Thursday, June 17, 2010

FSH update

Last week at FSH, a beautiful, new window display greeted every lover of neutrals. The scarves fluttering from the rooftop were still the 'Mosaïque au 24' (I am amazed how long they lasted, the first time I saw them was end of April), and the panels which hide the construction site were unchanged too. The beautiful window arrangement in creams, whites and browns were making more than up for it though! The 'Kelly in Perles' framed by creme starfish shapes made a fabulous centrepiece, while the bi-material Plume, Kelly (a 50cm) and JPGII, and the all white Birkin and Constances looked so summery, cool and fresh.

It was only back home, when I realised how much FSH's colour scheme influenced the choice of macaroons I brought back for DH and DS!

But not leaving FSH yet, as something made me stop in my tracks when walking past the shelves in the bag department.. Of course, I should have walked straight past, but instead, felt an irresistible urge to try on the beautiful 37 Bolide in Gris Tourterelle Clemence I saw. Needless to say, that I fell in love with her straightaway, and now you all know what I dream about at night, lol!

The sad part of this FSH update is, that there are no more LFASDV in the black CW.

PS. Who can spot the capsule wardrobe pieces ;-)


  1. Dear MT, this is just perfect in time for Summer!! Thank you for the lovely update on FSH (cannot wait to see in person!) and also you look gorgeous as always. The bolide just looks stunning on you xx
    A bientôt!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your trip to FSH with us. The bolide looks fantastic with your outfit. I'm sure Ms Bolide would love to have a little (or in that case: big) sister.;-P

    Ps: Yesterday I bought my very first plissé: LFASDV in bleu glacier/blanc. I just wanted to share my H-appiness with you, dear MaiTai. And thanks to your video, I've been practising making pretty flower knots. Thank you!

  3. That color and purse is so "you". It looks great. I can see why you are dreaming about it.

  4. Dear MT,
    Gorgeous as alway the windows of FSH H shop. Thanks for sharing.
    Was surprised to see Birkin (always want to write BirKING or BirQueen ^)) in the window.
    It is a rare bird as far as I understand. Is it easy to buy it in France? in Moscow you need to get somehow on the waiting list which can take months and months to pass.

  5. Thanks for your info on the Bolide in a previous post. I was *this* close to buying a 37 Gold Courcheval at auction earlier this week and this post with all the lovely neutrals gives me total non-buyer's remorse!

  6. Oh dear! this is a real classic MT look! you are beautiful... go for the Bolide, it looks wonderful on you!

  7. Dear MaiTai, Thank you for sharing the FSH update - it is truly a neutral heaven. And your delicious macaroons are a perfect accompaniment! Now I want to go make coffee and have some chocolates.

    You look so beautiful and happy with the Gris Tourterelle Bolide - such a quiet, elegant color - like it's always been yours. Of course, you had on the perfect long cardie and beige cotton trousers (or light grey trousers?) from CW pieces?
    Hugs to you and sweet dreams. <3 x

  8. What wonderful pictures of the FSH window displays, MaiTai! And those Macarons look yummy! Thank you for sharing these with us!

    Love your look as always - great neutrals and a gorgeous bag!

  9. Wonderful neutrals, and beautiful Bolide. Looks perfect on you and I can't wait to see if it found a new home... I really enjoy the way you mention which scarves are flying above FSH each time you visit. It always takes me back there in my mind, which is a happy thing.

  10. Dear MaiTai

    I do understand you are dreaming about the bolide in étaupe:-)) It´s very pretty and it goes so well with your black outfit. It looks gorgeous on you!Hug, M.

  11. You look great, and you sublimate Lena necklace.
    You are the very responsible that I have a Lena necklace like yours.
    And I love it!!.
    So thank you very much for it.

  12. I have to say that your blog is completely addictive and inspiring... You are so chic and stylish. Speaking of style, I'm heading to France next week (can't wait - first time in 9 years!) and I am hoping to get your opinion on a couple of things:
    1. What store/stores in France are best for basics (pants, shirts, skirts - similar to your "capsule wardrobe" pieces)
    2. What are your favourite apparel/shoe stores in Paris and Nice?

    Thank you so much! Nadia

  13. Know so well, how you feel about the gris t. - if I could, I would grab that one in a heartbeat. Such a subtle stunner and therefore perfect to compliment your stunning looks and beauty! Have a nice weekend, hugs, HM. (As to the capsules: I would say the pants, the top or the cardigan ;-)

  14. OOH lala Dear Mai Tai - The bolide has your name on it I believe!!! Sorry about the black Femmes. Are you looking for one? I'm into my H this weekend and can have a look. I love mine!
    Have a wonderful wekend, and as always, thank you for sharing.

