Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Scarf profile ~ La Femme aux Semelles de Vent

Todays profile is one of my favorite scarves, issued in 2009, the 'Year of Travel'. It pays homage to Alexandra David-Neel (1868-1969), a french/belgian explorer, spiritualist and writer, who was a true 'femme aux semelles de vent' (a woman with wind for her soles).
Designed by Aline Honoré, orig. issue AW2009

I call it my chameleon scarf, as it always seem to pick up on the color I am wearing. I love the rich and amazing corner details, each one different from one another.. this scarf ties like a dream!

The center scene depicts Alexandra David-Neel and her companion, Lama Yongden, heading towards Lhasa, the forbidden capital of Tibet. She reached Lhasa in 1924, and this amazing feat made her famous throughout the world. To read more about this remarkable woman, please click here.

The title of the scarf, please click on the image to enlarge

Another gorgeous corner

The artist's signature


in a double knot

About the design, from the Hermès scarf booklet:
Like the rugs and clothing of these regions [Central Asia and the Far East], the carré is bordered with fur bands, here printed on the silk, and embroidered braids, mixing ethnic, geometric or floral patterns, interspersed with pieces of gold-work, charms, and earrings of silver, coral and turquoise.
other CWs of this scarf include [all pics from]:





03 left, 01 & 04 right [from the AW2009 Scarf Booklet]


  1. I have this scarf in the Black and gold version. It truly goes with everything (especially with the animal prints!), and I adore the theme.

  2. What a wonderful scarf. I love the combination of colours and patterns. Thank you for the link to the story behind. What an adventureous and brave woman.

  3. I love the way you wear this scarf. This pattern is really great.... do you know if it does existe in others colours ?

  4. I have this scarf in the same colorway, as you know, Mai Tai, and it's such a favorite. I could wear it every day, I think. But I never knew about the history of it - thank you!

  5. CashmereLibrarian, so nice to be scarf cousins! The black/gold is truly stunning, it brings out the jewels in such an amazing way.

    Thank you, angolfa and yes, what an extraordinary woman she was, especially in her time. It makes the scarf all the more special :-)

    Merci, Foulards de Soie. It came out in quite a few different cws, I have added some of them to the end of the post.

    Joanne, hugs to you, my Semelles twin!

  6. This is beautiful and I love how you wore it :) Looking fabulous as always xx

  7. MaiTai-I love this cw and it looks beautiful with all of your outfits. I wish I would have bought it when I had the chance...but I do love the fun of the search! Thank you so much for the link - I love the history behind things as it makes it them so special!

  8. I have never felt the need for an H scarf before finding your blog. All of that has changed. Birthday, anniversary, holidays, some occasion in 2010, there's going to be a wish! The story behind this scarf is wonderful. It makes me realize a truly special scarf should have a story special to me. I'd love to see Tibet and have been as close as Sikkim. Someday ... for both the scarf and Tibet.

  9. For some reason I'm not too fond of this pattern, although the story behind it is very intruiging. Thank you so much for sharing these informations with us, teaching us once again, that Hermès is more than just colours and patterns. Plus I must add - with your great sense of style (love the first pic with the beige blazer) you make every scarf look good!

  10. Gorgeous! This design is one of my favorites. I have it in the black, rose CWs and the BW&G is on its way, courtesy of Darra, from the US!!! I think what makes it so very special is the story around it's creation. As always,thank you so much for your time and shared expertise.


  11. How I love these informative segments, with your beautiful modelling shots and thoughtful prose they make the scarves come to life in the most spectacular way! Thank you!!! xxxxxxxxxx

  12. DD, thank you dear! <3

    andiamo, deb, hair-mess and Maisie, thank you for your lovely and appreciative comments, so pleased you enjoyed the story of the scarf :-)

    andiamo, I do hope you find this CW one day, happy hunting!

    deb, you have obviously caught the bug... wishing you many orange boxes to come! And hopefully you'll get to Tibet one day soon, with the scarf tied around your neck.. good luck!

    hair-mess, so well said, H is so much more than colors and patterns.. And thank god for the diversity.. I wonder which one was your fav of the AW2009 scarves? :-)

    Maisie, woohoo, you've got two, you lucky girl! Both CWs are great, and Darra is truly the bestest, congratulations!

    Dear DB, and your sweet comments make my blog come to life, hugs.

  13. As you know MaiTai I have the same cw and it is just an amazing scarf - especially the way it picks up on the colours you wear - just like pearls! I adore my scarf but had it not been for your pics in this cw I would have bought the cerise one, but now I am SO glad I got the neutrals because of its chameleon effect. I love the travelling theme too as I have a wanderlust myself, so yet again the scarf is approrpriate.
    Vivre La Femme aux Semmelles de Vent!

  14. Well said SA - I am still waiting anxiously for mine to arrive from the US - then we will be triplets!


  15. Scarf Addict, it is great to be design AND cw twins with you! Always enjoy your pics with it. Wishing you many happy travels to come :-)

    Maisie, oh the wait is so exciting! Hope it will arrive soon.. triplets, yay!!!

  16. Excellent description. I have the same scarf in magenta version. I really like your blog and would like to stay in touch and exchange ideas and posts (copyright included).

  17. Hi and happy 2016,
    I love this design and only wish Hermes would re-issue it!! Or I could find it in a re-sale shop that I trust. Mine went missing with the Kimono chest in which I stored my scarves along with so many others when I moved!! I am enjoying re-reading some of your stories behind the designs on these too grey and dreary days! Take good care. Regards,