Sunday, June 20, 2010

In the kitchen

This was meant to be a recipe post, to share one of my favorite summer deserts, a Meringue topped with cream and summer berries, called Pavlova.

Whereas I have snaps of the making of the meringue, I never managed to take a pic of the finished product. It needs to be assembled right before bringing it to the table, and by the time we have desert, it is always dark outside, so no pics. I will try and make it as a lunch desert one day soon, and post a 'beauty shot' along with the full recipe then.

In the meantime, here some pics of last night, gathering with friends in the kitchen for a chat and a glass of bubbly, while shaping the meringue into a disc.

Photo credit: my friend A. Thank you, dear xx

The disc turned out well, and is coming on nicely in the oven

The style 'ingredients'. I've been wearing a different black shirt and pair of jeans from the capsule pieces, but since the clothes in the series are meant to be generic, I thought to include a stylesheet too.

Scarf: Astrologie Pointu


  1. Oooh that Pavlova sounds delicious - and haute cuisine meets haute couture in MT's kitchen! Love it!!

  2. Pavlova! One of my favourites! I'm sure it was delicious, and adding champagne makes any gathering more festive! Lovely pictures too.

  3. I totally agree,Pavlova sounds so yummy,made even better by a glass of the bubbly!
    Great food .great friends and a beautiful summer night make for a perfect summer delight.
    Made even better by the elegant chef...what a feast for all.Thank you for letting us attend!
    Big hug and a happy Sunday to you!

  4. I love the glimpse into your kitchen. Pavlova looks delicious!

  5. Champagne and Pavlova on a warm summer evening sounds like the perfect way to celebrate la joie de vivre.

    Please do share the Pavlova recipe whenever you can. I've never had one and would love to have Mr. Valencia give it a go.

  6. Dear MaiTai, Happiness and joy all around, beauty and love surround you MaiTai. Thank you for sharing - you have the biggest heart. Have a wonderful week ahead. <3

  7. Pavlova sounds yummy! Never heard of it and I can't wait for the recipe.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  8. Your features and your hair show up beautifully in black, and the Les Cles is a nice finishing touch. Thank you for sharing your fresh summer look... I join in with everyone saying yum to Pavlova and the (pink?) champagne!... Looking forward to your recipe.

  9. Simply beautiful, I love the candids in your lovely kitchen. You look radiant, effortlessly élégante, as always, and this confirms that we share a taste for pink Champagne.
    I have never managed to make a decent Pavlova, the meringue comes out too soft or too dry in my inapt hands.
    Lovely all around.

  10. Can I just say, your Pavlova is always delicious!! Somehow it is the one dish that never comes out right when I attempt to make one (as you know, LOL)..thank you for sharing this and greetings from Barcelona dear MT!! Meringue with Champy - perfect! xx

  11. Uum! Pavlova looks delicious! Looking forward to the recipe. Have a great week ahead, dear MaiTai.

  12. Your pavlova looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the pics so that we can a glimpse of your Sunday gathering. My pic is the one with pavlova all puffed up in the oven. You look so effortlessly chic as hostess in your kitchen.

    For me, I wouldn't dare to wear any of my H silks in the kitchen due to fear that my clumsiness would result in stains on my scarves.

  13. I don't think I've ever seen anyone look more elegant making a Pavlova. (I do my best culinary work in my robe!)

    But, somehow, I would expect nothing less from you, MaiTai. I'm sure that the guests were thrilled with the finished product too. Pavlova, yum.

  14. Yes, indeed, I can only comfirm: This Pavlova was delicious! (Being one of the lucky consumers who might cause envy among the readers now)
    And bubbling up preparation time was another great idea. I really enjoyed it, and admire MaiTai also for not getting stains on the scarf as certainly I would.
    So, thank you MT for the nice evening. Looking forward to the recipe soon.

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  16. MaiTai... The Pavlova looks great. I love the scarf. Have a Great Week :)

  17. Lovely photos of you in the kitchen, MaiTai - you certainly do justice to the beautiful ballerina Anna Pavlova, after whom this luscious dessert was named!

  18. envy indeed, dear "a friend", not only because of the certainly delicious Pavlova, but even more so for enjoying the company of our lovely MaiTai, topping it off by drinking champagne ;-) - just joking, of course, envy is the last word that comes to mind, when thinking of MaiTai and her wonderful blog.

  19. Maitai, pavlova is Australia's National Pudding. We eat it on Christmas Day and Australia Day and for all celebrations in between. You can be an Honorary Australian from this day forth.

  20. You're one stylish baker, Ms. MT !!

  21. Hello, dear ladies, and many thanks for leaving your kind comments, as always, they were such a joy to read xx

    Merci for the haute praise, dear Scarf Addict :-)

    Happy you enjoyed the pics, dear MiaT. Happily, the desert did turn out well, and everyone enjoyed it!

    Here’s to summer delights, dear Trudye! <3

    So nice to hear you enjoyed the post, thank you, dear Stephanie :-)

    Having vivid memories of Mr V’s culinary skills, I know he’ll lift you straight into Pavlova paradise, dear lucky Valencia! :-)

    Happiness and joy to you too, my dear Scarf Enthusiast. Hope you are having a wonderful week x

    I am sure you will love the Pavlova, dear booksnchocolate, it does not only taste like summer, it looks like summer too! <3

    Can’t stop wearing black, dear SMR, even in summer. Bingo on the pink champagne, here’s to you!

    Aww, merci MonSacHermes, toasting you with our favourite drink x

    Have a fun time in Barcelona, dear DD, can't wait for Friday!!x

    Thank you, dear manuela, hope you are enjoying a wonderful and sunny week :-)

    The oven pic is my favourite too, dear pricilla.chow, always a joy to see the result turning out well. Mostly, I just leave my scarves on when in the kitchen, but for messier jobs I'd wear an apron, and/or flip the scarves to the back :-)

    Lol re the robe, dearest Jerrine! With the wonderful things you produce, I could not care what you wear.. as long as I am invited to your table!

    Dearest A, thank you for answering Jerrine’s question ;-) It was truly wonderful to have you here, and our evening was bubbling with fun! Miss you already xxx
    Thank you for your lovely words, dear Penny, hope you are having a wonderful week too!

    Aww, dance you are too kind! We were actually talking about Anna Pavlova that night, wondering why the desert was named after her. According to wikipedia, it was created to honour the dancer during or after one of her tours to Australia and New Zealand. I'll be forever grateful to these countries for having created such a delight!

    Just hop onto the next plane, my dear hair-mess! I’ll put the champagne on ice, and turn the oven on xx

    Dear Faux Fuchsia, I am more than honoured, thank you! Now I know what desert to make for my new Australian friends the next time they come for dinner. I can just imagine what a festive touch the red berries add to Christmas! Traditionally, we have Christmas pudding, and I only remembered a couple of weeks ago that I made a second one last year. It has kept beautifully, but it felt a bit strange to wear a T-shirt while enjoying it, lol.

    You are so sweet, Chkpfbeliever, merci my dear!

  22. Dear friend, now that is one stylish kitchen! i will love to look half as chic as u

  23. You always look so chic and stylish, my dear casiewbao! Happy you like my kitchen, thank you :-) x