftan, I'd sweat right through it (again, so glam!).

    MaiTai, I loved this little peek into your vacay--you do broaden our horizons with your travels, as well as your style sheets! And while it has to cool down before I can test them out, I'm looking forward to taking your direction in putting together my fall outfits!

    Sending cool breezes to ruffle all swans' feathers--


    1. Oh dear Greta, I can relate to what the man in grocery store said! Nothing but heat here's the price to pay for the beautiful weather all year round. Hope for an early cool spell for all wilting swans. Here's to fall! xxx

    2. October, Greta, really? I'm aiming for November at this point, as I still remember the disappointment of last October when the AC was still chugging away full blast.

      And, sweating? I try to remain as immobile as possible so as to avoid that issue all together!

      Can we say "wilted"? Yes, we can, as that's exactly how I feel.

      Hang in there. December is right around the corner (upped the date a bit just to avoid possible disappointment).

      Hot sweaty hugs,

      PS - MT, I fail to believe that you could ever look wilted. Not possible. Not buying it!

    3. At least come October there should be some freshness in the air in the mornings/evenings, so there is hope. Hang in there, ladies. Courage, as they say here!
      Jerrine.. 100 Fahrenheit today, I'm not leaving my atelier. I'll wilt on the spot if I do!

  6. Beautiful beautiful pictures and you. Amitiés

    1. Thanks so much, Monica. Hope all is well and that you are having a beautiful summer!

  7. Ahh, you wear the colors of the Mediterranean so well, darling MT! The sea setting and surrounding beauty becomes you!
    How lucky you are to have so many beautiful places just a stones throw away to be able to escape to! Love a fun road trip !
    Happy days indeed! Mwahs, Txx

    1. Vroom vroom.. so true, nothing better than the freedom of a little road trip, darling Trudye! Longing to go back to this fabulous place, as soon as the weather cools down a bit. Happy days to you and have a wonderful weekend. Mwahs xx

  8. So happy for your travellogues dearest Mai Tai. You look relaxed and beautiful and the blue of the ocean in your fabulous photographs makes me long to travel back South again (In Denmark it has been raining a lot During the last month).
    Have a most wonderful weekend darling. Big hug and kisses xx Manuela

  9. Hello ! I love your blog ! I have been following him for several years !
    I tried to buy some pieces in the store, but you're not sending more to BRAZIL ?
    Brazil is not on the list of countries enabled .... could you answer me something in the email ?
    I would be very grateful !!

  10. I looking always for beautiful places and now I finding you and too Petit Nice. How lovely the pictures you make and how lovely you looking and happy and fun. What colour the water and how happy the sun and amazing rooms and terraces. Thankyou Maitai, and I shall see you always and often. With love and admirations, Nausicaa

  11. Sending you the sunshine, darling Manuela, as you blow a cool breeze my way! Hopefully, the two won't collide;) T xx

    1. Thank you dearest Trudye. The sunshine is here!:-) M xx

  12. Divine pictures of the Petit Nice. The Foreigner cover brings back very tender memories. Maybe a trip in the fall.

  13. VERY late to the party, but your pictures remain beautiful, even weeks, months or years later. The PDeS captures the colours of the Mediterranean so well, it blends in perfectly. I still don't know how I could resist when I had it in my hands?? Your little road trip to the petit Nice looks very relaxing - I'm ready to spend a few days there, too! Magnificent seaside view and nice food is just heavenly. Hope your batteries are well recharged and you can take another couple of weeks of heat. We don't have these problems here...only a couple of days, then rain and cool again- scarf weather all year round!
    Thanks for letting us join you on your, Katja