Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Which bag to choose?

As some of you might know already, one of my main shopping mantras is 'try before you buy'.

This concept it difficult, if not impossible, to keep up when deciding on an Hermès bag, as the selection in the boutiques is limited in terms of sizes, leathers and colors per bag type. Of course there are leather swatches and small leather goods available, so that one can see how certain colors come out in certain leathers, but it requires a real stretch of imagination to envisage the look of a medium to big sized bag just by staring at a coin purse. Photos can only help to a certain extent, they don't allow you to see how a size or shape suits your body, how the leather feels and smells, the harmony/disharmony of the shade reacting with your coloring, and if the bag feels right or not. The only thing I knew for certain, was that I wanted a Bolide. For almost a year, I've been trying to get the specifics right, and finally the last pieces of the puzzle came together when I went to FSH last Monday.

Unlike the last time (the fashion week must have depleted stock) there was a wonderful and varied selection of Bolides in stock. Here a list of the ones I tried on, and in bold print those, I took pics of

31 mou in Bougainvillia Clemence
31 mou in Bleu de Prusse Clemence
31 mou in Gris Tourterelle
31 rigide in Barenia/Toile
31 rigide in Bleu Abyss Epsom
31 rigide in Cognac Ostrich
37 rigide in Barenia/Toile
37 mou in Poussière Clemence
37 mou in Black Clemence
37 mou in Bougainvillia Clemence
37 mou in Brique Clemence
37 mou in Etoupe Clemence
37 mou in Orange Clemence

First one out, was the 37cm rigide. It was just too big on me. The same size in mou appeared a lot smaller, due to it's slouch.

Left, 31 rigide in Bleu Abyss Epsom, right 31 mou in Bleu de Prusse Clemence. Isn't it amazing how much smaller the mou version looks? Behind a Poussière Victoria for color reference

Next, a 35 mou Brique in Clemence. This is not my first attempt at this beautiful warm/browney-orangey shade, I have fallen in love with it when trying on a brique Togo Plume last year. However, I was not looking for a Plume at the time, but for a Birkin.. but in the end, the Birkin did not turn out in this color the way I had hoped for... However, the lighter and tapered shape of a Bolide suits this color beautifully. Also it comes out less brown and more orangey/red in Clemence, another plus. My outfit of the day is a bit unfair to this Bolide, it would have looked very different had I dressed in warm colors instead.

In contrast, the same size, shape and leather, only in a summery neutral, Poussière (french for 'dust'). It is a lighter color than Etoupe, with a slight touch of khaki. Again, the wrong outfit, this would be gorgeous with white jeans, and olive, sage or khaki colored tops and sandals.

Next, a 31 mou in Bleu de Prusse. Quite honestly, a blue bag has not been on top of my list, but this one is gorgeous. It has a little shade of purple in it, which makes in luminous and interesting. The 31 is considerably smaller than the 37, but amazingly, it holds about as much as a 32 Kelly.

Same size as above, only in the rigid shape (Epsom leather) and in a different shade of blue, called Bleu Abysse (the name of this color reminds me of the film 'Le Grand Bleu', a beautiful film about deep sea diving). The rigid shape truly brings out the fabulous shape of the Bolide, a great and timeless look (the design of the Bolide dates back to the 1920') The blue was beautiful too, and lighter than the Bleu de Prusse.

Would love to hear which one your favorite is!

Before leaving FSH, I snapped a picture of the horseman, the Cliquetis from a couple of weeks ago have been replaced by the Lilanga scarf.


  1. Lovely pictures.

    I do like them all but, having read what you have said and having seen the pictures, I would say either the orange/red colour or the Abyss.

    My reasons: You have been thinking about the brighter colour for some time and I agree it looks a good shade. The Abyss is more "classical" and therefore easier to co-ordinate but you may want an alternative to blue/black as you have a black birkin and kelly.

    I like the poussiere but is it not a bit similar to the kind of shade you already have in your picotin (I know it isn't the same)?

    Just some friendly help. I know I find another's comments useful. Even if I don't agree.

    Good luck with your choice. x

  2. I like red on you because most of your outfits are neutral color combo.

    my second choice for you is blue. :)

  3. My first choice is BA. Love love love that color and it looked even better with your outfit (Btw you look stunning in the always do ;-P and LFASDV...*sigh*). But since you said you weren't looking for a blue bag...
    Second choice would be rouge brique. Would suit most warm and neutral colors. And wouldn't it match your CeC scarf?

