Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skiing ~ part two

And here the second (and last) part of our 'vacance sportif', sharing another favorite lunch place, the altitude restaurant 'Chalet Verdon'. It has wonderful food, a cosy atmosphere and a sun terrace with breathtaking panoramic views.

One of the pistes leading to the Chalet is called 'Kamikaze'. The 'survival' of it always makes me long for.. apéritif before lunch ;-)

Wearing a black fox collar with my lovely new Twilly in a bow knot. The 'En Désordre' design is such a great twist of the classic Bride de Gala and the black/eggshell combination makes my heart sing. I cherish it for many reasons, but mainly because it is a gift from a wonderful friend, and will always remind me of my recent trip to Paris.

En Désordre Twilly SS2010, Ref no: 062296S color: 07

Lunch was great, and such fun

Loved the nostalgic patterned fabric (by Pierre Frey), which filled the heart-shaped cut outs of the restroom doors. Such a charming way to indicate 'Monsieur' and 'Madame':

The cosy interior dining:

With replenished energies we went off to an afternoons skiing, making the most of our last day!


  1. How beautiful!! The resort is truly enchanting, and the views are magnificant :) You look fabulous as always, and the en desordre is high on my list too..still having a think on the colours though <3 Black and white looks amazing on you xxx

  2. MaiTai - I love your blog, but especially when you've posted about one of your trips! I got the en Désordre twilly a little while ago and think it's such a great design and it would go well w/ the noir/natural EL (that darn, elusive EL!) and looks wonderful with your fur collar!

    You look like a model for a ski magazine. I bet you were being followed by admirers down the pistes. :)

  3. Lovely! The photos show the week away must have been just perfect. The last time I went skiing, the conditions were only okey-ish (grey clouds, icy pistes), but, your pics show how it ought to be; why on earth one puts these big heavy boots on and voluntarily gets oneself into the cold....
    The monsieur and madame hearts are so cute and I would not have expected those in a normal skiing resto.
    The twilly looks fab in this combination. What a clever way of upgrading the skiing outfit by fur and twilly.
    And thank God you left the "Kamikaze" piste for the last day and didn't take it too serious ;)

  4. marvelous, just marvelous! One can only wish for such a beautiful ski vacation ;-). hugs to you, beautiful MaiTai, HM <3

  5. MaiTai, I love how you Hed up your ski outfit. So classy!

  6. DD, Pauillac, angolfa, hair-mess, She Wore It Well and booksnchocolate ~ many thanks for your kind and sweet comments, happy you enjoyed my holiday pics <3 xx

    DD, the ED Twilly would go beautifully with you Carré version, and of course would make a great halter top in combination too. 7 gorgeous CWs to choose from... :D

    Pauillac, Twilly twins with you, yay! So true about the EL, hope you will hunt one down one day. And awh, the admirers! But it was actually me who followed him, as my chief admirer is DS, lol. At nine years old, mum is still queen to him ;-)

    angolfa, you are so right, we were incredibly lucky with the weather. A few years ago, we were trapped in a five day long snow storm. The only one who insisted on skiing was DS, but luckily we have booked skiing classes for him ;-) Hope your next trip will be blessed with sunshine, blue sky and powdery snow! x

    hair-mess, big hugs to you too, sweetie <3

    She Wore It Well, looking at your avatar pic, it's me who should be the envious one! ;-)

    booksnchocolate, thank you! And I agree, it is just wonderful when a little touch does so much :-)

  7. Oh MaiTai I just love your photos, I am sooo envious!! You look amazing!! Love the scenery, the Twilly, the food, the hearts....what a lovely travelogue it was lovely to read - thank you for sharing:-)

  8. Thank you for your lovely comment, dear Scarf Addict. Happy you like my travelogue, as I always very much enjoy reading yours!

  9. How gorgeous!! You must be the chic-est snow bunny ;) Love the en desordre on you!

  10. Thank you, my dearest <3 Glad not to disappoint on this one ;-) xx

  11. Lovely! MaiTai - my fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for this October - and suggestions?! We've traveled pretty extensively through Europe, so have been thinking about possibly Capetown, South Africa or Australia - but are open to other ideas!

  12. Dear R, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! What fun to plan the honeymoon. Where to go depends very much on what you enjoy doing, resort vs city, sea vs mountains, culture vs shopping etc. As far as South Africa goes, Cape town is surely the best and safest place to visit. Good luck!