Thursday, March 5, 2009

How to use a Mors ring with a 90 Carré

Start with a basic bias fold and slip your scarf ring a third way down the scarf (here Courbettes et Cabrioles).

Turn over

Then make a simple flat knot

Pull tight

You can now use your scarf in different ways...

As a belt/sash

Place around your neck and slide the end through the double loop..

Or wind around your neck and then slide the end through the loop..


  1. What a lovely look! Does anyone know where the mors rings are available? I don't see them at H. any longer, and I can't seem to find a real bit that is small enough -- even a pony bit is too long! I thought of taking one off of an old Gucci loafer, but that seems a bit extreme!

  2. I still see them around in the boutiques. The best would be to ask your SA to do a search for you. Be careful though to specify the color, they come in palladium and gold plated. The length is 10.5 cm btw. A loafer snaffle is too small to use with 70 or 90 Carrés, you wouldn't be able to pull the bulk of the silk through. Might work with Twillys though. Good luck!

  3. Yes! This time my H. boutique around the corner had a mors ring. I took my lovely Great Dane with me today, and the SA joked that I needed the bit for my "horse!" I'm so pleased with the ring. Now, which carré to wear? Hmm...

  4. Congratulations dear Barbara! Too sweet re your dog.. Have much fun knotting and playing.

  5. Yippee! I just purchased a Mors scarf ring! I have a personal shopper who makes bi-monthly trips to Paris, and I've asked her to keep the Mors at the top of my request list. Well, it took 6 months, but she finally found one!
    Thanks so much for posting the tutorials on how to use the Mors ring. I can't wait until I receive mine!
    Barbara A.

  6. Dear MaiTai, I just purchased a mors scarf ring and am experimenting with it. Thank you for your tutorials! Could you explain why we need the knot here? Thank you!

    1. Dear Cynthia, the knot is needed to fix the scarf onto the ring, otherwise it would just fall off. Have fun experimenting!

  7. hi, what is the difference in styling in terms of a Mors & Mini Mors scarf ring?