Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to knot a Carré into a halter top

Place your scarf (a 90 Carré) face down on a flat surface, gather a bit of silk where indicated,

and make a simple knot..

as small and tight and possible, like in the pic below.

Now place your scarf in front of your body, the knot facing inwards. Take the upper ends and secure behind your neck with a small double knot.

Take the lower ends and tie them behind your back with a small double knot.


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Instead of making a knot in step one, you could also use a scarf ring (petite size) to gather the silk:
Pinch some fabric..

and feed through one end of the ring

pull to gather more fabric

then feed through the other end and tighten

A tight and secure fit is important, if the outcome is loose, go back to step three and pull more fabric through


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, can't wait to try it out soon, and you look fabulous as always <3

  2. Hello MaiTai. I just discovered your blog and have been enjoying the variety of ways you use your H scarves. I always tie mine the same way. You really have inspired me to be more creative. Also, I like the pics of your farm--the olive trees,lavender,etc. You look so lovely even while gardening. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You look fantastic as always! Thanks for sharing.

  4. DD, the scarf top would look great on you! Perhaps with your beautiful CSMC...x

    Renee, welcome to my blog! Very happy you enjoy it here and thank you for your kind comment. Have fun with your scarves!

    Anything Hermes, you are so kind, thank you!

  5. Thank you dear MT! I have finally tried my CSMS as a top over the weekend (pics on my blog), and DH loved it <3

  6. Glad you tried the halter top DD, just had a look at the pics.. really stunning on you!!

  7. How do you secure the back of the halter top?

  8. With a small double knot (see text above photo no 4).

  9. It's a great idea and looks beautiful in the front, but the back must be very exposed. Any remedies for that? I get cold sometimes!!!

  10. To cover up, you can always wear a cardie, blazer or jacket on top. Please click here to see an example: Scarf top with blazer

  11. I came across some of your pictures on Pinterest and thought to myself "who is this fabulous woman?!". I knew then that I had to follow your blog :)