Sunday, February 17, 2019

10 years MaiTai's Picture Book

So let's pop the champagne cork! Here's to you my dearest readers, customers and friends, I am so very grateful to you all for your wonderful support over the years!

For this special 10th anniversary I thought I'd choose ten scarves and assemble a collage for each one, showing how they have appeared on the blog over the years. Each collage is followed by a current 2019 picture.

Whilst editing and choosing the images, it struck me what a great investment these accessories have been, they've truly passed the test of time. There isn't a bag, scarf, necklace or bracelet that I am not using to this day. The same is true for many capsule wardrobe pieces (if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll probably recognise quite a few of them time and time again).

The next decade will be interesting, I'll be moving from my mid-fifties towards sixty and beyond, and we shall find out how the accessoires and capsule wardrobe pieces evolve and fare! I hope that you will continue to join me on the journey. For anyone who has been a supporter in the past, whether by reading the blog, following me on social media or shopping at MaiTai Collection, thank you all so very much.

Carré en Carré - 90 scarf

In a cowbow knot (ends secured behind the neck with a Petite Classique scarf ring in the basic slide. Accessorizing with a NEW long gemstone necklace in corail/tiger eye/smokey quarz (available here), Multistrand bracelet in gold (here) and a La Marche de Savana Hermes printed enamel bracelet.

Variation - as above, only with black trousers instead of jeans

Very happy and excited to announce the new Jean-Paul Gaultier Collector's Edition inserts

The changeant embroidery is engraved onto luxurious satin, which gives the insert a luminescent touch. The design features dragons and roses, waves, fishes and swirls, as well as a partial or full Jean-Paul Gaultier signature.

In Laque with grey interior

In Gold with taupe interior

De Madras à Zakynthos - 90 scarf

Jean-Paul Gaultier Skin fabric in Bengale

Birkin 30 insert in Bengale

De Madras à Zakynthos in an Asymmetrical Wrap, ends secured with a Moyenne Classique scarf ring in a criss-cross knot. Also wearing a MaiTai Collection Cascading Pearl necklace in Blanc/Ivoire (available here), a Hermes Clic H bracelet in Marron Glacé, printed Elephant enamel bracelet and a Kelly 32 in Ebene.

Bengale with Cuivre interior

Monsieur et Madame - 90 scarf

Tied into a Criss-Cross Bow knot with a Grande Classique reversible scarf ring in Black/Ivoire/Gold (available here). Also wearing a Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Ebene with GHW.

As above, but with the scarf in the Basic Bias Fold and with a Crystal Collar necklace in mocca (available here)

La Femme aux Semelles de Vent - 90 scarf

Folded in the Basic Bias and tied through belt loops of jeans. Also wearing a Crystal RockChic Collier in black (available here) and a Hermes Charnière bracelet and Birkin 35 in black.

Fantaisies Indiennes - Mousseline GM

In a rectangular fold with a NEW long gemstone necklace in corail/tiger eye/smokey quarz (available here) and a Multistrand bracelet in gold (here). Hermes a La Marche de Savana  printed enamel bracelet and Birkin 35 in black.

Variation with the scarf in a cowbow knot, without the jacket and bag

Aux Pays des Epices - 90 scarf

In a Pleated Rectangular Fold with ends secured with a Grande Classique scarf ring in a criss-cross knot. Also wearing a MaiTai Collection Cascading Pearl necklace in Blanc/Ivoire (available here) and a Multistrand bracelet in silver (here).  Hermes Elephant printed enamel bracelet and a Picotin 22 in Etoupe.

Coupons Indiens - 90 scarf

Folded in the Basic Bias and tied through jeans belt loops. Accessorizing with with a NEW long gemstone necklace in corail/tiger eye/smokey quarz (available here), a Multistrand bracelet in silver (here) and a Hermes Kelly Dog bracelet and Birkin 35 in black.

with a NEW long gemstone necklace in corail/tiger eye/smokey quarz (available here)

As above, but scarf worn around neck

Jean-Paul Gaultier Collector's Edition Birkin insert in size 35, 30 and 25

Coaching - 70 scarf

In a vertical basic slide with a Grande Classique dark Mother of Pearl scarf ring (reverse side). Hermes Chaine d'Ancre printed enemal bracelet and Kelly 32 in Ebene

Courbettes et Cabrioles - 90 scarf

In a cowbow knot, ends secured with a black horn Anneau Infinity scarf ring (here) in a cross-slide. Also wearing a Multistrand bracelet in silver (here) Hermes Chaine d'Ancre printed enemal bracelet and Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphir.

La Presentation de Chevaux - 90 scarf

In a reverse basic bias fold with a black horn Anneau Infinity as centre balance. MaiTai Collection Multistrand bracelet in gold (available here) and Mini George summer bag (here). Hermes Charniere bracelet in black.

