Sunday, December 27, 2009

Black, white and gold

A quick and easy H it Up of a black uniform and black fox fur collar

Les Clés Pointu in a double knot
Grand Apparat extra wide enamel bangle

Pointu ends left open


  1. Stunning! The fur collar is such an innovative yet classic piece.

  2. Thank you Deja Pseu, happy you like it. It does shine a whole new light on my scarf drawer!

  3. Love this, the pointu looks amazing on you! :)

  4. Dear MaiTai,
    Thank you for the blog! It was really making my days starting from August - the first time I spotted it!
    Now I am planning a trip to Rome and Florence and am making the wishlist to have a fruitful visit to H shop there.
    As I wrote previously I am thinking about one of the scarf rings and maybe a bracelet, and definitely a scarf but I am absolutely not sure which type of - shall see in the shop, maybe a twilly or a gavroche (for a change from carrees! but when I think about leaving a shop without a carree...)
    I know the whole Europe is out till 4th of January - at least all our European counterparties are out till then - so I am wishing you and your beloved ones all the best for this festivities season and the whole year.

  5. Dear AA, many thanks for the lovely words and good wishes, wishing you a fabulous and happy 2010 too!

    And a trip to Italy, what fun! So lovely to buy a piece of H as a souvenir from a travel, it makes it all the more special. A scarf ring is an excellent idea and yes, something to go with it, yay! You'll have the new season's scarves to choose from, wishing you much fun deciding and a fabulous trip!

    PS. Please let me know what you'll end up getting :-)

  6. Ahhh! The collar looks so beautiful teamed with the Les Cles Pointu! My eyes are opening to more colors and designs thanks to you and your wonderful blog!
    Just amazing how a basic black 'uniform' can be elevated so beautifully with thoughtful touches of H, I love it!! xxxx

  7. Thank you dear DB <3 So true, the clothes are just a canvas for the accessories to shine, we share the same philosophy. Hugs!

  8. Dear MaiTai,
    Have finally found the place where I have left my previous comment.
    Wanted to let you know the results of the trip.
    I did not visit Florence H shop (though had quite some time window shopping at it on Via Tornabouni (somehow just did not make to the place before the closing hours).
    In Rome however I visited the shop.
    I was aiming for a twilly but to my disappointment the choice was sooo limited - all in all 8 twillies in 3 patterns and 4 colours. I liked one pattern but it was in the very bright rose which does not come to my complexion at all.
    Still however there are several important notes for the future a) I understood that despite the sales season H does not ever have sales (which makes it a good shopping place for the trips not coinciding with sales in Europe) b) the prices in Europe are identical through the shops (I have made the comparison of Florence-Rome-Paris prices) c) the prices in Moscow are by 50% higher then in Europe (taking into condiseration the reimbursable VAT).
    So I need to confess that during the trip I opted for a carree on sale from Ferragamo (ashamed - but leopard, tiger and hepard were irresistible) and I have saved H longing for Vienna trip in May (unless I go to Switzerland in February).

  9. Dear AA,

    Many thanks for the update, so good to know how the story ended! Sorry the overall outcome was not how you hoped it would be, but your Ferragamo scarf sounds absolutely lovely.

    Your observations are right, allthough H does twice yearly a big sale in Paris (not in FSH) and most boutiques have some sort of mini sale , mostly RdW, but never scarves, jewelry or bags.

    Twillys are sometimes well stocked, but some stores have next to none. Eight designs is actually not too bad, but you were right not to buy one. Unless you see something you absolutely fall in love with, there is no point in buying.

    And yes, the prices for scarves etc are identical throuout Europe, but there are differences when it comes to bags, in France they are slightly less than in the other EU countries. And wow, prices in Moskau are sky high, poor you!

    Wishing you the best of luck in Vienna (there is also a H at the airport, it is small but has a nice scarf collection) and perhaps even in Switzerland before that. Hope all your H dreams will come true! xx


  10. I am going to use this look for my black & white H. Astrologie scarf; love how a scarf can pull a while look together. SInce finding your blog, I am finding scarfs are indispensable to my wardrobe.
    Cheers, Mandy