Saturday, May 9, 2009

Things I love ~ Roses

In May our rose bushes start to blossom. Every morning I cut a few flowers, arrange them in an old french bistro glass and place them at the entrance of my house. It's such a lovely way to start the day.

Roses: Meiviolin


  1. They are so beautiful!! I can almost smell them from my end of the world! Thanks for brightening up my weekend :) Hope you have a great one too!

  2. dreamdoll you are so sweet, thank you.

  3. These look like my favorite old fashioned roses with lots of packed petals. I am sure they smell divine.

  4. How I wish they would smell as wonderful as they look! But sadly their smell is so faint that it's barely detectible.. However, I have a jasmin growing not far from it, making it up for them both.

  5. I love my rose,s too
    Are they David Austin Mai Tai??
    as usual you look amazing

  6. Hi B, I know that they are definitely not David Austin (DAs are so beautiful), but I can't remember their proper name either. I'll check on my next trip to the nursery. To me it's the english countryside where roses look their most beautiful, so yours must be stunning! xx