Friday, March 6, 2009

La Presentation de Chevaux

Today accessorizing the ultimate classic, the BLD

H-it Up!

La Presentation de Chevaux 90 Carré
Gavroche scarf ring
Farandole necklace
Enamel bracelets
Toquade and Lima ring


  1. Beautiful look MaiTai!! I've tried to recreate these scarf knots but can't seem to do it :( Any tips on how you tied them? Thanks so much! I in particular love the asymmetrical shoulder wrap!

  2. Thank you Kate! The first one is the asymetrical shoulder wrap, for instructions, follow this link:

    For the second one, fold your scarf into a triangle, place around your shoulders, and tie the ends together in a double knot. This look works best with older scarves that have become very soft. If too new, they tend to be too bulky for this look. The one I am wearing here, is twenty five years old ;-)

    Good luck!