Friday, May 28, 2010

Scarf Profile ~ De Madras à Zakynthos

This beautiful scarf was designed by Dominik Jarlegant, and issued as part of the Spring/Summer 2009 collection, in the year of travel. Sea turtles are amazing travelers indeed, some of them migrate thousends of miles outside the nesting season.

From the scarf booklet..

Many years ago I have been lucky enough to come across turtles that have justed hatched, although not in Greece, but in Barbados. For some of them, the 'mad race' towards the sea turned out to be mad race towards inland, as they decided to go into the wrong direction. Perhaps because it was night time and full moon, or maybe they were distracted by the lights of the resort, I never found out. We spent hours carrying lost baby turtles across the beach to the shore, and then watched them as they braved the surf to get to the open ocean.

I often take this scarf when going to the beach, and love to combine it with white, beige, brown or sea blue (you might recognize the dress below, it's the one I wore to the wedding a few weeks ago)


  1. What a charming story about the newly hatched baby turtles! The scarf is beautiful and the perfect colourway for your outfit. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This has always been one of my favorite of your past vignettes!
    You look so relaxed and beautiful.
    I have been trying to find this scarf since seeing your first posting.
    My niece just returned from her honeymoon in the BVI,Virgin Gorda and told us tales of snorkeling with these amazing creatures.And now we have another beautiful reminder.Thank you dear MT:-)
    P.S. We are twins on the enamels!

  3. That story about the turtles sounds so much like you - saving those little babies by showing them the right way. <3. All outfits are wonderful, as usual, but I especially like the one with the brown tank top and the chic way you combined your scarf and the picotin. with it. Wishing you a lovely weekend, dear MaiTai; hugs, HM.

  4. My favourite look has to be one with your picotin! That was one of the pics which got me thinking about the picotin before taking the plunge lol =) Thank you for sharing the story about the turtles, how beautiful! xx

  5. Sorry to say but this blogs been quite boring lately, all the old posts have been dug up and re used . The clothing is always the same as well. Not to mention the shameless selling and marketing of non designer items.

  6. Yay for the turtle scarf!! I have this in green and its one of my faves xx

  7. Of course, you look lovely as usual, and anyone who would spend hours rescuing tiny creatures is definitely at the top of my list.

    Besides great beauty and natural elegance and style, you have a great and caring heart, and that, my dear, is truly the best accessory of all.

  8. Dearest MaiTai, What a beautiful story and what a lucky day for those precious baby turtles - I can just picture you gently transporting them! I love all three looks - love brown and blue combinations - but I think my favorite is also the brown tank & beige trousers with the picotin - it's perfection! So a big thank you for bringing it back in the style sheet format - it's so helpful to see all the individual pieces - and now we get to see the shoes too <3 One of the things I love about your blog is how thoughtfully, thoroughly, and creatively you present each post and how you tie them all together - of course, all with a great big heart! You are such an inspiration. Have a happy weekend xx

    PS One question MaiTai, how did you secure the scarf to the hat? Thank you!

  9. My dearest MaiTai:
    I like so much your blog!!
    You're an inspiration and an epitome of natural class and elegance, whatever you do.
    Please go on with your work, intelligence and special sensibility.
    Besides your noble heart, ITA with Jerrine, is truly the best accessory of all.
    warm regards

  10. Dear MaiTai,

    I do understand that this scarf means something special to you.What a lovely story! Me too, I do enjoy your blog and am very thankful for all the inspiration I receive from it. Thank you.

  11. So nice to see you stopping by, dear MiaT, and thank you for your sweet comment. Hope you had a great MD weekend <3

    Dear Trudye, twins on my favourite enamels, yay! I wear mine so much that on a cost per wear basis they have become practically free, lol. I hope you will find the scarf one day, I keep my fingers crossed (and eyes open!) Your sister’s holiday sounds amazing, what a wonderful and special experience it must have been.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend too, dear hair-mess. It is heartbreaking to think that so few of the turtle babies actually survive. Can’t tell you how cute they were, and the energy they had! Love the outfit too you liked best, as it is so simple. Have a great week ahead! x

    Happy to have helped with the plunge, dear DD ;-) Yours is gorgeous, and I still remember your post about the Picotin bistro too. I hope that one day we will go there togehter, with our matching bags of course! x

    ‘lurve’, from what you have said, it is obvious that my blog is not for you. The easiest and most appropriate solution would be to stop reading it.

    Hugs to you, dear JA_UK, wonderful to be DMaZ cousins with you! <3

    Dearest Jerrine, Scarf Enthusiast, cecilia and manuela ~ you ladies are the sweetest, thank you for your warm and lovely words. Very happy that you enjoy it here as much as I do, hugs to you x

    You would have done just the same thing, dear Jerrine, seeing them all rushing away from the sea was too much!! On second thought, maybe they were just heading towards the bar..

    Dear Scarf Enthusiast, there were so many turtles that we ended up transporting them in frisbees, lol. Securing a scarf to a hat depends much on the structure and material of the hat, and how much wind there is. In the above post, I simply tied it on with a firm double knot. Here's to brown and blue (one of my favs too), and a happy ongoing MD weekend to you :-)

    I am touched by your very kind and sweet comment, dear cecilia, thank you for your lovely words. I very much enjoy doing this blog, and it is happy making to hear that you enjoy coming here. <3

    Dear Manuela, having a personal memory or story attached to a scarf makes them all the more special, and they become part of the fabric of one’s life. Here’s to the beautiful moments in life, and to the beauty of scarves x

  12. i am in love with this scarf after seeing it IRL. Ties beautifully. and u look gorgeous. A stroll by the beach, picture perfect

  13. Thank you, dearest <3 Next time you come, we must go to the beach here, you'll love it x

  14. I always inspired by you, your thoughts and attitude, again, thanks for this nice post.

    - Mark

  15. Thank you for your kind comment, dear Mark, I am happy that you enjoy it here :-)