Sunday, February 28, 2021


Plumes en Fête 90 Hermes scarf (by Aline Honoré) in a basic bias fold. Also wearing a Clic Clac H bracelet in Bleu Indiens.

Au Coeur de la Vie Hermes 90 Mousseline (another Aline Honoré favorite) tied in the Two-Way Pleats.

Carré Kantha Hermes 90 scarf in a Heart knot

Plumes en Fête as above, tied in an Asymmetrical Wrap

Parures de Samourais Hermes 90 scarf (again Aline Honoré... I only noticed now that almost every scarf in this post is designed by her) in an Origami knot.

Carré Kanta as above, here in a Peonies knot


  1. How generous of you! What a great time to stock up on your pretties. Beautiful photography, too. It looks like Spring has definitely graced Provence (we’ve been “graced” with spring rains and mud but not much of anything else . . . yet.)

    I love your new sweater - it has a very sportif mid-century modern vibe to it.

    Much love,

  2. Dearest Tai,

    What a breath of fresh spring air! I could not resist this offer - to good to pass... Cannot wait to bring new knots into life. It is still cold and snowy where I am but I am already transported into Provence and surrounded by first blloms :-).
    Thank you MT for your generous offer and endless creativity that you share on the blog. It is a great resource and remains my go-to guide for overall elegance of scarf wearing and the lifestyle. Nothing compares!

    Wishing the Swans a beautuful and healthy spring!

    with kindest regards,