Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Black and white ~ Mousseline scarf in a weave knot

The days are starting cool and fresh now and one can feel the change in season coming. After a long summer it is wonderful to get out different clothes and pack the sun dresses away. Dressing in layers, as it can still get pretty hot in the afternoon!

H it Up!
Au coeur de la vie mousseline PM
Elephant enamel


  1. I glanced at that scarf and for a moment thought I was looking at some lovely summer greens you picked from a garden and laid out on a white cloth! Beautiful scarf and love the way it is tied on you.

  2. emilyatheart, your observation is so very evocative! Thank you for your lovely comment :-)

  3. Fabulous, the colours look amazing on you! I love the knot too <3

  4. Dear MaiTai,
    Could you please explain how it is done?
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Thank you dear dd!

    Dear adesigna, I try and explain but please tell me if it is not clear and I will try thinking of something else.

    1.Fold your scarf in the basic bias fold
    2. Place around your neck and loop it around once (not to tight around your throat). The ends are now hanging down your front.
    3. Take one end (A) and feed through the loop you have created.
    4. Take the other end (B) and weave through the loop as well (on top of the first side of the loop and on top of A, then under the second side of the loop.
    5. Secure both ends with a double knot (It will be a tighter squeeze with a silk Carré than with the mousse that I used, but it is possible to do it with a nice result)

    Good luck!

  6. Adorable as always! The mousse is beautiful, I just love emilyathearts description!
    Its always such a pleasure to share in your effortless style that elevate an outfit into something so much more with your wonderful MT touches!

  7. Thank you, deares DB! I wholeheartly agree with you on EAH's comment. But I have to say, it's all down to the H touches and yes, they do make simple things so special! :-)