Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas in coming nearer ~ Silver pom pom

Christmas is nearly here, and Ms B had yet to rise to the festive spirit..

But then the postman rang, and look what he brought!
A beautifully and cheerfully wrapped gift from an H angel!!

I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened the package and saw that there was the most glam AMAZEBALL (aka pom pom) inside, in the most AMAZING and rare SILVER bolduc ribbon!!

So here's Ms B, all glam-ed up!

Thank you so much, my dear and wonderful friend,

I just adore this pom pom, it is so festive and gorgeous!!!

To find out how to make your own pom pom, click here


  1. small things amuse - how nice....

  2. It warmed my heart davinia! :-)

  3. This is beautiful!! <3

  4. I never saw this silver ribbon before -- how sweet!

  5. that's so cool! is that ribbon what H uses to wrap gifts at xmas time?

  6. What a great gift! I'd never even heard of silver "H" ribbon!

  7. lulilu, DB and A-T-G, thank you ladies! Like you, I have never seen the silver ribbon before. I know the orange one comes with the Eau de Merveilles scent and the Chrismas ribbon is like the normal Bolduc, only with different writing/illustration. The silver one has got 'Fêtes en Hermès' written on it, perhaps a special occasion ribbon? Would love it if someone could chime in..! x