Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Black Suit with Vintage Carré in tie knot

Today introducing a new column for this blog. The idea is to address particular styling challenges in the form of mini-series.

The first theme is 'how to style a uniform into a look' and to find as many different ways as possible to do so. I thought the black little suit would make a fun start, as it is such a classic wardrobe staple. The LBS serves many different purposes, sometimes going from one event straight to another, from work to dinner etc. It's a perfect canvas for H it Up!

I'll be posting my future LBS pics on Sundays, thereby perhaps making Monday morning's wardrobe decisions a little bit easier...

Suggestions for future styling challenges/dilemmas are very welcome!

Episode#1 ~ LBS with a 70 Vintage Carré in simple tie knot

featured scarf Jeu Omnibus et Dames Blanches 70 Vintage Carré 


  1. Great idea for a series. This scarf becomes the focal point of the entire outfit. It looks polished.

  2. I can't thank you enough for all of your tips--I wore a twilly with my mors ring today and had so many compliments. Grazie mille

  3. I can't thank you enough for sharing your ideas--I wore my twilly today with the mors ring and had so many compliments. Grazie mille

  4. I am looking forward to this series as I have a *uniform* approach to dressing and am always looking for ways change it up. Merci, MaiTai!

  5. BM and annecychic, glad you like the idea, it should be fun! Shows so well the big impact a little extra touch has, which is why I love scarves so much.

    andiamo, you are most welcome! It's wonderful to hear that the Twilly brought joy into your day.

  6. MT, I love this idea! I'm excited at trying it out, I'm just waiting for my next twilly to arrive (yay!) :) Merci for all the amazing pictures too!

  7. Thank you dreamdoll. A new Twilly coming your way? How exciting! Which one have you decided on? btw, I just saw that the Petit Cheval Mexicain is still available on h.com France. x

  8. Thanks MaiTai! I should check out the H.com webby now that you mention it. I have the Tokyo twilly coming (thanks to a lovely tpfer!!) and I can't wait!! :)

  9. Oh the Tokyo, how wonderful my twin!

  10. I'm excited, it's my second twilly after the bolduc! We're twilly twins :)

  11. I checked your blog
    from Purse forum
    My name is Rose and my nickname in Purse Forum is Moon Light
    I really like your style and outfit
    and how you manage to spice your style with colorful scarfs!
    Really nice
    I bet I will imitate one of your looks:P

  12. Thank you Rose/Moon light. Beautiful real and nick by the way. Very happy to enable you!