Friday, June 17, 2011

Capsule wardrobe #39 - Scarf as halter top

To bring out the beautiful jewel colors of the Coupons Indiens, wearing all black for her first outing, while framing the neckline of the 'halter-top knot' with my favorite necklace.

Capsule pieces: black 3/4 length trousers, black blazer
Shoes: black sandals
Accessories: Coupons Indiens 90 Carré worn as a halter top, MT waterfall necklace, Picotin in Rubis and MT horn bangle (back on the site)
Scarf tying method: click here for a how-to

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  1. Beautiful look. I should give that a go this summer. If you could share this information, do you wear a tank or ? underneath the silk? Or with the jacket, do you not need to bother?

  2. Thank you, Aesthetic Alterations. Excellent point re 'how to wear'. My days of wearing this scarf top solo are over, but when having a jacket/cardie on top, I don't bother with covering the back. When wearing it just by itself, I have a tube like top underneath (halterneck style underwear in both cases)

  3. A short post, to make a difference, lol. Always when I ask myself "how to wear this scarf to show its hidden nature in best light", there is your post answering it. It is a matter of art. Good news: my CI is waiting for me in the boutique, I will enjoy it IRL. Dear CS, I do not have a garden to stop weeding, but stopped ironing for knotting, lol!

  4. What a wonderful look! You are "lumineuse" dear MT. And this is probably one of the best ways to show the beauty of your Coupons.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. My dear MaiTai

    This is my favourite post ever! You look jus stunning!!! I wish I could tie the scarf around the waist without it feeling too tight. How do you do it? Is it only one scarf ou are there two scarves? I am speechless! So pretty, the whole ensemble! You did it again, my dear! Vraiment chic! Lots of warm, sunny hugs, Manuela

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous, MaiTai! Ms. CI's colorway is so complementary for you. I love this way to wear scarves; I do the same with a blazer or cardi using the triangle method -- instant "new" blouse! Happy Midsommer by the way; I'm just heading out to a local scandinavian gathering to have gravelax and herring! XOXO

  7. After reading Dr. V.O. comment, I felt curious about the "triangle method". Dear MaiTai, if you know it, could you please tell me how to make a blouse out a scarf folded like a triangle? Thank you to you and to Dr. V.O. as well for suggesting another way of tying a scarf.
    Warm, sunny hugs from Scandinavia, Manuela

  8. ITA with AA...beautiful look. What a perfect showcase for your CI outing and the scarf top is just in time for those of us living in the hot and humid environs of the world!
    This is a lovely highlight for all of your beautiful accessories and Ms. Rubis Pico looks quite at home:) Even your lipstick blends with it all! Now, how did you manage that?
    Wherever it was you were going, I hope you had fun and whatever it is you are going to do this weekend, wishing you tons of fun;) Peace and love, T xx

  9. I'm another scarf as a halter top fan; I think that is my single favorite way to wear my scarves. I also get to see and enjoy much more of the scarf's design in that style.

    Your new scarf and bag look smashing together, Mai Tai; love the whole ensemble!

  10. Love the colour of the scarf against the black. As black is not my best colour and I still have some black jackets you have inspired me to get my scarves out.

  11. Hello again, my dear MaiTai.
    You no longer need to explain how to make the halter top out a a triangle. I saw the picture under your last post. Sorry. M.

  12. Dear Manuela -- I'm taking the liberty of responding re: the triangle halter method -- see Hermes Knotting Cards Vol III, which our wonderful MaiTai has made available to us. The method I use is the third card from the beginning:

    My tip is to make the neck knot very small, at the very end of the ends, otherwise it can feel tight around the neck.

    Aren't we lucky to have our MaiTai to provide this cornucopia of options for exploring our scarves!

  13. Laura in GeorgiaJune 19, 2011 at 4:58 AM

    Gorgeous look as always! I refer people to this site so they can see someone who knows her style and just doesn't throw something on because it's the latest trend. You know what works, and it shows.

    If you don't mind my asking, what rings do you always wear?

  14. Another stunning look MaiTai! I love the gorgeous colours in the scarf that complement your lovely Picotin perfectly.

    Have a lovely week,

    Melusine x

  15. Dear Dr.V.O.
    Thank you so much for answering my question and giving me some advice regarding the halter top. I will definitely give it a try. I totally agree with with in what concerns the last part of your comment. We are indeed very lucky to have such a lovely and dear teacher as MaiTai. I wish you a great week ahead. Manuela

  16. Dear Mai Tai,
    what a wonderful top !
    I like your Coupons Indiens very much (I already have the cashmere version), I will have a look at the silk after the sales (depending on the amount of my hunt).
    Have a nice Sunday.