Variation - scarf in Looped Cross-slide knot

And a few extra collages..

Cents Plis de Miao - 90 scarf

Au Coeur de la Vie - 90 mousseline scarf

Quadrige - 90 scarf

La Réale - 90 scarf

Chaînes et Gourmettes - 70 scarf

La Presentation de Chevaux - 90 scarf

Belles du Mexique - 90 Mousseline


  1. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, my dear MaiTai. You bring such beauty and joy to a world which can, at times, be dark and depressing, and for this I'm grateful. Here's to the next fabulous decade! S.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words, so happy my posts bring sunshine and joy. Chin-chin to the next 10 years!!

  2. What a great post. I am away this week with some basics and two scarves. Now I am inspired by your photos to try some new folds/ties. Susan, London

    1. Good basics and accessories make for light travelling (and stylish looks..). Happy knotting and hope you had a great week away!


  3. Ten years? Almost impossible to comprehend, but you’ve provided the indisputable proof. I’m still amazed, though – ten years?

    I suppose a tenth anniversary calls for a momentous speech, which I won’t make, but I do want to thank you for the past ten years of inspiration, creativity, beauty and pure joie de vivre.

    Yes, the accessories are timeless, but so are you. You’re as beautiful and fresh as you were ten years ago, and I expect that ten years from now, I’ll be saying the same exact thing!

    Thank you for all you’ve given us. I’m terribly proud of you and grateful to be your friend.

    Love you to the moon and back,

    1. I know, it's difficult to wrap ones head around the ten years! Your words got my eyes a little bit moist, much more than a momentous speech could have done. So grateful for our friendship, love you always xx

  4. Dearest MaiTai!

    Happy 10th anniversary and chin-chin to many, many returns! There is simply no one else who can bring more joy, elegance and kindness to the virtual worlds, and make chic accessories accessible and inspiring.
    Your beauty and elegance shines right through, and the scarves and accessories add a subtle touch.
    I am looking forward to accompanying you for the next decade and beyond.

    These new inserts are so special, and the coral edition of the necklace is just stunning, meed to hop over to the shop before they are gone :-)

    Let's all celebrate 10th anniversary by wearing our MT pieces and beautiful scarves today!

    with kindest regards,


    1. Thank you for sharing the anniversary joy, dearest Aneta! This blog would not exist without readers, and the collection would not have gone anywhere without the support of my dear and wonderful customers. Thank you so much for sharing the journey for so many years, I am truly grateful for it. Warmest wishes x

  5. Happy Birthday, liebe Maitai !
    Es ist eine grosse Freude die vergangenen 10 Jahre mit Ihnen nochmals
    Revue passieren zu lassen, Ihre modischen (Weiter-)Entwicklungen miterleben zu dürfen. Alles Gute und viele kreative Ideen für die kommenden 10 Jahre !
    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Liebe Martina,

      Herzlichen Dank für Ihre lieben Zeilen, ich freue mich sehr, dass Ihnen der Blick in die letzten 10 Jahre Freude gemacht hat!

      Vielen Dank auch für die guten Wünsche, ich freue mich auf die nächsten 10 Jahre :)

      Herzlichst, MT

  6. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your wonderful blog, a source of inspiration for me over the years and a very special blog for me too thanks to you and to the pleasant atmosphere you created here among all the ladies.
    Thank you for sharing beautiful photos and creating new accessories.
    I love to see older photos of you and previous looks. You look as beautiful as in 2009.
    Congratulations on all your new items. I especially like the new long gemstone necklace.
    Looking forward to following you during the next years. Sending you a huge thank you and much love, Manuela xx

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment, dearest Manuela. You've been amongst my very first readers, and your support and friendship over the years means so much. I don't think there's ever been a collage without your lovely pics! <3 Hope us swans will be gathering at this pond for a long time to come. Much, much love xx

  7. Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of this wonderful blog. Thank you very, very kindly for sharing your style, class and grace with us around the world. Your photos certainly look the same today as they did 10 years ago! Still stunning as ever! God
    bless and Girl Power!

    1. So happy you enjoy the blog, thank you very much for the kind words dear TA! Definitely Girl Power! xx

  8. In 2009 began following you , you are looking the same and better than ever! Cheers to the future
    Lena London

    1. Dear Lena, - it's so very nice to meet you, and I'm happy to know that you've been enjoying the blog since its very beginning. Thank you so much!

  9. Congratulations! Love your blog. Would love to know your skincare and exercise routine. Everything is timeless and beautiful and calming. Exactly what is needed. May you celebrate many more decades and share them with us.

    1. Thank you! Exercise is easy.. I walk my dogs everyday for 5 to 6k (km, not miles!). Skin care involves regular scrubs and masks, and most importantly sun screen. I am currently using Dermaceutic products from the local pharmacy. Here's to the next decade(s)!

