Sunday, April 19, 2020

Spring postcard and new necklaces

I  hope this finds you well and safe, and with a positive spirit despite the new reality we are all facing.

It feels a bit strange introducing the new summery colored gemstone necklaces at a time when spring is mostly experienced through the window, but when I started working on the collection earlier this year, there was no way one could have imagined the situation we'd find ourselves in just a couple of months later.

I am thankful to be living in the countryside, and being allowed to leave the house for an hour each day to exercise. The dogs look forward to it as much as I do, and it is a wonderful respite to immerse oneself in a nature bursting with young green leaves and fresh grass, buds, blossoms, and birdsong. I hope the images captured along the way bring you as much joy and hope as they brought me, as well as inspiration for a time when we'll be able to enjoy spring and summer the way we did before.

Stay healthy and well.

Important - current shipping status:

• We ship from Wednesday to Fridays, as the post offices remain closed from Sat to Tue.

• Substantial delays to the estimated delivery are the norm. Many countries place incoming packages under a two-week quarantine prior to handling. Additional delays occur due to reduced workforces and global transportation disruptions.

 • All packages are shipped insured. Deliveries might take long, but they are protected.

Index Palmarum in a Bib knot with a long gemstone necklace in Tilleul/Jade/Grey Quartz (available here)Hermes Clic H bracelet in marron glacé. Biba sparkling bracelet here

Jade beads surrounded by semi-precious stones

Spring pastels. Long gemstone necklace in Gris Perle/Agate Gris/Agate Blanc (available here). Hermes Clic H bracelet in marron glacé. Biba sparkling bracelet here

Au Coeur de la Vie 90 mousseline, also in a Bib knot, with a gemstone necklace in Purpur/Amethyst/Citrine (available here). Hermes Picotin 18 in Bleu Sapphire and Elephant printed enamel bracelet.

Belles du Mexique 90 mousseline in the basic bias fold with a gemstone necklace in Pink/Rose Quartz/Citrine (available here)

Pink/Rose Quartz/Citrine necklace - detail

Aux Pays des Epices 90 scarf in a basic bias fold with a gemstone necklace in Gris Perle/Agate Gris/Agate Blanc (available here). Hermes Picotin 22 in Etoupe and Clic H bracelet in marron glacé.

Gris Perle/Agate Gris/Agate Blanc - detail

Long gemstone necklace in Tilleul/Jade/Grey Quartz (available here) with a Ceintures et Liens CSGM and a Clic H bracelet in marron glacé. Biba sparkling bracelet here

Pink! Zero-Gravity scarf ring in sorbet/rose gold (available here), Anneau Infinity scarf ring in rose gold (here), Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in sakura/rose gold and Dior Addict Hyaluronic lip maximizer in 001.

Gemstone necklace in Pink/Rose Quartz/Citrine (available here) with a Sous l'Egide du Mars CSGM in the Basic Bias fold. Hermes bracelet as above. Biba sparkling bracelet here

Index Palmarum in a Chemisier knot (how-to coming) with a Tilleul/Jade/Grey Quartz (available here) gemstone necklace. Hermes Picotin 22 in Etoupe and Clic H bracelet in marron glacé.

As before, but with a necklace in Purpur/Amethyst/Citrine (available here)

Necklace as above with a Ceintures et Liens CSGM. Biba sparkling bracelet here

Download my scarf-tying app at the Apple App Store: 45 video tutorials | 450+ photos | 12.99 USD

The app will receive an update tomorrow. It includes a tutorial and extra blog on the Petit Bib knot, as well as improved videos on a couple of other knots. Those with German phone settings now have the tutorial steps in German.


  1. Dearest Tai,

    What an uplifting, joyful post! You look like Ms. Spring herself, so radiant and full of life. It is exactly what I needed to remind myself that there is beauty and elegance despite these challenging times.
    Love the necklaces, and no matter that I already have a few, I could not resist the new additions. I am diving into my jewelry and scarves now that I work from home and can play with my outfits more freely.
    Also, an unexpected joy of wearing perfume daily - something I would not do in the office environment.
    Hope all is well with all the Swans and sharing a virtual hug with All.

    Special thanks to MaiTai, for generosity and beauty bring joy and make thoughts lighter and more positive!

    Lastly, I just made a leek an onion quiche! it was delicious and our kitchen smells heavenly still.

    Best wishes,


    1. Dearest Aneta, - so happy you like the post and the new necklaces and hope you are already enjoy wearing yours! Spring has been a surreal experience this year. If it wasn't for the daily walk with the dogs, I think it would have gone entirely past me. Your comment reminded me to make a quiche. The smell and taste is so comforting and there is nothing better than pulling a hot dish out of the oven. Be well and safe. xxx


  3. Dear MaiTai,
    it is exactly, as Aneta wrote: you look like Ms. Spring herself! It is so calming, to see you in best condition!
    Your post is so incredibly heart-warming! The pictures radiate a wonderful power. Exactly, what we all need in these days!
    I would like to share the virtual hug that Aneta proposes.
    Please, dear swans, let's all stay healthy, so that one day we can raise our glasses to these surreal times...
    Best wishes Claudia

    1. Dear Claudia, - your comment says it so well...surreal times that make us appreciate beautiful things and nature even more. Virtual hugs to you and Aneta and let's raise our glasses right now with a toast to our friendships by the safe and virtual swan lake. Ganz liebe Grüsse

  4. Dear MaiTai,

    My spirits were lifted after viewing your posts and the comments. I've been taking pictures of nature myself. In particular my knockout rose bush. I love how you have built your inspiration from nature all the color infused but soo very simple. I just love it and I'm happier now for seeing it! Thank you for sharing your creativity it stirs mine up.

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment and welcome to my blog! Roses are nature's supermodels and your pictures must be beautiful. So happy you like my approach to color and hope you have fun being creative with it!

  5. Love your scarf collection and styling. Would you recommend a plisse Hermes scarf of a silk twill of the Tourbillon design?