  17. MT - congrats on your Rubis Pico (YAY - love the rubis, especially in a Bolide LOL ) and you look amazing in the reds! Such a perfect choice and the halter is so cool and chic. I just landed a beautiful Isthme horn pendant in white, and it is a great summer accessory! Think MT Collection might offer a pendant? XOX, L.

  18. This look is soooo chic and the MT necklace accessories it perfectly.I absolutely adore the Coupons scarf design and with the red Picotin is a great match.Have to try it myself one of these days...the scarf as a top:)

  19. Thank you so much for the warm and lovely comments, my dear ladies xx

    Lilian, such great news re the CI, many congratulations!! Twin hugs to you, and lol re the ironing!

    booksnchocolate, it really is a joy to see so much of a scarf in this ‘knot’. Hope you had a lovely weekend too!

    Manuela, I think you might like the coming post as well ;) The halter is made of one 90 Carré, and I have to admit that the knot at the back has got very short ends! Could never ever do it with a 70.

    Dr.V.O. isn’t it wonderful how our scarves can be transformed into silk blouses! Easier washing and ironing too. Happy Midsummer to you also, tonight we are having the same as you had yesterday!

    Trudye, hope you had a fun and lovely weekend too! I was going to H that day, and had fun indeed, trying on a few bracelets and some AW scarves. Still waiting for my fav cws to come in, but picked up the Carrés’ Stories booklet, always such a nice and interesting read. Will upload it next week :)

    Reese, cheers from one scarf top lover to another! And so true about how beautifully it brings out the designs, can’t think of more stunning silk tops.

    Chicatanyage, love your nickname! So nice to hear you found inspiration to play with your scarves, wishing you tons of fun.

    Dr. V.O. and Manuela, as this reply comes so late, I am very glad you worked it all out already. Many thanks Dr.V.O., and hope you had a nice time dressing up, my dear Manuela!

    Laura in Georgia, so kind of you to refer my site to your friends, thank you very much. The rings I always wear are the ‘Lima’, and the Cythere. I also love the Toquade, but as it is wide and solid, I prefer wearing it when the weather is a bit cooler.

    Melusine, thanks so much. Wishing you a lovely week too!

    Scarf moodist, how wonderful to have the CI in cashmere! Wishing you the best of luck at the sales.

    lanit, rubis hugs to you! I remember so well when you pondered over the Bolide, and so glad you went for it. Congrats on the Isthme, perfect for the summer of course. MT Pendants? Hmmm... thinking ;)

    Jana, so nice of you to say :) With most of the summer still ahead it is a perfect time to start playing with scarf tops, hope you’ll have a great and fun time.

  20. This scarf, dear MaiTai, is so stunning on you! The colors suit you so well, much like the FdI when you debuted it with the fuchsia top. I think this bright jewel tone is your color, dear.

    I wonder how many of your readers are rushing to H to find this scarf for themselves? Lilian has her waiting for her, and I will contact my SA tomorrow. I love the versatility of this scarf. And it looks so perfect with Ms. Rubis!

    And again, I love the color of your lipstick.

    Lilian, I'd stop any domestic task at a chance for practice our dear MaiTai's scarf tying! LOL

    Warm hugs,


  21. Thanks so much, my dear CS! Ever since buying my Capitales Twilly in fuchsia/grey, I have a growing fondness for this color. Before I never went near it as I thought it would surely wash me out, but it is funny how some things just work and others don’t. Looks like we are becoming a big CI sisterhood, what fun. Wishing you the best of luck for finding yours xx

  22. For Trudye and CS.. the lipstick is often a melange of two colors, a natural base ('Hug me' by MAC), followed by a touch of color, which on it's own might have been too strong/bright.

  23. love the looks you have put together,and the Rubis Picotin is a fabulous colour pop ! can you tell me if you use the picotin with the strap locked through the buckles ,or simply hang the strap over the opening with lock attatched? So tempted after seening your fabulous pictures !! ps. am sure you are able to wear the scarf top sans cardi !!!

  24. Dear mou mou, so nice to see you! Thank you for the sweet compliments. Re the Picotin, I don't use the lock, but wear her very much like the old version, and don't bother to pull the strap through the buckles. To me it's an open bag, and even if you attempt to strap her up, you will not be able to close her completely. Fine for most occasions, but certainly not ideal for crowded pick pocket areas!

  25. Thanks for the lipstick tip, MaiTai. Most of my lipsticks are MAC. For me, they last. I haven't tried "Hug Me" as a base, but I'll give it a try the next time I am at the counter. Viva Glam (IV? - the very pale pink-nude) works well as a base, too. The next time you're at the counter, take a look at "Sweetie". It's a nice color, too, and would go with your scarf.


  26. Here's to Mac lipsticks, my dear CS! There are so many great things about them, and I love that one can get the same shade even years later. Will definitely check the two base colors you mentioned, many thanks for the tip x