Sunday, May 1, 2022

Travelling Light

 In the past few weeks we were lucky to have had picture-perfect weather with deep blue skies that provided a spectacular backdrop for all spring blossoms. The pocket square scarf I picked up when in London in March was a timely purchase,  its fresh blue and white CW turned it into a fabulous spring companion. 

The scarf’s motif is an adaptation of the "Travelling Light" fabric by British interior designer Kit Kemp for Christopher Farr Cloth. I first noticed the fabric in her Number Sixteen Hotel, which I discovered by chance on a trip to England in 2014 here. Ever since,  Kit Kemp's hotels have become my home-away-from-home in London, and I'd love to discover her NYC hotels one day, too. 

The thing I love most about her interiors is how abundantly she uses colour, fabrics and art, and how brilliantly all these elements are tied together. The resulting spaces are warm, happy and inviting, and yet calm, comfortable and soothing. So much attention is paid to detail, and you feel a real sense of harmony flowing through the rooms, which makes them such lovely spaces to come back to after a busy day out and about. Her many fabrics designs are featured throughout her London and New York hotels, and I think that it is just wonderful that some of them have been turned into scarves. 

Hope you like the new addition and the way it ties, and have a beautiful and happy remaining spring! 


1st row: Ascot, Bib and Cravat
2nd row: Gavroche Flower knot, Sautoir and Scarf necklace
3rd row: Asymmetrical Wrap, Slip knot and Afrique (a tutorial for the Afrique is on the list)

I posted the above collage on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and was thrilled that Kit Kemp had shared it on her Instagram stories, too:

In a Bib knot:

Slip knot:

This one I need to look into ... it happened while experimenting, and I have no idea how I did it. Will try and retrace the steps!

Ascot knot:

Bib knot encore

New knot ... Afrique (a tutorial is on my to-do list):

Slip knot:

Ascot knot modelled by Roley:


Travelling Light pocket square: available here

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