Monday, May 31, 2010

Today wearing ~ Purple and grey

A while ago, someone asked me what inspires me when I get dressed in the morning.

Apart from the obvious factors (occasion and temperature), I mostly dress in accordance with the outside light. On overcast days, I'd reach for darker tones than when it's light and sunny. In terms of colors, the decisions are often a reflection on the mood (and I have to add that black does not stand for a bad mood, to me it represents clear and simple), or derive from things that have caught my eyes in recent times.
Over the weekend I've come across some beautiful things in pink, purple and grey, inspiring today's look... glorious bulbs of fresh garlic on Saturday's market, thyme blossoms in our garden, and the summer evening sky we saw on our promenade last night.
Accessorising with a Capitales Twilly tied in a double knot, 32 Kelly in Ebene, Clic bracelet in black and a weave leather belt. It is notoriously difficult to combine scarves with prints, which is why most of my clothes are free of patterns. But when I saw this silk top, I knew it would be perfect with the Capitales Twilly, as it has the same shades of grey and purple in it. I am guilty of sometimes buying clothes for specific scarves, but not feeling too bad about this one, as I've snapped it up at a sale, 70% off.


  1. Ooh this has got to be one of my favourite posts!! How stunning you look in purples (my current passion) and greys! <3 This silk top is just fabulous on you, beyond gorgeous!!! xxx

  2. The purple silk tunic looks terrific on you, and it's perfect for your slim-hipped figure (can't imagine anyone being able to do it justice the way you have!) Love the Twilly accent at the neckline too.

    And, somehow, you've even managed to make the lowly purple garlic look chic and romantic!

    Just love this blog - my favorite place to be.

  3. Merci, dearest DD, and here's to purple, our mutual love affair! With the abundance of purple this year, we should have fun playing with our wardrobes, looking forward to seeing a purple inspired pic of your gorgeous self! <3

    Darling Jerrine, it is always such a pleasure to see you here. Glad you like the look of the tunic and garlic. The garlic at this time of the year is just wonderful, it is so fresh that you can easily peel it without a knife, the skin is so velvety and soft. It only keeps for a few days, but it hardly matters, as we've already used up most of the bunch we got last Saturday x

  4. I would have solely gone for the wonderful tunic, already, only to find myself back home puzzling which scarf or other piece could go with it. And now look at this. Very cool, and so clever to consider the matching scarf when buying (and simply forget about the ridiculious thought that a scarf may direct your shopping). Very well done.
    Let me, also, please get in line with the purple lovers, here.

    And I also love the garlic as you are describing it. Great time in the year with all fruits and vegies coming back, now.

  5. You look stunning in your new silk tunic! I love how you put it together with the twilly...brilliant!
    To top it off you even found garlic to enhance your outfit. This gives a whole new meaning to getting dressed to go to the market!I look forward to seeing what other colors have inspired you there.
    I am sure there were some delicious treats at Chez MaiTai this weekend:-)

  6. MaiT, what a wonderful surprise to see you wearing patterned, colorful clothes! it seems that you are going through a style revolution, which is funny as I am doing the opposite and my clothes are getting more and more plain. Congratulations, you always look beautiful and I love this youthful style.

  7. I like purples and greys a lot. So chic! And the tunic looks terrific on you. Paired with the twilly it made me rethink my "only solids with scarves" motto. You're a fatastic source of inspiration MaiTai.

  8. Dear MaiTai

    Your description of some of the beautiful things that surround us pleased me so much! The picture is lovely!I can almost smell the fresh garlics!Lilac and purple are some of my favourite colours too!Hugs to you.

  9. MaiTai, love seeing you in a print... and the Capitales twilly is bright and fun. Great look all around.

  10. all I can add is WOW!!! love you in purple, I have been adding it to my wardrobe also. I tend to avoid prints for solids but once again I am re-thinking......

  11. Wow - MaiTai - this is a breathtaking outfit! I love the colors and the silhouette. Yesterday, I was thinking of you since large parts of my lavender bushes seem to have died over the winter. It's strange. Love the garlic and the spring skies. Perfect!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. A piece of silk complete the whole look. Gorgeous

  13. Dear MaiTai, How I love this post - but then every post is my favorite. It is so complete and harmonious - you've taken nature's beauties and woven them into your style - this is truly 'joie de vivre.' Your purple/grey geometric print top (another color combo I adore) with the Capitales Twilly is simply incredible - totally thinking outside the box, and on you, just amazing!! So thank you for sharing your inspirations and the process. Totally agree with you about black - feel so comfortable and myself in it.
    Thank you for the hat tying tip and the good weekend wishes. Hope you'll have a nice week ahead :-)
    PS Loved the story about the turtles and the frisbees - baby turtle lifeboats!

  14. ITA with Jerrine - your awesome figure does add the extra sparkle to your already terrificly chic looks. Like you I mostly buy single coloured clothes, but every now and then you just gotta change the rythm, right ;-)? Also wanted to add, that my day wouldn't be complete without my daily dose of your blog. <3, HM

  15. Usually I'm a lurker from TPF who comes to admire your beauty and simplicity yet sophisticated style. But this LOOK is stunning beautiful. The colour combination and outfit are just perfectly WOW!! You are such a genious as you've made me see garlic from a sweet, romantic light! Thank you for always sharing your great style with us. Merci Beaucoup!

  16. So chic! I admire the wording you used for black clothing... representing clear and simple. Brilliant. I may have to quote you as I am often wearing all black. I too buy clothing with specific scarves in mind and you did an amazing job with the purples and greys. Hauntingly chic.

    Although now I will look at the humble garlic that I purchase, and wish for otherwise!

    Thank you again for such a wonderful blog, the gorgeous pictures, and the inspiration to look put together every day!

