Friday, January 22, 2010

Chez le coiffeur

After days and days of gloomy weather, I could not have picked a better day to go to the hairdresser and run errands.

Now, this is how I love my hair! Blow dried to perfection by Laurence, only that it never stays like that for long, my hair is determined to be straight.. usually I don't even make it home in time to take a pic, so I snapped one right at the coiffeur..

Wearing my Capitales Twilly in a tie knot

With the fabulous blue sky and warm sunshine it felt as if spring is just around the corner..

and looking at this little square it could even be summer..

H's window display was just in the same spring like mood..there was the new Constance wallet in the SS2010 color 'pink' and a 'Le 24' coin purse (behind the watch) in the new 'Bouganvillia'. I've been looking forward to seeing the wallet, but decided against it, as it does not fold open, which means the bills need folding in order to fit. The coin purse however is amazing, it holds tons of change. Mine is black (I know, I know) and I love it.


  1. Isn't it fun to get our hair done? Mine never stays the way it is fixed for very long but I always know what it is supposed to look like...When it's really humid I sometimes give in to wild hair and open the sunroof--maybe someday a convertible will be in my future. Glad you had a sunny day!

  2. You look lovely! Please send a little of that sun my way...

  3. Your hair does look pretty that way. But I think it's nice straight too. Do you ever wear headbands? I like them especially the very fine ones. It helps my straight hair look different once in a while. I love the color of the pink wallet but you're right about the inconvenience of folding bills. In the US, it is harder and harder to find a chic wallet. They use to be in abundance but the lack of craftsmanship and acceptance of it has changed. Tant pis.

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful window, I am trying to imagine the bougainvillea in person lol (was that coin purse in chevre?), and the square plate, wow I love it, how I wish I were there to pick it up! <3 What a lovely day :)

  5. Yes, it feels grand having one's hair done! Beautiful tresses...lovely photos also and the sun - it always makes me feel years younger and pounds lighter. LOL

    Maisie Z

  6. andiamo, Cashmere Librarian, emilyatheart, DD and Maisie Z ~ thank you for the kind compliments <3

    Have a great weekend everyone! x

    andiamo, I want wild hair too, please give me a shout once you get that convertible!

    CashmereLibrarian, our sunshine is on it's way to you! The proof is a glimpse out of my window, it's all grey again, lol!

    emilyatheart, never thought about headbands, must give it a try one day. And wallets! Not easy. I've had a great one for years, but it's coming to the end of it's life. Tried all the ones H has yesterday, but none is a clear winner. The Kelly is truly beautiful, but it is a bit of a hassle to get in and out of. They are all well made though..

    DD, well spotted, the Bogainvillia is Chevre indeed, it comes out beautifully!! Wish you'd come to inspect it in person, you could then pick up the plate too ;-) x

    Maisie, it was fun sharing, and it seems that we all feel the same when we've had our hair done, especially when there is a bit of soleil! :-)

  7. Dear MaiTai,
    You look great with your "new" hair!!! Going to a good hairdresser is so important!
    Thanks for the good pictures. I dream of Spring already.

  8. You look utterly gorgeous!! xxxxx

  9. Dear MT, what a splendid idea to brighten up the gloom by seeing the coiffeur and get twice a reward: great look and nice weather. You really look stunning, and the photos give a warm French summer breeze. Thank you for sharing. Being inspired like this I will try, too. Let's keep fingers crossed that I'll get one reward at least: better weather here, hehe.

  10. manuela, DB and angolfa ~ thank you for the lovely compliments! <3

    manuela, I dream of spring too, it's cold and grey again today.. last Friday seems like a distant memory now!

    DB, hugs!

    angolfa, it truly was such a lovley day, in every way. Wishing you a wonderful one too, in terms of hair, weather and everything else! :-)

  11. Your hair and you look gorgeous and chic as always! The pictures are great - only you can make me long for spring, while cuddling up in my beloved fur collar and new PdV GM. I also love going to the hairdressers, even if the outcome hasn't been too good the last couple of years ;-) For a wallet I like the Azap (the smaller one) best, but haven't decided yet.

  12. Awh, thank you hair-mess! I have to disagree with you on the outcome of your hairdresser visits though, your hair always looks beautiful and glossy (hope your hairdresser does not know your member ID, LOL) I like the Asap too, but only looked at the bigger one so far. Will check on the PM next time, thanks for the tip :-)

  13. you're welcome - so far I've only looked at in on the website. Was close to getting it in orange, but I just got a new wallet not too long ago (from Bally in etoupe). It is actually rather small, but that's on purpose as I also want it to fit into smaller purses (which I wear very rarely ;-). No problem with the bills as I store those in my Ulysses and in a box at home. As to my hair - you're too kind!

  14. hair-mess, I'm still trying to find a solution to the wallet dilemma... perhaps a card holder and something separate for the notes? How you store bills in a Ulysee, can't work it out for the life of me :D

  15. love your blog. thanks for all the scarf inspiration and tips, learned a lot.

    1. Many thanks, hope you'll continue to enjoy it here.