Sunday, May 9, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #1 ~ grey and white

Today starting the new capsule wardrobe series with it's first post, feeling truly happy and excited about the project. Many thanks everyone for the wonderful response to the idea, you are making this so much fun. Looking forward to experiment with those twenty pieces, and would love to hear your comments/suggestions/ideas as we go along. It will be fun to see how many different looks we'll end up with!

Teaming a white shirt with grey wool trousers for a clean and simple look

adding a 90 Carré (Aux Pays des Epices), chaine d'ancre enamel, jumbo pearl necklace and Bleu de Prusse Bolide

The basic bias fold is my favorite way to wear this gorgeous scarf, as it highlights it's symmetry so well, and brings out the design beautifully. Tucking it inside the shirt collar stops it from sliding around too much, and it feels just wonderful too.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and wishing all moms a very happy Mother's Day!


  1. Stunning Mai Tai! Especially with the necklace. I like this scarf folded on the bias too.

  2. Thank you dear Stephanie, so pleased you like this look. I love the necklace with this combi too, as the beads correspond in such a nice way with the berries on the scarf :-)

  3. Mwah my dear, and thank you <3

  4. So clean and simple as you've said, and so elegant as you are.
    Aux Pays des Epices shines her light on Bolide, and you do it on both of them.
    Congratulations on your new serie.

  5. Happy Mother's Day!

    i love this outfit. such a great idea of 'capsule wardrobe'...

    i appreciate the way you accessorize your basics. you are one of the best in that area.

  6. I agree this is a stunning combination - but frankly so are you Mai Tai! For us mere mortals, I am liking your simple elegance especially the suggestion of the scarf inside the collar.

  7. Beautiful outfit, MT, and Happy Mother's Day! Joanne

  8. cecila, Julia, elegancemaison and Joanne ~ thank you so much for bringing the series to such a happy start! x

    cecila, you are so sweet and kind, and your words so lovely. Thank you, my dear.

    Julia, a very happy Mother's Day to you too! Happy you like the idea, and thanks so much for the sweet compliment.

    Welcome to this blog, elegancemaison, and many thanks for your generous comment :-) Have fun trying the inside the collar method!

    Joanne dear, you are so sweet, thank you.

  9. I just put down a book on Audrey Hepburn, and was thinking how I want to pare down my wardrobe, and stick with basics, with fun accessories thrown in. I just now clicked on your post, and I am ultra ecstatic to see you are doing the capsule wardrobe series. I'm sure I will glean a lot of fabulous inspiration from you... you are such an expert in this area :)

  10. I love the capsule wardrobe idea. The possibilities for combining are limitless, especially once you start adding scarves! A white shirt with a beautiful H scarf = my idea of perfection...

  11. MaiTai, A great first episode! This is one of my favorite outfits on you - you are so beautiful, just glowing! I love white shirts myself - especially with pearls. The Espices scarf is truly gorgeous and draping it inside the collar highlights it so well. The colors of the chain d'ancre looks like it was made for this outfit. And love that you chose grey pants - it brings out the taupes in the scarf and the beautiful blue of Ms Bolide. You've blended the colors, shapes and textures so beautifully - you are truly an artist.
    Thank you for sharing your beauty and talents.
    Happy Mother's Day to you. I hope you had a lovely day :-)
    P.S. I'm using my new name - I like it better than the old one, JTandIS.

  12. Lovely look, MaiTai - this scarf has a real chameleon quality, and nice idea to keep the scarf in place (I have almost lost a scarf wearing it loose around my neck before!). Sent you an email - hope you got it! :-)

  13. What a GREAT idea....I am always looking for ways to put a twist o my capsule wardrobe.. can not wait to see all your wonderful and I am sure inspirational ideas ! My fail safe two pieces are always a white shirt and a sleeveless vest so all ideas on scarf tying etc are eagerly antisipated !! CONGRATULATIONS MaiTai !!