  10. Congratulations on 10 wonderful years!

    I've only been around for a few of those years, but I appreciate your timeless looks that work in any country, situation, workplace, body type or budget!

    It's an honor to be here among the swans and share the pond that you cultivate.


    1. Dearest Greta, - You are so much part of the swan community, that I could have sworn you've been with us since the very early days!

      I always appreciate your comments and the above is extra special...I strive to make my ideas and posts accessible, and it is very happy making that this is how they come across.

      Mille merci xxx

  11. Congratulations on this fabulous milestone! Wishing you continued inspiration for another decade of your wonderful blog! xo - Amy

    1. Thanks so much, dear Amy, for your kind good wishes! x

  12. Dearest MaiTai,

    Huge congratulations on your 10 years blog anniversary!

    Though I haven’t followed it from day 1, I went back and enjoyed all your previous posts when I finally discovered it. That speaks for the timelessness of your style- as you show in your collage, neither you nor your outfits have aged! If it wasn’t for your blog, the whole world of social media would have gone by unnoticed and I would have missed out on this wonderful community of scarf and accessory enthusiasts. Thank you for providing us with this neverending source of inspiration and with your passionately handcrafted items. Looking forward to the next decade and raising my glass - cheers!
    Love, Katja

    1. Dearest Katja, - catching up with previous posts automatically qualifies you as a Day 1 swan! So glad you found us, the community wouldn't be the same without you. Here's to accessories and the worldwide friendship that formed because of our love for them. It is extraordinary how the internet made all this possible, we live in exciting times! Cheers to the next 10 years!! Much love x

  13. Congratulations, darling Mai Tai, on your blog anniversary! Yours was the first blog I followed and remains the only one.
    Forever drawn to the inspiration you provide in styling and for providing all of us a brief, beautiful respite from the outside world. Your dedication to putting together your blog, which is time intensive at best, is truly admirable! This anniversary post is a prime example of your loving care.
    Ten years ago and fast forward to today, you truly show that classic accessory and wardrobe choices never age, nor do you! I cannot imagine this will not hold true in the years to come!
    Congratulations on your newest collection pieces. Already a sure fire hit, as the insert I tried to order is sold out!
    Again,thank you for the sartorial inspiration provided here, but more than anything for your friendship.
    I raise my glass to you and to what the future holds in this lovely space!
    Love, admiration and mwahs, T xx

    1. Darling Trudye, - I sometimes joke that half of my readers come to the blog because of the comment section, but it is true! Your upbeat, witty, fun and warm comments have installed a camraderie amongst the ladies and provided a wonderful respite from the outside world for all readers. I can't believe it's been a decade already, but I'm so grateful you've been part of the journey from the beginning. Chin-chin to the next chapter, it will be interesting to see what it brings! With love, Txx

  14. Dear MaiTai and swans, sorry for joining the party so late... Congratulations on that very special birthday!
    I found you in 2012, after attending a seminar, where I met a woman, who advised me to wear blazers and silk scarves.Since then you became my styleguide. Over the years I have bought many clothes that resemble yours. So I can combine wonderfully according to your model and feel always perfectly styled. The icing on the cake are your wonderful accessories! By the way, I find it remarkable that you obviously haven't aged and I'm looking forward to the next 10 years together! Please continue like this and lead us into the next decade full of beauty, style and friendship!
    All the best wishes Claudia

    1. It's never to late to join the party, dearest Claudia! I loved hearing the story on how you found the blog, thanks so much for sharing. Very grateful to the mystery woman at the seminar, otherwise we may have never met! Isn't it extraordinary how small coincidences can open new ways and directions. Some of the best things in my life are based on coincidences, and I'm so grateful for it. One of them is this place here, and the friendships that come with it. To the next 10 years and beyond! Ganz liebe Grüsse xx

  15. Happy Anniversary! I have enjoyed being a faithful reader of your blog through these many years and I am so happy to continue on into the next decade! Your grace and style is inspirational! xo

    1. Dear Amy, - many thanks for the lovely comment! It's so special to know that you've been reading this blog since the early days, thank you so much for your loyalty and support. Hope you enjoy the next chapter of the journey! x

  16. Dearest Mai Tai, congratulations on 10 years. What a joy it has been, your sense of style is amazing and your passion for the blog and the collection have been wonderful. Lovely to see so many favourite scarves in this post, in fact many of them I have because of you.... so thank you. Here's to the next 10 years. I did read Helen Mirren said that 70's are the new 60's. So lets do the maths and all take 10 years off!!! hahaha. Enjoy your celebration. Andrea (MsT) x

  17. I give you top marks in maths, dearest Andrea! We must have attended the same class, with HM as teacher ;) Your lovely words made my day, I'm so happy to be scarf twins and cousins with you on so many favorite silks! Here's to the next decade and beyond xxx