Saturday, March 27, 2010

Le printemps est arrivé

After an exceptionally cold and wet winter, spring has finally arrived! Today's blue sky and mild temperatures put a smile on everyone's face, and at midday people headed to cafés and restaurants, to enjoy their lunch in the wonderful and warm sunshine.

This little street's advanced state of leaves and blossoms almost gave the impression of summer

Wearing La Femme aux semelles de vent in the basic bias fold. It was still chilly this morning, and I set off with a grey fox collar, but as the temperatures reached a glorious 20 degrees, the scarf went 'au nature'

blossoming apricot trees, the promise of summer to come!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and happy Spring! x


  1. Happy Spring, MT! xxoo Joanne

  2. Thank you, dear Joanne. Have a wonderful one too :-) xx

  3. Those blossoms are divine and you look lovely as always.

  4. Happy spring to you too Mai Tai! I hope some of that lovely weather reaches us here lol!!

  5. Looking fab MatTai and LFSdV looking good too!! 20C - we have snow in places forecast for the UK again next week LOL!! Enjoy your weekend SAx

  6. happy spring !

    Are those jeans you are wearing? which brand do you wear? Venez

  7. Beautiful pics. And lucky you! Spring hasn't arived here (Alsace) yet.
    You wear LFASDV beautifully. I so love that design and cw, unfortunately, I haven't managed to get it:-((
    Happy spring to you!

  8. You look so lovely and the scenery is just beautiful! Happy spring to you, too, dear MaiTai! <3

  9. How wonderful!! The apricot trees look lovely =) And you look FAB as always!! Wonderful week to you too xx

  10. I'm so envious of your nice and sunny weather in the south of France. What a treat to be able to sit outside and have lunch already in March! But, dear MaiTai, you so deserve that :-) Wishing you a nice beginning of spring.

  11. so refreshing to see the flowers and greenery. Spring
    gives everyone a fresh new look. You are looking

  12. Many thanks for your sweet comments, Faux Fuchsia, JA_UK, Scarf Addict, venez, booksnchocolate, hair-mess, DD, Butterfly and pamella. Having been out all day, it was so nice to come back home and read your lovely messages. xx

    Faux Fuchsia, blossoms set my mood to spring more than anything else, I think they are divine too! :-)

    JA_UK dear, sending some sunshine your way! :-)

    More snow, Scarf Addict! This winter is truly unbelievable. Keep warm and cosy, and have a lovely weekend too. x

    venez, not wearing jeans in the pic, but a pair of light and slim cotton trousers.

    booksnchocolate, sorry to hear that the LFASDV escaped you, H hugs to you. Fingers crossed you'll find it one day soon!

    hair-mess, glad you enjoyed the pics.. just trying to swing you into the mood, tehehe.. ;-)

    Wishing you a wonderful week too, dearest DD <3

    Butterfly, a long al fresco dining season is indeed one of the best things about living in the South. Coming from a colder climate myself, I cherish it very, very much!

    ITA pamella, spring is such an uplifting change of season! Have a wonderful one yourself, and also a warm welcome to you as a new reader <3

  13. Dear MaiTai

    Thank you. A wonderful Spring to you too!xxx

  14. Beautiful photos w beautiful subjects and composition. Thank you once again forthe sharing. For me the colour of the blossoms is so sweet and somehow innocent.

    Maisie XX

  15. Thank you, dear Maisie. I agree with you on the innocence, it makes spring so fresh and promising! x