  4. Yay! I've been waiting for this =) My first choice, without a doubt the brique, it's gorgeous on you!! Plus you already have the black, an etoupe, and ebene. The orange / red will fit perfectly with so many of your silks, from mexique to your classic B+W tones!! Second choice would be BA..the epsom is beautiful! Though, I would still say, the brique on you took my breath away xx Happy Easter!! Cannot wait to hear what you pick ;)

  5. Ahh, any chance of the brique in 31, it'd be much lighter too! =)

  6. I love that orange-red color!

  7. Dear Mai Tai, So nice to catch up on your blog after my vacation.
    What a wonderful dilemma to have, re the colour/size of your Bolide. How fun that you thought of sharing, I love it!
    I for one have purchased bags in the same colour (not necessarily the same leather) depending on the use I would have for them. It is hard to say from your modeling photos which suits you best (you wear them too well). The brique seems very lovely, and versatile, and the choice of mou ou rigide is a tough one! I wanted another Kelly sellier and opted for a mou when I saw one in rouge vif at FSH one day, love at first sight!
    I admire your thoughtfulness and restraint, and can't wait to hear of the outcome.

  8. Dear Maitai

    My favourite bags are the first blue one (Bleu de Prusse) and the size that it is shown and the brownish/orange one.
    They are very pretty and you look just great wearing them!!! Have a lovely Easter!

  9. Hm schwierige Frage... Ich würde die 37 mou in Bougainvillia Clemence nehmen. Aber ich glaube das würde Dich nicht glücklich machen :) Für Dich find ich Brique Clemence schön. Ich denke das es ein schöner Farbtupfer für Deine hier im Blog gezeigten Kleidungsstücken wäre.
    Aber ganz toll ist auch Bleu Abyss. Das ist aber wieder ein dunkler Ton. Da Du ja bereits eine schwarze Bikin und eine Ebene Kelly hast ein Pluspunkt wieder für die hellere Tasche.

  10. Dearest MaiTai,

    What a delicious dilemma!
    Really, only you can decide - and with your excellent taste and sense of style, you shall certainly choose the Bolide which is absolutely right for you.

    Having said that, I personally find that a rigide does the puristic shape of the Bolide more justice than the mou.

    As much as I worship any toile/Barenia combo, I would certainly go for all leather in a Bolide.

    And finally, I adore bleu abysse, but am not in the least partial to Epsom or any embossed leathers.

    All only IMO...
    See you on tPF!

  11. Thank you for sharing the decision-making process. I hope one day to do the very same. My thoughts would be what do I want in this bag eg season, occasion etc. And, for me, the impact time will have on the leather. My first choice would be the BdC as it is a lovely departure from your other bags and this colour is very versatile IMHO. The 2nd choice would be the BdePr as the colour adds alot of dimension and interest and will become. I suspect, even richer over time. In the end, for me, I would simply choose the bag which grabs ME the most, and hangs on!

    Enjoy the process and looking forward to the outcome.


  12. I vote for Brigue or the one lighter than etoupe, both are elegant colours and they perfeclty match you dear MaiTai.

  13. Let me start off by saying, that you look great with all of them (ha, ha, I bet that helped). As classic as the rigid style looks, I still prefer the mou style. Would rule out the blue, as you already have two dark bags and have proven many times, that each of them can easily be worked into a blue outfit. So that leaves the brique or the poussiere. One point for the brique would be, that it is such a lovely red/orange warm colour, plus you already have three cold neutrals. You're right, it's not as big as the birkin, but still quite a splash of colour. Poussiere would be the perfect second "light coloured" bag; it can be worn casual or elegant. One could go on forever with these thoughts (LOL), so you gotta go with whatever made you smile more :-), hugs, HM

  14. update (after getting a man's opinion). The HFT and I both vote for the poussiere in 37. And after checking the list again I also have to retract my opinion regarding the rigid style - this doesn't go for the ultimate classic barenia/toile combo (31), which sounds more than just a little yummy and I also wouldn't rule out the cognac ostrich (considering, you already have 3 bags in clemence)! <3, HM

  15. Hello, dear ladies! What a fun and interesting discussion this was, many thanks for taking part, and for posting your comments and suggestions. Reading them was almost as good as going shopping together, we should exchange and share more often! :-)

    Narrowing down these beautiful bags can be a painful process, and I therefor very much enjoyed the votes the omitted candidates received, as they are absolutely stunning bags too.

    Deciding on the structure and size was relatively easy. When carried, the 37 mou or the 31 rigide both worked with my size and shape. I fell for the structured look of rigide, as I love the way it highlights the shape of a Bolide, and it is also very different from my other bags.