  14. Simple and yet so elegant!Perfect first episode MaiTai. And Ms Bolide looks stunning with Aux pays des épices.

  15. Thank you MT! You have an eager follower here!

  16. You are always an inspiration. Just beautiful!

  17. I love the way the blueberries of the carre compliment the boldie. Great start to this wonderful series dear MaiTai! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a enjoyable Mother's Day.

  18. So sorry I am reposting because I erased my post by mistake--

    Wonderful new series, dear MT. I love the classic wardrobe with well tailored basics highlighted by the perfect accessories, scarf, bag, jewellery.
    Wonderful and subtle "résonnances" between the colours and the details (the beads/necklace, etc.). Du grand art! And amazingly Ms BDP Bolide is proving to be a staple, not merely a beautiful addition.

  19. Teri, dance, Scarf Enthusiast, sushi queen, Ann, booksnchocolate, Birkinmary, Nancy, andiamo and ABGinDC! ~ your lovely feedback has kicked off the capsule series in the best possible way, thank you so much for your lovely comments x

    Teri, what a coincidence! What an uplifting read that book must have been. She was such an amazing woman, a true icon.

    dance, the white shirt and scarf can be such a life saver, and one can always rely on it, here's to both!

    Scarf Enthusiast, love your new nick name! So nice you should have noticed the bracelet, I was really pleased when I discovered how perfectly it’s blue links match Ms Bolide. When I bought it, I nearly overlooked it at first, as it was not the most exciting enamel on the shelf (in fact, it looked very much like a wallflower compared to the other ones), but as soon as I noticed it, I knew that it was 'the one'!

    sushi queen, yes, it’s another chameleon! It is just so much fun to discover the wonderful surprises that chameleon scarves hold.. Got your email btw, and have just sent one back to you!

    I bet you have a stunning capsule wardrobe, dear Amou! Knots galore to come :-)

    booksnchocolate, so pleased you enjoyed episode #1, many thanks, dearest x

    Dear Birkinmary, so glad to hear, as I would miss you too much otherwise! x

    Nancy, many thanks for your kind and lovely comment :-)

    Thank you, dear andiamo. I thought the berries (the scarf only has spices, and these are called ‘Quatre Epices’) looked so nice with the Bolide too. The weekend was lovely, I hope yours was too x

    Ms Bolide is glowing proudly in her shelf, thank you dear ABG. I was really pleased how the berry/pearl teaming 'tied' the necklace and scarf together. Résonnance' is such a beautiful word for it.. your writing is so elegant and poised <3

  20. MaiTai, I never know what delight will greet me when I click onto your site.... you never disappoint. Your wardrobe series is already making me rethink my closet. Looking forward to each post.

  21. It is always a delight to see you visit, dear SMR. Thank you for your sweet comment, and have fun 'capsuling'!

  22. Chic, elegant and beautiful..
    H must endorse really could capture the essential spirit of H...
    MT,I must confess that you are my style guru..
    I've bought a muse belt because of you !! (And I can't thank you enough for the purchase..this belt is awesome)
    PS.Your stunning bolide is a bad news for my account..sigh

  23. How lovely to be Muse belt twins with you, dear Erlina, it is such a great belt and I am happy to hear that you love it so much! Hoping to become Bolide twins with you one day too ;-) Your 'confession' is such a lovely thing to say, thank you for the very sweet and kind compliment <3

  24. I love it - and the best bit - it is easy to do!! Thank you MaiTai!

  25. Being late I can only repeat what has been said here earlier. Hilarious combination! You are so inspiring.

  26. Aww, dear Scarf Addict, you have summorized it really well, 'easy to do' truly is the key, happy you like it! :-)

    Glad you have joined the party, angolfa, it just would not have been the same without you x

  27. Love this!! Simple and very chic!! xx

  28. Hi MT, what a great idea to do a wardrobe capsule to show people like me that is horrible at color matches. Hope you had a great Mother's day weekend and I miss you at TPF.

  29. Thank you, dear DD! x

    So lovely to see you here, dear chkpfbeliever, and happy you like the idea! I remember you being good with colors though, but hope you'll enjoy anyway :-)

  30. So lovely and elegant as always MaiTai. Thank you for sharing these beautiful ideas :-).

    Ramona xx