Sunday, September 26, 2021

Late summer

 Ever since we moved to the South of France almost two decades ago, September has become my favourite month of the year. The heat and bright light during the high summer months from June to August can be quite intense, and I therefore always look forward to the warm and mellow days of September with its soft light and calm, deep blue skies. 

The evenings are still mild enough for alfresco dinners, and until recently, I would find fresh wild figs and blackberries for breakfast while walking the dogs. Late summer bliss!

At the beginning of the month, France came collectively back to work after the  "Grandes Vacances" and my decoration projects could finally resume as well. 

I was so much looking forward to have my "Italian Panoramic" (by Iksel Decorative Arts) wallpaper hung! It was love at first sight, as the landscape it depicts is so similar to the one that surrounds us. It has taken centre stage in the entrance/meeting room of my new showroom (still very much work in progress). I have yet to find a table and chairs, so for the time being my garden furniture acts as a (surprisingly well-fitting) stand-in.

MaiTai Collection Liberty of London Painted Journey insert (available here)

I found this Zara cotton shirt dress a couple of weeks ago, and love combining it with white jeans, a pair of chunky sneakers, and a simple horn bangle for an accessory.

Queen Anne's Lace ...  gracefully turning inwards as autumn approaches 

As much as I am looking forward to golden and crisp October days and cosy autumn evenings, I will also miss having our dinners outside ...

You might remember the photograph of a Salsify's detail from a post a few months ago (here). I've had it since printed and mounted under frameless glass, to be hung in the dressing room. 

I decided on Casamance's Platinum wallpaper to go with it, and love how its textured and metallic highlights echo the glamour of the humble Salsify. Jim Thompson's Metallic Shell fabric looks lovely with both, and I am having so much fun putting these schemes together. 

This tree bark detail caught my eye on one of our morning walks and am having its picture printed and mounted under glass as well. I think it will work beautifully with the Salsify and I look forward to the two being brought together on the dressing room walls very soon!

The huge bag of sun-soaked tomatoes from a friend's potager made it quickly into the pot last Sunday.

Wearing a scarf as a sash is always a good solution when it feels too warm to tie it around the neck. Here with an Au Coeur de la Vie Mousseline by Aline Honoré (folded in the basic bias fold with the ends secured in a double knot behind the back).

Italian Panoramic detail

As above, but with a Quadrige 90 scarf (designed by Pierre Péron) and a rust-coloured cardigan instead of the dark blue blazer. 

Variation with the scarf in the basic bias fold around the neck.

IKSEL Decorative Arts (just a fan, no affiliation) or follow on Instagram

Have a wonderful late summer and early autumn everyone xxx


  1. Dearest Tai,

    your pictures are pure delight- how clever to frame your beautiful and artistic photographs and match them with wallpapers and fabrics. I totally adore your new decoration! Right in time to make me look forward to my bathroom project, which includes a printed wallpaper as well, for the first time in my life. Seems these are lockdown-side-effects....the more time your spend in your own 4 walls, the more you are ready for change ;-) Beautiful inspirations as always and very much appreciated.
    Enjoy the sunny days of autumn with all its turning colours!
    All the best and greetings to my fellow swans out there,

    1. Thanks so much, dearest Katja! So happy you like the wallpaper and how my other little projects shape up! Your bathroom makeover sounds intriguing, hope your "lock-down side effect" is coming on well. Curious to know which wallpaper you chose! Wishing you a beautiful and happy early autumn, and a great start into scarf season! Ganz liebe Grüsse, Tai

  2. Dearest Tai,

    What a pleasure to look at your beautiful photographs! I particularly like the two last ones. You look fabulous, beautifully tanned and your Quadrige looks amazing wiith that cardigan!

    Love your new showroom and the pretty wallpaper you chose to decorate the wall. The inspiration from Nature is something I’ve always enjoyed in your posts.
    And last but not least, I wish you and all the ladies a marvellous Autumn with all its magic. Much love, Manuela

    1. Dearest Manuela, - thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and for emailing it to me to publish on your behalf. The wallpaper is a dream and I'm so happy that you like it too! The rust-colored cardie is a cherished (and by now an old) friend ... I remember when I showed it on the blog for the first time, it was in 2012. Time flies n'est ce pas? Wishing you a glorious and happy autumn too! Much love, Tai xx

  3. I so enjoyed reading this post, dear Tai. I could almost imagine myself in the South of France on a warm autumn day. May all your projects be successful and fun for you. You make the world a more beautiful and gracious place-- one scarf, outfit, photo, and delicious food item at a time! Wishing all the Swans a happy and mellow autumn season.
    With love, Fifi

    1. Dearest Fifi, - how wonderful to see you back! So happy you enjoyed the post, and thanks so much for the kind good wishes for my new projects. Missed you and hope you are well, enjoying a beautiful and serene early autumn. Much love, Tai xx

  4. I arrived at your website from Pinterest. I was having trouble styling my scarf, but after looking at your photos, I found my favorite style. It's not only beautiful, but also very sophisticated and makes me feel happy just looking at it.

    … And I'm sorry if my English is strange.

    1. Dear 瑞穂999, a very warm welcome to my blog! It is so nice to know how you found my site, and I am very happy that you found a new favorite way to style your scarf. Hope you enjoy the future postings as well!

  5. Dear MaiTai, where did the years go? I mean, your beautiful posts from 2010 to 2013 are missing? Please put them back up if possible because they are inspirational! Best regards, Emily

    1. Dear Emily, - where did the years go indeed ;) I completely forgot about these older posts, but will try and put them back over time. Best, MT