Sunday, June 20, 2021

Chemisier tutorial

Finally, the tutorial for the Chemisier. My apologies for the slight delay! 

Happy knotting and have a wonderful summer xxx

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The following is an example of what you get with each tutorial in my Scarf Art App*: in the style of a blog it shows you how you can create variations, which part of your scarf gets highlighted, and how the knot works with other scarf sizes.

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The Chemisier provides an elegant and soft frame to your neck in the style of a classic shirt collar.

What it highlights:

The main focus of the Chemisier is on the upper and lower corner. The design of the remaining visible parts is broken up by the overlapping folds of the Chemisier. The center of your scarf is behind your neck.

On the blog:

With a 90 "Index Palmarum" Silk Twill scarf:


The lower you tie the knot, the more the corners spread out and the wider the collar becomes: 

For a smaller and more contained version tie the knot closer to your neck; it brings the corners together:

As above, but with one scarf end longer than the other:

Further variation:

Instead of tying the ends together in a Double knot,

you can also make an Ascot knot:

In other scarf formats: 

With a 70 Vintage Silk:

With a 140 Silk Twill GM:

With a 90 Mousseline:

 Size guide:

The Chemisier works with the following scarves:

90 Silk Twill
90 Mousseline
70 Vintage Silk
140 Silk GM
140 Cashmere Silk GM (as a shoulder wrap)


  1. A lovely, cooling and refreshing post, leading into the heat of summer. The Chemisier knot looks great; I will attempt it soon (and, I’m glad that the handy app is there for backup instruction).

    That Palmarum, though - one of the most beautiful designs H. has produced in a long time. But it wasn’t until I saw you model it that I wanted it. And then, of course, it was too late - Palmarum in that beautiful color way vanished - the “MaiTai Effect,” I suspect. I’ll just have to remain hopeful for a reissue.

    A joyous summer to all,

    1. I agree with you on the Index Palmarum, I absolutely love it. The colorists have done an outstanding job as well, the CW is calm, serene and fresh at the same time.

      And yes, it definitely belongs to the re-issue wish list! We should start one, don't you think? I'll add Turandot, and most of Aline Honoré's designs.

      Much love and have a wonderful week xxx

  2. ‘I agree with Jerrine. It is a ‘cooling and refreshing post’, so welcome in the last days’ heat.
    I can’t wait to try the new knot with my Index Palmarum. Thank you, Dearest, for keeping on creating new knots for us. Have a wonderful Summer too. Much love, Manuela xx’

    Much love,

    1. We are scarf twins on so many beauties, and I'm happy that the Index Palmarum is one of them! With the relief from the recent heatwave, I hope you had the chance to try the Chemisier with it. Have a wonderful summer and a great week, my dearest Manuela. Much love xx

  3. How I love this knot! It is amazing with blazers and thise tricky necklines that may need some balancing. And the colours are so soothing, perfect for early summer.

    I am eagerly awaiting what is new to come on the blog, as well as hopefully a re-launch of MT collection (the tab with a shop link seems to be gone). In the meantime, there is plenty of inspiration here in each picture, and the post on fabrics was delightul,

    Thank you, dearest MaiTai for coninuing to post such innovative, inspiring articles.

    Have a super week ahead!

    with kind regards,


    1. So happy you like the new knot, thanks so much dearest Aneta! The future new blog topics will include various house/office/showroom decoration projects. I am enjoying the process immensely, it's so much fun. In a way it is very similar to accessorising an outfit. However, with Covid et all, the schedules are delayed. Patience is key! The shop is running as usual at Have a most wonderful and happy week! Warmest regards, Tai

  4. Dear MaiTai,
    please let me tell you that I am so happy for several blog-posts being back! It's really unbelievable how much I missed scrolling through them....
    Your new tutorial for the chemisier knot is wonderful again! But unfortunately here it's sometimes so hot, that I prefer to do without scarves mostly. Ironically my DH has just given me "La Marche du Zambeze" in bleu ciel/bleu jean. Now I'm looking forward to colder days ;-)
    Alles Liebe von Claudia

    1. My dear Claudia, - your lovely words touched me immensely and I am truly sorry that part of the blog went under. I am restoring it bit by bit, and the years 2015-2021 are now more or less complete. The rest will follow, time permit! Really happy you like the new knot, it will be nice to play with it in the autumn. It also will be fabulous with your new "La Marche du Zambeze". What a wonderful DH you have to pick out this beauty for you! Alles Liebe

  5. ...perhaps I have to admit that I really love the scarf very much! But in the very moment I got it, it went hot... Liebe Grüße Claudia

    1. I completely agree with you on the scarf, it is such a magical design. Hope you get a few cooler days before autumn! Herzlichst, T.

  6. Dear Mai Tai, I'm so happy to see that your beautiful older posts are back ! Thank you so much for sharing ! With kind regards, Marie-Noëlle