Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jeans and jersey shirt

I like wearing blue and brown together and felt in a casual mood, so today wearing jeans and a navy jersey shirt, with some dark brown leather and horn accessories. For a summery feel, I added a few touches of gold color by turning the horn pendant so that the gold foil side showed, choosing a belt with a brass buckle and a leather bracelet with a gold plated buckle.

H it Up!
Lift pendant
Lift earrings
• Kelly Double Tour bracelet


  1. I love blue and brown together also; there's something very oceany and elemental about it. You've shown how a casual look can be glamorised by the fit of the clothes and the scale and quality of the accessories. Great fashion lesson!

  2. Thank you Erina! Love your description of the blue/brown combo.. oceany and elemental says it so well! :-)

  3. Love all the horn! :) Esp the lift earrings - beautiful on you!

  4. dreamdoll <3 love them too..finally a pair of earrings that are lightweight enough to be worn all day.

  5. Cool Outfit. Blue suits you so well!

  6. Thank you Van! I thought you'd like the jeans ;-)