Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today wearing - GM belted up

A snap of today's scarf, a Cashmere GM worn in the basic bias fold, secured with a belt. Been in a rush all week, so apologies for the absence of a 'before' shot.

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  1. You look fabulous as always!! Toast to shawl twins :) Have a lovely week! xx

  2. MaiTai - you always look so gorgeous! You (and others) have had me lusting after this beautiful shawl! Oh, how I long to own this one. I love the way you tied and belted it. Fabulous!


  3. gosh, how I wish I could pull this look off in such a chic yet understated way! But it's okay - I know I can always come here and admire you from a far :-) sending hugs and less stress, HM.

  4. DD, Pauillac and hair-mess, thank you for your kind compliments <3

    DD, cheers to you, my twin! <3

    Pauillac, hoping you will be able to track one down, wishing you the best of luck! xox

    hair-mess, I know this would look great on you, with your beautiful PdV GM!!! Thank you for your good wishes, hugs!

  5. Dear MaiTai, this is a nice idea! you wear that shawl so well.
    Keep coming to admire all your outfit, any of them is so inspiring

  6. Lovely picture Mai Tai (well, they always are!).

    I have a question. I am thinking of buying myself an Hermes scarf on my next trip to London. I already have two twillys which I love, but am thinking of branching out!

    Which sort of scarf do you recommend to start out with. I don't want to go OTT but I do want to get something nice. I have been looking at the silk carres...


  7. Many thanks, dear Mary, very kind of you to say! :-)

  8. Hi Sally, an upcoming scarf purchase, how wonderful! The best method to find out which size to go for next, is to try them all out. Next to the size, the question of color and design is equally important. Keep an open mind, and try on as many as you can, then choose the one that makes your heart beat fastest. Have fun!

    PS. if you go to 'Practical infos - Publications' and click on SS2010 Scarf booklet, you can see the collection that is out in the stores now.

  9. Thanks for the advice Mai Tai.

    I'm not travelling to London until March but I'll keep you posted on which one I go for.

    Love the blog! x

  10. Looking forward to hearing which scarf you'll decide on! Happy that you like my blog, thank you :-)

  11. Tried this last friday and NO, this look doesn't work on me, at least not with the PdV (says I and the HFT). :-) It's okay though, I might give it another try with DMs les Grès ;-). xox

  12. Oh I would love to see it with your DM's treasure! Less busy than the PdV, I think it would be stunning! x