    In terms of leather, I was surprised by how much I loved he small, elegant texture of Epsom, I thought it was just perfect! A leather I never considered before, and again a great diversity from the Togos and Taurillion Clemences I already have.

    The next surprise was the color. When the SA mentioned Bleu Abyss and Bleu de Prusse, I was not too excited, and nearly told him not to bother to get them out of the stockroom. On a side by side, I preferred the BdP, but when trying both, I did not want to let go of the B Abyss, she just felt so right. I loved holding this bag!

    It took a bit of time though to get my brain (which said no to Epsom, and to blue) in tune with my heart. Today I've sent off the order confirmation, and will pick her up in a couple of weeks, can't wait!

    It has been such fun sharing with you, looking forward to share her home coming too.

    MaiTai xx

  16. Sally, thank you for your thoughts and input. My Kelly appears black in some photos, but it is Ebene.. so perhaps I had a good enough ‘excuse’ to add a blue bag after all ;-)

    Julia, I liked the red very much too, it was just too much in the 37 size. Not being used to colour, I think that a big piece like the 37 would make me self conscious wearing it. But perhaps in a different bag shape and size.. looks as if the hunt for the next bag has started already, lol!

    booksnchocolate, the Bleu Abyss is the one, yay!! It just felt SO right. Good point re the Brique matching the CeC scarf, I was thinking exactly the same thing!

    DD, cheers from a new Epsom lover! I know that it’s not the most popular leather, but it’s sensational in a Bolide, it looks so refined and beautiful. Plus I like the structure it gives.. oh I could just go on and on! And Happy Easter to you too!! PS. You are right on the 31, if I’d go for a ‘real’ colour one day, it would have to be a smallish size <3

  17. Deja Pseu, I love orange-red too, and will keep looking for the right style/size/leather combo. I still have not seen it in Vache Liegée IRL, and maybe it will be just the perfect one, as it has the most orange and least brown (the opposite is true for Togo) This was attempt no 2, perhaps I’ll be lucky the third time!

    ABG, hope you had a wonderful holiday and great to see you back! Thank you for chiming in, it is such fun to discuss the options! As you’ve said, it is so important to have an open mind, and just like you have switched from sellier to a mou Kelly, I went from ‘no way blue’ to blue!

    Dear Manuela, both Bolides you mentioned came so close! In the end, the 37 size was too similar to my Birkin, whereas the 31 rigide adds a new shape altogether to my collection. Not saying never to the 37 though, lol! x

  18. Majara, ich habe die 37 mou in Bougainvillia vor zwei Wochen schon mal anprobiert, und es ist eine traumhafte Tasche. Ich hatte sogar zufällig ein dazu passendes Twilly an, Les Capitales in fuchsia. Der ganze look war wirklich schön, aber da ich nur selten rote/fuchsia Accessoires benütze, hatte ich die Befürchtung, dass ich die Tasche im Ganzen zu wenig tragen würde um den Kauf zu rechtfertigen. Die Brique war ein zu grosser Farbtupfer für mich, vielleicht eine ideale Farbe für ein kleineres Format, zum Beispiel eine Picotin. Schön dass Dir die BA gefiel, letztendlich liess sie mein Herz am höchsten schlagen!

    Dear dance, yes to rigide, yes to Bleu Abysse and yes to ‘no Toile/Barenia in the Bolide’ (even though the heavenly smell made me want to grab the bag and run, lol). Re embossed leathers, I’ve never been partial to them either. Apart from the time when I ordered a 72 coin purse in Epsom, and had it exchanged quicker for a Chevre one than you could say eek! And yet, I fell in love with it on the Bolide. Maybe springtime in Paris is to blame... x

  19. Maisie, your criteria is spot on, and you are so right, in the end it’s all about which bag ‘grabs the most’. The BdP was gorgeous, but the 31 in the mou structure looked too small on me. It was strange, seeing the BdP and BA side by side, I was much more drawn to the BdP. And yet, carrying them, it was the other way round!

