Friday, May 7, 2010

Capsule wardrobe

Today introducing a new series, 'the capsule wardrobe'. In the upcoming episodes, I will put outfits together from the clothes featured in the collage below, and much like a kaleidoscope, come up with different combinations, accessorized in different ways.

I chose those twenty two capsule pieces, because they are my current most trusted and loved wardrobe staples, clothes that I enjoy putting on and which have never let me down. They are a mix of high end and low, and have one defining element in common, their colors, fabrics and shapes work with my frame and skintone, which is why I feel comfortable and happy wearing them.

These staples can be mixed and matched in endless combinations, and because of their simplicity, they are a perfect canvas for accessories. Adding a scarf, necklace, bracelet and/or bag is my favorite part of getting dressed. I feel these touches bring my clothes to life in a very personal way, as they are a reflection of my mood and my surroundings.

This new series will be strewn in admist the H it Up , Joie de Vivre and other posts. It should be fun, and I hope you will enjoy!

First row ~ Cardies
khaki and black
Second row ~ Shirts
black and white
Third row ~ Jackets
beige and black
Fourth row ~ Jeans
blue, white and 3/4 length beige
Fifth row ~ Cotton trousers
khaki, beige and light grey
Sixth row ~ Trousers
black viscose/acetat and grey wool
Seventh row ~ Vests
sleeveless black with collar, cream and chocolate tank tops
Eigth row ~ Splashes of color
khaki sequined top, purple sweater and beige/purple tank
Ninth row ~ Waistcoats/Vests
taupe knitted and black pinstripe


  1. What a great idea and so inspiring, dear MaiTai!!! Wish you a lovely weekend as well!

  2. Thank you, dear Manuela! Hope the new series will be fun and enjoyable x

  3. I love this idea--it is so fun to mix and match with favorites from the closet. That is know (to me anyway) as having a well defined closet. Can't wait for this to progress.

  4. Happy you like the idea, dear andiamo. Here's to the well defined closet! <3

  5. Hi, MaiTai,
    This is my first time posting but I have been a regular reader of your blog for some time. I just had to let you know I have been secretly wishing you would post a series on your chic style and clothing tips. Needless to say, I will be looking forward to your upcoming posts on your capsule wardrobe.

  6. Hi MaiTia, I too am a long time reader but have never commented. I am so pleased you are going to do this, as I have been hoping for some time that you would explain your chic way of dresing and how many items you mix and match. I find the 'capsule wardrobe' idea very interesting. I can't wait. Jean.

  7. What a wonderful idea for a series. Have followed your lovely site for ages and find it so beautiful, practical and inspiring. Thank you MaiTai, looking forward to sharing the "capsule wardrobe".

  8. Oops sorry that would be dressing.

  9. Oh, how fun! I love your capsule pieces and look forward to seeing the combinations you come up with.

  10. Oh, this is a great idea, and it's going to be so much fun! You're determined to make elegant ladies out of us yet, aren't you, MaiTai? LOL!!!

  11. MaiTai, it's brilliant! It really is a privilege to be able to see the process behind your fabulous style. Love your selection too! I found it interesting that even though I am short, I have several items of similar styles/shapes as wardrobe staples that work very well for me. I guess good basics is just good basics no matter the size? Of course, what you do with yours is just utterly splendid!! Looking forward to the first episode. Have a nice weekend <3

  12. That is a fantastic idea! Your elegance and chic style are always so inspiring!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  13. When I first read the title, I rushed to the thought that you were going into a new branch of business, which I think many of your readers would love seeing. :)

  14. Greatly looking forward to this series, MaiTai! I love the security of knowing there is always an outfit ready and appropriate, just needing to have a few touches added to complete the look! You have such a sense of 'Elan' that we can only hope to absorb some of it reading your posts! xx

  15. Dear Deborah, Jean, Rosekirk, DejaPseu, xandrah, JTandIS, booksnchocolate, Lutz and sushi queen ~ thank you for your lovely comments, so happy you like the idea of the capsule series!! Looking very much forward to sharing the upcoming episodes with you, and hopefully hear your views on the results. Have a wonderful weekend, ladies <3

    Deborah, a warm welcome to you! It is wonderful to hear that you enjoy it here, and please come back more often to share your thoughts and wishes :-)

    Hello Jean, so happy to read your comment, it is so nice to get to know the ladies who enjoy coming here. A warm welcome to you too, hoping to see you back soon :-)

    Rosekirk1984, thank you for joining the official readership of this blog, it gives me a wonderful sense of support and friendship. A very warm welcome to you :-)

    DejaPseu, glad you like the idea, it will be fun to see how many looks we’ll end up with!

    Lol, dear xandrah, as long as we have tons of fun in the process! x

    Happy to be staple twins with you, JTandIS, and I totally agree, one can hardly go wrong with good basics. The best ones are those one reaches for all the time. And of course those that let our H shine, lol!

    So glad you like the idea, dear booksnchocolate! Hope we’ll have tons of fun with it. Have a wonderful weekend too <3

    You are giving me wonderful ideas, dear Lutz! lol!!

    sushi queen, you’ve said it so well, the security of having pieces you can absolutely rely on is essential. And we can always rely on our accessories to make something special of it!

  16. Your creativity and way of presentation never cease to amaze me - love it and already looking forward to seeing more! Have a great weekend, <3, HM

  17. Thank you, darling hair-mess! Have a wonderful weekend too x

  18. I'm so happy you are doing this series. I look forward to the posts.

  19. Thank you for your sweet support for the idea, dear Stephanie. Hope you will enjoy the upcoming episodes :-)

  20. This is going to be great. Have already learned so much from your posts about how a scarf or small accessory can make such a difference - even for the more casual dresser. Can hardly wait to see the outfits you put together.

    Bonne week-end!


  21. Dear MaiTai,
    I also have been enjoying your blog, the scarf tying, the joie de vivre, sites, recipes, the simple pleasures of life you share with all of your readers. Thank you so much for this, and also for this great new idea of wardrobe planning. You are a truly kind and beautiful person. All of this is very much appreciated!

  22. Fabulous idea!! Really looking forward to the series =) Wonderful weekend to you xx

  23. Smashing idea! Looking forward to this series.You are so inspiring!

  24. Valencia, Gloire du matin, DD and angolfa ~ so happy you like the new idea, thank you for your sweet comments! xx

    You are so right, Valencia, small things can do so much, and are sometimes all one needs :-)

    A warm welcome to you, Gloire du matin. So nice to see you comment, and many thanks for your lovely words :-)

    DD, thank you dear!! <3

    Dear angolfa, very much looking forward to the fun we will have!