Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paris ~ Marais

Paris is only three hours by train, so sometimes we go for a weekend. Last June we stayed in the Marais quarters and spent most of the time strolling with our friends through the charming little streets.

We discovered a beautiful paper shop, where Calligraphy enthusiasts post elaborately written envelopes to the owner..

It was a warm summer's day, so I've been wearing my Fantaisies Indiennes Mousseline GM.

Such an inviting lunch place!

with the archetype of a Parisian waiter presiding over the terrace

after lunch we took a short walk across the river, to marvel at Notre Dame's Rose window.

A visit to FSH (horse man with 'Spinnaker' carrés)

where I bought my souvenir from Paris, the La Danse du cheval Marvari Cashmere shawl.


  1. Gosh, I have looked at this so many times, and never left a comment? How remiss of me!
    Stunning photographs, and of course stunning you! To me you are always the embodiment of what a Kelly lady should look like, effortlessly chic and fabulous understated glamour! x

  2. Dear sweet DB, you are the kindest of souls, especially since you are so very beautiful and elegant yourself. Thank you my dear <3