    Dear L, glad the Poussière got your vote, as I thought it was such a great and unusual neutral. And I agree with you, it is a very elegant colour, I liked it a lot. And another vote for the Brique, you all make me rethink this color!

    hair-mess, thank you for also involving the HFT :nuts: thrilled to be getting a family vote! I totally agree with your reasoning, and you are absolutely spot on, on all points. ‘On paper’, I too would have gone for the 37, either in Poussiere or Brique. But then, as I was holding the bags, my brain switched off, and the most unlikely candidate won, the one I would have shunned on paper, lol! x

  20. Absolutely one of my favorite H. bags of all times - a classic and tried and true since the 1920's.

    You probably know the history, MT, but if not, Emile designed it especially for his wife upon the introduction of the automobile. She asked him what on earth she could use while riding in a car, and he responded by designing the Bolide for her (it was originally called the Bugatti, but Hermes had to change the name when Bugatti threatened to sue them!) It also marked the first time Hermes used the zipper on a handbag.

    For me, it's not a proper Bolide unless it's the rigide style. The mou is definitely more casual, but the lines just aren't the same - it loses definition and that wonderful, streamlined design. Please, please get the rigide!

    As far as color, with your wonderful existing neutral collection, I think you should consider an alternative. The Abyss would be wonderful and my first choice. Not only is it a deep, rich, elegant blue, but it also works perfectly as a neutral.

    As far as size, I'm partial to the 37, and I think you could carry it off, but the 31 looks equally at home on you.

    Can't wait for to hear your final decision!

  21. I'm late to the party as you've already confirmed your order, but my favourite are the Bleu de Prusse and secondly Blue Abysse. Can't wait to see what you chose!

  22. Oh dear, I didn't read about your decision! Congrats and wear your new bag in good health, and Happy Easter to you and your family

  23. Dear Jerrine, many thanks for your wonderful and informative comment.

    This beautiful design truly has passed the test of time, it is hard to believe that it is eighty years old. And what a lucky woman Julie Hermès was! Btw, her husband Emile did not only introduce the zipper to a bag, but also to the whole of France (he brought it back from a visit to the States during WWI), holding the patent for two years in the beginning of the 1920s.

    I hope you will be pleased to hear that I decided on the rigide in BA. I took the smaller size though, as it gives more variety to the bags I already have.

    Hoping to post pics soon! x

  24. Happy you joined the party, mary! BdP or BA, bingo! Many thanks for your good wishes, wishing you a wonderful Easter too!

  25. Well, my dear, Julie Hermes was a lucky woman, but I think Hermes should design the "MaiTai" bag and, of course, let you have a large say in it!

    I'd read somewhere that Hermes bought the patent imported the zipper from the States. Also read that the great Coco Chanel sent her seamstresses to Hermes to learn how to work with it.

    That's one thing I love about Hermes - the long, rich and unique history.

    Sweet dreams of your lovely new Bolide!

  26. Very much enjoying our exchanges here, dear Jerrine :-) I did not know about CC sending her seamstresses to H for learning, imagine the fashion conglomerates of our times doing this! And yes, H's history is mesmerising, let's hope they will continue to remain faithful to their core values. I certainly have ideas for a MT bag, and with my large say I would insist on having huge discounts for my friends! ;-)

  27. As I have yet to purchase an "H"bag, aside from the "MT" bag (wouldn't THAT be amazing!) which would yyou suggest for a first, modest H bag?

    Maisie Z who loves how you never disappoint...what a gift!

  28. Congratulations! What a lovely choice you made. What
    a fabulous bag, loved hearing Jerrine's history of the
    Bolide. Everything H makes sounds so romantic. The
    Blue Abysse is a gorgeous color and I have an epsom
    birkin in blue jean and I just love the structure of it.
    You will love it.

  29. Dear Maisie, I always enjoy your comments and our exchanges, you never disappoint either!! :-)) Re the bag, I am a big fan of the Picotin, and love it as much as my other bags. It is understated, chic and 'very Hermès'. If you like wearing a bag messanger style, the Evelyne is great. I spotted the extra large one on the street recently (with the H worn inwards) and it looked fabulous. The price range for both is similar. How do you like these two? x

  30. What a happy predicament you are in MaiTai;-) I like the last Bolide best the 31 Bleu Abysse. If I were to have just one H bag it would be a Bolide - I like the toile ones a lot - what did you think of those? I have 4 (non H)handbags all in the same shape design just different finishes and it is basically a Bolide shape 32cm and they fit so much in them they are great! So based on this experience that is why I like the Hermes Bolide and I think you will love whichever one you pick!

