Sunday, August 30, 2020

A scarf addition and Christian Lacroix Collector's Editions inserts

 Today I'm introducing a new Collector's Edition to the MaiTai Collection bag inserts, and another CW of the Plumes en Fête 90 scarf I bought in the spring.

The new inserts are made with Christian Lacroix's Canopy fabric in grenade and lime, matching my equally colorful Plumes en Fête in Rose Vif/Bleu/Vert. 

I hope you like the new Christian Lacroix inserts and enjoy how the "Plumes en Fête" turns out in a variety of knots and ties. Let me know which one is your favorite!


Plumes en Fête Ref. 003433S CW11

Collector's Edition inserts with Christian Lacroix's Canopy fabric in lime (available here)

In a Palmier knot with a Hermes Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura. I bought the cotton sweater (Tara Jarmon) earlier this spring and just checked if it is still available. It turns out that it is on sale, and the link is here

Details: the Christian Lacroix fabric in Lime is matched with a Nura Pivoine cotton fabric by Manuel Canovas for the interior, and features tone-on-tone embroidery.

Although the scarf appears very bright and strongly colored, its center is actually quite soft and consists of a variety of light pink and blue shades with a few grey, green and yellow accents. These are the colors that frame your face in the basic bias fold (and even more so in the Sautoir, where you tie the ends behind your neck ... the fuchsia tips disappear completely). I love how versatile this CW is and that you can wear it boldly, or soft and subdued.

In the Petit Bib, the softer colors play center stage, too. Here, with a Hermes Clic-Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens and Kelly Double Tour bracelet in Rose Sakura.

Christian Lacroix Collector's Edition insert in Canopy Lime

Ceintures et Liens CSGM in a Friendship knot, with the ends knotted together behind the neck:

Tied into a Jabot. 

Two-Way Pleats 

In an Asymmetrical Wrap

Christian Lacroix Collector's Edition insert in Canopy Grenade (available here)

When trying things out with my new scarf I discovered this fun and simple knot and named it "Triple Ends". I'll make a video tutorial in the coming weeks.

In an Origami knot 

Collector's Edition inserts in Christian Lacroix's Canopy Lime fabric (available here)

More playtime results,  yet to be named and filmed!

The Christian Lacroix Collector's Edition in Canopy Grenade and a Manuel Canovas cotton interior in Nura Prairie (here)


  1. Georgeous, dear MaiTai! This cw of Plumes has not been on my radar as I have and adore the Au Coeur de la Vie in fuchsia, but with your masterful knotting I can see the whole new colour palette opening up. the green is fantastic!
    Love the inserts, so bright and cheerful :-)
    Hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying the end of the summer.
    I am thrilled with arrival of cooler mornings so I can reach for silks and CS more often.
    As much as I miss travelling, I havr been discovering the hidden beauty of my, area and making my home better.

    Wishing everyone happy and healthy la rentrée de l'automne

    with kind regards,

    1. Thank you, my dearest Aneta! The Au Coeur de la Vie in fuchsia is gorgeous and definitely another Aline Honoré treasure. As you say, the blue and green center of the Plumes en Fête gives an overall different impression, which makes it a justifiable addition �� Plus, one can never have too many of her designs!

      Corona has definitely turned us more towards our immediate surroundings, I've been tackling home projects too and enjoy the walks with the dogs even more than before, they come with a wonderful sensation of freedom.

      Hope you have a beautiful Indian Summer and a happy and fun scarf season ahead!


  2. Dear Mai Tai, this is a georgous post as usual. Happy to see you definitly adopted pink ! It looks really great on you. Petit bib knot is a revelation. So easy to wear. Ideal to hide borders on any scarf. I downloaded the app on my android phone after having installed the app on DH's 🍏-phone! It is definitively the worth of it. Such a pleasure to consult your beautiful suggestions regularly on my own phone! Thank you so much for the work behind and the sharing ! Warmst regards, Marie-Noëlle

    1. Dear chère Marie-Noëlle, - thanks so much for the kind words! You are right, I do have come to love pink (even bought a pink coat recently!), after having shunned away from it for most of my (adult) live. Always keep an open mind! I am so very thrilled that you love the app and I hope you'll enjoy the future updates with their new knots, too. Thank you so much for downloading, I really appreciate it! Have a lovely weekend and a wonderful scarf season ahead. Warmest wishes