  17. Beautiful, as always, Mai Tai!

    I hope you will permit another question, or several. Your blog has really inspired me in many ways; mostly, however, it has reminded me that I need to pull my Hermes scarves out and add to my collection. I don't own a twilly, in large part because before finding your blog, I was really stumped about how they would fit my style. I see that they do work well tied at the neck. Can you talk more about how they work for you? I'd appreciate it.

    Also, would you mind sharing what you think are the essentials of any fashionable woman's Hermes wardrobe? I realize this has to do with personal taste, lifestyle, etc., too, but do you find yourself reaching for the same Hermes accessories over and over? Are certain colors/types/numbers/sizes of scarves essential, in your opinion? Also, which bracelets would you recommend? Alas, for now the bags and boots are a bit out of my league, but a girl can always dream, right? :)

    Thank you again for all of the inspiration! Hope you are having a lovely week!

  18. Ooh I love this look, I'm a fan of tunics, being on the tubby side they're rather forgiving lol!!!

    Love the purple/grey combo tres chic!!

  19. Beautiful, dear Mai Tai. So nice to come back, and find new entries on your addictive blog.
    Even though Ms Bolide is not in the picture, we can feel her influence with the prints and lovely colours, and how right you are since you look positively amazing. I would look sad and withdrawn in those colours, and you look radiant and chic.
    Missed you in Paris, can't wait for a glass of champagne (pink, perhaps to celebrate the colours of the season?).

  20. Dear angolfa, Trudye, Birkinmary, booksnchocolate, manuela, SMR, andiamo!, Salem, casiewbao, Scarf Enthusiast, hair-mess, Karinrat, MiaT, Corry, JA_UK and ABC, purple waves to all of you! As always, our exchanges here are such fun, and thank you for your lovely compliments and comments x

    Dear angolfa, must not tell the other scarves, they might want to come shopping too, LOL! Have a wonderful time on the markets! <3

    Dear Trudye, just hop over and I’ll whip up a lunch ‘à la marche’ for you. The colors and variety of the fruit and vegetables are truly amazing right now. Just bring your favourite scarf, and we’ll find the best ingredients to go with it :D

    Dear Birkinmary, seems like we both are having fun expanding our wardrobe! Please send me the link to your blog (either here or to I’d love to see the latest pics of your gorgeous self!

    Another colour combo we both love, dear booksnchocolate! ITA with you on ‘only solids with scarves’, which is why it is such wonderful fun to occasionally break away from it <3

    It is always a joy to share with you Manuela, and it is so nice that we like so many of the same things. Hugs to you too.

    Thank you, dear SMR, the print does make such a nice change, ITA with you. Happy you like the Capitales! :-)

    Hello, dear Maedi, what a joy to see you here! So sorry to hear about your lavender though, I wonder too what happened. I hope you can replant, and that the new bushes will grow quickly to close the gaps. Or, hop on a plane in July and help me cut ours, and fill your suitcases to take it home! x

  21. Well said, dear casiewbao, I simply could not agree more! <3

    Baby turtle lifeboats!! You truly have a gift for words, Scarf Enthusiast. Your wonderfully creative style to write always puts a happy smile on my face, thank you, my dear <3 And so true about the joie de vivre, there is so much of it around us, waiting to be brought into our lives x

    Changing the rhythm is definitely a good thing, my dear hair-mess, as you have shown recently so well with your ultra chic necklace look!! Thank you for your sweet words and lovely words, and have a wonderful upcoming weekend <3

    A warm welcome to you, dear Katinrat, so nice to see you joining the fun, and I hope you continue to enjoy it here! Admiring the beautiful colors of the garlic at the market, together with DH, then taking it home and cooking a lovely meal in the evening was romantic and sweet, and it is so nice to hear that you have perceived the photo of it in the same way :-)

    Here’s to black, dear MiaT! And it also brings out our beloved scarves so beautifully! Happy you enjoyed my diversion though, and many thanks for your sweet and lovely words <3

  22. Hello Corry, and welcome! I am very happy to answer questions, and I love the exchange that comes with it. So please feel free to fire away! Re the Twillys, here a few links to previous posts. I can not post direct links here, you would have to copy and paste. Hope it helps, good luck!

    And with my scarf fur collars

    Love the question re the H essentials, such fun to dream up a list! On the top of my list would be a 90 Carré (the ultimate classic) and a scarf ring (a horn Chaine d’Ancre or the Regate) to go with it, as the ring gives you so many more ways to wear your scarf. I also love the other scarf sizes, and for a quick lift, a little Gavroche or Twilly can do so much, without breaking your bank account. Next, a necklace. The one I use most is the Farandole. It looks great in combination with scarves, and on hot days it is fabulous on it’s own. Third, a ring. I wear my silver rings everyday (Lima and Toquade), they have become almost part of my fingers, lol. In terms of bracelets, I adore the enamels. They are expensive, but they are so special and amazing, that it is worth it. I joked with Trudye on the previous post that on a cost per wear basis they have become practically free, lol. With summer approaching, a beautiful horn pendant is a fabulous alternative to wearing a scarf. Please drop by anytime, and I would love to hear how it is going. Have a wonderful journey on the orange road, and have fun building your collection! :-)

  23. Merci, dear JA_UK, and here's to tunics, I love them too. They are just so pretty and versatile for summer. Have a wonderful and sunny 'tunic summer' ahead!

    Welcome back, dear ABG! I hope you had a wonderful time in Paris!! Can't wait to hear how it was. I was thinking of you over the weekend, and of course wishing I was there too! Looking so much forward to having that glass of champagne with you one day, and yes, let’s definitely have pink. My favourite! Hugs x

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