  31. Many thanks, dear pamella, so happy to hear you like her! ITA, Jerrine's gift for writing in combination with H's wonderful and rich history is a treat to read! I feel the romantic notion too, which is why I am going to pick her up in Paris, rather than having her shipped to me.. a good excuse for another trip, lol. And a Birkin in Epsom sounds so cool, how I love the word 'structure' in the same sentence as 'Birkin'! x

  32. furlongous congrats from the HFT and me ;-) - can't wait to see pics! hugs, HM

  33. Bingo, Scarf Addict! The 31 BA is the one that won me over, she just felt so 'right'. I've been eyeing the Bolide shape for so long, and am thrilled to have finally found the perfect one. No wonder you have four bags in this shape! Re toile combos, I tried a Barenia/Toile, and apart from the color (Barenia is not for me, although the smell is just heavenly) I thought it added extra stiffness to the rigide look, which I found too much. But it's just my personal taste, it's a stylish bag and beautiful bag whatever I say! :-)

  34. Hugs to you and 'our' HFT, dear hair-mess. Can't wait to take pics, lol! ;-) x

  35. Wonderful MaiTai! I can't wait to see your Bolide when it arrives - enjoy!! Thanks for the info on the toiles - good to know:-)

  36. I'll pick her up the week after next, can't wait! Looking forward to share the homecoming :-) Have a great weekend x

  37. Another trip to Paris to claim your prize? How wonderful and much more satisfying to the senses than merely tearing into a mailing carton!

    Please promise to take the Bleu Abyss back to Le Train Bleu for a photo. We'd all love to see the new Bleu enjoying the ambiance of "Le Bleu!" And, of course, it presents another opportunity for a celebratory glass of champagne.

    To MaiTai and her new Bleu.

  38. Congratulations on a great decision. I personally love the Bolide design as it is timeless, elegant and so femine. I hope one day to undergo this process my self.

    I'm also looking forward to the homecoming. I love that you are making an occasion of the purchase. I do this w my carres when ethey come - savouring the moment and giving the time I feel
    these "jewels" deserve.

    Salut Mai Tai!

    Hugs, Maisie

  39. Oh wow, cannot wait to see pics!! =) Perfect to pick up your new beauty in Paris xx It'd be beautiful, BA in epsom is a dream!

  40. Romance is winning again, dear Jerrine, just 'had' to schedule a trip to pick her up!

    Wonderful idea to take Ms Bleu to the Train Bleu, and yes, a glass of champagne will definitely be on order. Let's hope the 'ciel' will join the theme of the day too, here's to blue!

  41. Many thanks, dear Maisie! Savoring the moment is half the fun of life, I could not agree more with you :-) Hoping that 'decision making day' will come one day soon. Hugs to you too, x

  42. Dear DD, isn't time usually flying past? Now it seems to crawl..not fair! Can't wait to take pics, and to take here home. Thank you for sharing the excitement :-)

  43. Perhaps another way to look at it is, the greater the anticipation, the greater the joy upon arrival? How lovely to have such a "wait".

    Hugs, Maisie

  44. Aww, well said, Maisie! The anticipation is very sweet of course, and in H terms, it's a super short wait anyway! Feeling like a kid before xmas.. xx

  45. AND, spring fever on top of that LOL !

    Maisie oxox

  46. Well, here's to romance, MaiTai and to you and your new bleu.

    I saw the Bleu Abyss today at Hermes (on a very attractive and tempting Picotin Lock) and just love the deep midnight look of it.

    You made an excellent choice!

  47. So TRUE, dear Maisie, it is seriously 'hotting up' over here...LOL! xx

    Toasting you right back, dear Jerrine! The Picotin sounds tempting! Wonder how the BA comes out in different leathers..

    Forgot to mention, that the 'L'heure bleue' is my favorite time of the day in summer. Love watching the sky going from blue to black, and seeing the stars coming up, the ROMANCE of it!! I think there is also a perfume called 'L'heure bleu', might have to investigate..

  48. Yes, let's investigate BA in Picotin. Anyone w any insight would be welcome.

    Happy Every Occasion for All this Weekend!

    Maisie xx00

  49. Well, the Picotin I saw in Blue Abyss yesterday was Clemence, and it was a lovely, dark, almost navy, smokey blue - very elegant, and what I would term a neutral blue. And, it looks wonderful with the light and silver shine of the palladium hardware.

    Oh, yes, "l'heure bleu," It always reminds me of something from an F. Scotts Fitzgerald novel and jazz-age Paris, and it's definitely something I must experience for myself.

    The perfume of the same name, from the legendary perfume house of Guerlain, is wonderful too, and if memory serves, I believe that it was introduced in the age of F. Scotts, Zelda and Le Train Bleu as well. I think you'd love it.

