Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Last night, I teamed a black pair of trousers and heels with my Quadrige 90 Carré as a halter top. Love secondary scarf uses, and this one is so quick and easy, with the benefit of adding a touch of glam! For a 'how-to' click here

Wishing everyone a fabulous and very happy New Year!!!


  1. Happy New Year MaiTai! and what a beautiful look and equally beautiful scarf. I love this design and cw. I am so looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful ideas and inspirations this year.

  2. And a very happy New Year to you too, dearest andiamo!! And thank you for all your sweet and kind comments during this first year of blogging, so happy that you like it here <3

  3. Happy New Year to you, MaiTai!

    What a classy yet casual bye-bye to last year. You could not haved picked a better design. Lovely.

  4. Thank you for the lovely compliment, angolfa.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2010 too! :-)

  5. Fabulous 2010 to you dearest MT!! Beautiful Quadrige on you - chic, elegant and classy all in one <3

  6. Thank your dearest, and a fabulous New Year to you too!

  7. Happy New Year to you dear MT!! What a fabulous, fabulous shot, you look absolutely stunning as always! xxx

  8. Happy New Year to you dear MT!!! Gorgeous as always! I finally got my Farandole necklace, it's lovely with the fur collar, thank you again !

  9. Dear DB and Samantha, wishing you a very happy New Year too!!! Thank you for the lovely compliments, you are the sweetest <3

    Samantha, many congratulations on the Farandole, it's a dream with and without the fur!

  10. Happy New Year MaiTai ...
    Wish you joy and happines in the following year ..
    (and more posting in this blog for sure, my daily tonic)...
    I would ask your opinion about some scarf ..
    What do you think about Zabavushka scarf ? I think it's very pretty but also very "busy" pattern ...
    Since most of my H scarves are quite neutral cw or pastel cw, it would be a breakthrough for me .. :-D
    I really need an opinion from an expert, you (your style such an inspiration for me) !!

  11. Happy New Year Dear MaiTai!
    I hope to read and see more wonderful posts from you and wish you much love, luck, and happiness in 2010!

  12. Hi Erlina, happy New Year to you too! The Zavabushka is a beautiful scarf, there is so much to look at, and yes, it is very busy indeed! The corners however are more structured, so when it is tied, you see the strong repeating pattern, which calms it down. You can check it out on and look at the option 'see it knotted'. I am wearing it at the scarf tying event, you can see a pic on my fur blog, under 90 Carrés:

    I really liked it, but I 'needed' a brown dip dye for my brown fur collar, and so the Dip Dye came home with me instead ;-)

    It is good to experiment outside the box, but only if one truly ends up wearing it. The great thing about the Zavabushka is, that it has so many colors in it, if one of them matches your wardrobe (for example there is a lot of white and brown in CW05) it sets such a chic and yet harmonious accent. Good luck and let me know what you'll decide on :-)

  13. Dearest dance, thanks so much for your kind words and warm wishes. Wishing you a fabulous and wonderful 2010 too! <3

  14. Dearest beautiful MT,
    Thanks for your really helps..
    I've tried Zabavushka in pink cw (the only one left in the store) and I don't think I could wear it in daily basis..
    Very beautiful but it's not for me..
    My lovely SA suggested to try a camouflage scarf in dark brown/beige cw..
    I couldn't put it off..It could compliment most of my wardrobe (it's about time to give my poor Astrologie scarf a rest).
    I wouldn't give animal pattern a try if I didn't read about your "turtle" scarf..

    I've tried fairy tale gavroche.. Actually 3 of the series..
    The Princess and The Pea in pink cw, Puss in The Boot in pink cw and Little Mermaid in green cw..
    The colour are beautiful but I'm not sure about the pattern..
    They aren't like fairy tale sketch at all..
    (I think H New Year Greeting Card is so much better..if they put the sketch in a scarf, I would go to H store at once)
    What do u think? Have u tried them?

  15. Dear Erlina, so glad you've managed to try the scarves on. The pink/fushia is gorgeous, but yes, it is quite a departure into color. Many congratulations on the Pelages et Camouflages (I suppose it is the one you've got?) it's such a intruiging design. I am not big on animal pattern either, but the ones that H does, are really amazing and desirable! I have not seen the fairy tale Gavroches IRL, will have to see if they'll rock my boat. One thing is for sure, if Philippe Dumas would have designed the Fairy tales, I'd have the whole set on pre-order, lol!

  16. Dear Maitai
    Inspired by your blog I recently bought my 1st Hermes scarf which is fuchsia and has elephants on it. Thanks for your useful demonstrations. You are quite famous in Australia, x

  17. You're right, Pelages et Camouflages indeed (your knowledge about Hermes is incredible).

    Philippe Dumas is the best. The design always intricate and detail but never overwhelmed ...
    Is there any chance I could acquire Cirque molier in orange cw ? :D

  18. Dear FauxFuchsia, congrats on your first H scarf and welcome to the silk road! I love elephants too and wonder which design you've got..Beloved India? Or Caparaçons? And in a matching color to your member nick, how cool. Thank you for your very sweet words, I can't believe I'm famous though! x