    Hugs, Maisie

  15. Dear MT,
    What a beautiful journey through the neutral"Land of FSH"! Again, thanks for taking us along on your journey.
    The 37 Bolide is TDF with your wardrobe and I can see how the larger might come in handy for your train trips.
    I spy at least five pieces from the style file,maybe six depending o what you are wearing on your right wrist!Does your silver ring count??
    Have a wonderfully FUN weeekend:-)

  16. you didn't get the bolide? it looks so fab on you!

  17. Many thanks for your kind comments, dear ladies. Happy you enjoyed the trip to FSH, and thank you for sharing the admiration for the G-T Bolide with me x

    Safe travels, dear DD, et à très bientôt indeed!!

    Many congratulations on your first Plissé, dear booksandchocolate, and a LFASDV, no less! Must be absolutely stunning in this CW, what a great buy. I am sure Miss BdP would love a big sister, just as much as the other bags would, tehe!

    Dear Stephanie, nodding my head in agreement!

    Dear AA, in the FSH windows, you will always see the most amazing or rare bags, in exotics, special combinations, discontinued leathers etc. But they are not part of the regular stock. It is true though, that B purchases are easier in some countries than in others. The normal procedure, is to place an order. Podium orders (for the style/leather combinations offered for the season to come) are placed twice a year, and it will take up to a year for your bag to be made. If you narrowly miss a Podium, you add six months to the wait. Stores can not take an unlimited number of orders, they have a quota. If the quota is full, your order will have to wait until the next Podium. Hope this helps :-)

    Hugs to you, House Hunting in Paris! But as the Gold Courcheval did not make your heart beat fast enough to snap her up, you made the right decision in the end. I hope you will have a chance to make up for it soon, with butterflies fluttering inside you et all ;-)

    Thank you, dear Birkinmary! Hugs <3

    Bingo, dear Scarf Addict! You nailed the capsules down, and yes, they were the beige trousers. The matching colours of my outfit made it harder indeed to put her back onto the shelve, but Ms black Birkin was huffing and puffing by my feet, reminding me that she went with the colour scheme too, lol.

    Thank you, dear sushi queen! I looked at the pics again this morning, as I loved them so much too. The chocolate, grey and white combinations are just so pretty. Oh, and that Plume!

    Oh, dear SMR, MS G-T may have found a new home, but it is not mine! It is so nice that you share my passion for the roof top scarves, will say hello to the horseman from you the next time I go!

    Hello my dear Lena twin! I could not agree more with you, dear cecilia, this necklace is sublimate! Especially in summer, when it gets too hot to wear scarves <3

    Thank you for your kind compliments, dear Nadia, and wishing you a wonderful upcoming trip to France. My capsule pieces are a mix of high/low end, and most of them are generic items. The ones that are particularly french, are by Gerard Darel, Tara Jarmon, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Anne Fontaine and Un, Deux, Trois. When in Paris and Nice, I don’t really go shoe shopping, so I’m afraid I am not of much help.. Perhaps some of the ladies here can chime in!

    Yay to your capsule guesses, dear hair-mess! Thank you for your sweet words, and loved your spot on description of Ms ‘Subtle Stunner’. Have a wonderful weekend too. hugs

    Thank you, dear Maisie. I am not just looking for one black Femme, but for seven, lol! The draw has been very popular, and many of us are still searching for one. Have fun at H, would love to hear a report x

    Eagle eyes, dear Trudye! Silver rings definitely count, and on my right wrist, I am wearing the black Clic bracelet. On my left wrists however, ‘our’ Elephants and Torana! It is so much fun, to have you ladies coming along with me to FSH, I only miss having a real cup of coffee with you afterwards! Have a great weekend too xx

    No, not this time, dear dogbiskit, as I only got Ms BdP a few weeks ago..woof!!

  18. Thx for the update on FSH's new display. Love the 37cm. Bolide on you. You are so lucky you can work with both the 31cm. and 37cm. Hope those dreams result in a new addition to your capsule pieces.

    Bonne week-end!

    P.S. Love the pics of the macarons. Brings back great memories!

  19. Thank you for your kind and sweet words, dear Valencia. For me, carrying both sizes is a question of shape and color. In general, the 31 mou looks too small, and the 37 rigide too big on me. So it's the 31 in a rigide, and the 37 in a mou. As for color, the 37 appears too big when in a strong color, but works great in a neutral (for me, the same principle applies to a 35 Birkin). The smaller 31 however, looks wonderful with a pop of color, which also makes it appear a little bit bigger. Here's to Bolides and Macaroons, have a great weekend!