  50. Jerrine, many thanks for telling us more about the BA Picotin, it sounds like a fabulous bag! Smokey blue is a great description for BA, as I thought it had a hint of grey in it, but could not think of how to describe it. It is probably darker and richer in Clemence than in Epsom. You or Maisie ought to get hold of this beauty, then we could have a BA 'shade comparing' party at the TB, perfume testing and champagne sipping included, all in perfect early 1900 splendor!

  51. You don't know how tempted I was to swoop down on that lovely BA Picotin, MaiTai, but the timing was just not right at this point.

    I have to be patient, which is definitely not one of my virtues!

    In the meantime, I'll just have to enjoy your lovely new Bleu.

  52. There is a right time for everything, so it probably means that another color is waiting for you, dear Jerrine!

  53. You're definitely right, MaiTai, and I'm hoping that one will show up this fall in the new Rubis!

    Time will tell . . .

  54. Rubis certainly sounds a promising color! Rich and mysterious.. looking forward to seeing a swatch, hoping they will become available soon!

  55. I'm laughing, MaiTai, as Rubis definitely is a mysterious color - so mysterious that no one has even seen a swatch yet. There's all kinds of "rumination" on tpf about what color it might turn out to be but no definitive answser yet.

    I'm hoping for a lovely, clear ruby red for my next bag. We'll just have to wait and see, as we always have to do with Hermes!

    Only a few days now before the BA comes home with you, right? I think we're almost as excited to see it as you are.

  56. Will ask at FSH when the swatches are expected to arrive, and report back. Any idea which leathers it will come in? Getting intruiged by this color too.. As for the BA, it's less than a week now, yay!!

  57. As a matter of fact I do! And, the field looks tempting: Agneau Milo, Chevre (Mangalore), Clemence, Epsom, Swift, Tadelakt, Togo and the Toile Officier combo.

    I'm leaning towards Clemence at this point, as I haven't had a bag in this leather, and I think Clemence will provide a very nice and saturated shade.

    And, yes, please harass FSH for information? I'm betting that they'll probably have the actual swatch for you to look at. Think you could "borrow" it for a week or so and put it on a jet for Atlanta?

    Hoping the days up to BA's arrival fly by.

  58. Many thanks, Jerrine, and wow, Rubis is certainly well provided for! Clemence sounds great, hoping to get to see a swatch while at FSH. Let me know, if you want to 'borrow' anything else, it seems a shame to sent a jet over which is nearly empty :D

  59. By all means, just empty out FSH and have it all loaded on to that jet - a big Air France one!


  60. Painted orange and wrapped up with Bolduc ribbons!


  61. Jerrine and Maisie, great thinking ladies! Let's make a few stops along the way, and have everyone hop on board, for a big orange H party in the sky! :D

  62. Great idea for plane decor, Maisie, as we might as well advertise our true intent!

    And, MaiTai, champagne and an on-board H. party - yes, yes, yes! We could really welcome the new Bleu into the family properly.

  63. The champagne is on ice, ladies! :D

  64. Huhu MaiTai :)

    Was ist denn der Unterschied von Mou und nicht Mou?

    Danke und Grüße

  65. Hallo Majara! Der Unterschied von mou (weich) und rigide (strukturiert/steif) ist im ersten Photo gut zu sehen. Bei der Bolide ist es eine Frage des Leders. Die weiche Form entsteht z.B. bei der Verwendung von Togo und Clemence, die steife Form entsteht bei Ledern wie Chevre, Leder/Toile Kombinationen, Epsom, Vache Liegée und Straussenleder. Liebe Grüsse, MT :-)

  66. Huhu MaiTai :)
    Danke für die Antwort. Ich dachte es ist vielleicht eine höhere Form wie bei Birkin und HAC.
    Nimm eine weiche Tasche da ist das Leder viel schöner finde ich.
    Bin schon total auf Bilder mit dem neuen Täschchen gespannt.
    Schönes Wochenende

  67. Hallo Majara, habe mich schon für Epsom entschieden, denn ich finde, das es die Form der Bolide ideal zur Geltung bringt. Bilder kommen bald..Wünsche Dir auch ein schönes Wochenende!

  68. Is tomorrow the big day? Will we be seeing the beautiful new Bleu Abyss addition soon?

    If so, have a wonderful trip tomorrow.

  69. Not today, and not tomorrow, dear Jerrine. The french railway workers are on strike, and all trains to Paris got cancelled this afternoon. This is very much part of living in France too ~ mais c'est la vie!

  70. Oh, no, those blasted railway workers. How dare they keep you from your prize!