Friday, February 12, 2010

Rendez-vouz by the fountain

This beautiful and elegant fountain is our family's meeting point when we are running different errands in town. It was sculpted by Joseph Journet in 1776..

and has four lions rotating the water by gushing it into the marble basin. After more than two hundred years of doing so, a certain fatigue seems to have set in...

Just when I began to wonder 'where are they?' DH and DS turned up..

and we went for a stroll together

..loved the display of winter and spring plants and bulbs in this flower shop

and took these blue hyacinths home with me. Looking forward for them to open up and release their wonderful scent!


  1. Hey beautiful! You don't even know, how much this reminds me of my childhood ;-) Thank you so much, for not only sharing your great sense of fashion and impeccable style, but also those other beautiful parts of your life! Wishing you a lovely weekend, hugs, HM.

  2. What a lovely day!! And you are looking stunning in black <3 Thank you for sharing your day with you, and I can only imagine how beautiful those flowers would be when in bloom :) xx

  3. Opps! Typo, I meant to say, thank you for sharing your day with us! Lol x

  4. hair-mess, I am not even surprised that the hyacinths trigger childhood memories in you, around this time of year, they were a staple in my childhood too. Apart from our love from H, we seem to share a similar upbringing. Have a great weekend too xx

  5. It was a lovely day indeed, dear DD. I'll snap another pic when the flowers are in full bloom. Shame I can't send the scent over, it is amazing and fills the entire room. <3
    PS. I didn't even notice the typo, lol!

  6. Dear Mai Tai

    How I love looking at your blog, I too have my blue hyacinths in bloom I tend to stagger plant them so I can have fresh blooms to cheer me through end of January and february.

    I also plant Paperwhite Narcissus and try to time it so they are in bloom for Christmas day as they used to be when I was a child.

    Thankyou for sharing special lady


  7. Dearest B, thank you for your warm lines and for sharing your childhood memories. Stagger planting is a great idea, will do it next year, many thanks for the tip! Have a great weekend x

  8. Dear MaiTai

    Even when I have a lot to do I always find a little bit of time to have a look at your blog. It is lovely and I enjoy every bit of it. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Wish you a lovely weekend, xx

  9. Aww, Manuela, such a sweet thing to say, thank you. Have a lovely weekend too! x

  10. Looking forward to seeing your flowers in bloom. In Montpellier is there much to do? nice places to lunch ? Thank you for a great blog.

  11. Thanks tammyg. Nice places to lunch? This is France! ;-)