Saturday, July 31, 2010

Capsule wardrobe #15 - khaki and brown

A quick capsule wardrobe snap, taken after lunch in town.

Capsules: all khaki... cardie, cotton trousers and sequined top
Accessories: Lena necklace, Lift earrings, Elephant enamel and Ebene Kelly
Shoes: mesh ballet flats

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  1. MaiTai You look beautiful and cool. I love the color combo. I am loving that Lena around your neck :-) Have a great week ahead. Blessings -P

  2. Thank you, dear Penney. After the recent adventures, I felt the need for cool and calm colors ;-) Have a wonderful week ahead too, and a great Sunday x

  3. I've said it one and I'll say it again: Colour or earthly neutrals, you always look stunning! Lovely shoes and gorgeous Ms. K, all topped of by your wonderful smile. Have a great sunday, hugs, Macs :-)

  4. Thank you, my dear Macs, and have a great Sunday too <3 In this heat, I miss wearing scarves.. I guess I was compensanting by reaching for darker neutrals ;-)

  5. I really love how you make lovely neutrals "pop" even more with simple additions! Thank you for sharing this, hugs to you <3

  6. This is a beautiful, elegant, classy look. I love it!

  7. Dreamily elegant I don't know how you manage that every day.
    Oh I meant to say: the fur collar is utterly amazing and so versatile, I love it to bits!

  8. Isn’t simple so often simply the best, dear DD! Hugs to you too, and have a great week ahead x

    Hello Sue, and thank you! It was also a very comfortable and easy combination, I love it too :-)

    You are so kind, dear Tabitha, thank you. Very happy to hear that you love the fur collar, hope you are going to have a fun and furbulous winter this year!

  9. My dear MaiTai, It's so lovely - truly an epitome of sophisticated simplicity. Indeed very calming - gentle and subtle. I adore your tank - so special.
    Many compliments for the brilliant placement of your gorgeous flats ;-) Thank you so much, dearest MaiTai, you are truly the best <3
    Have a wonderful week, warm hugs xx

  10. Hi, MaiTai!

    How are you? You look stunning as always! I have been thinking about getting the Lena necklace for a long time. It seems so versatile.

    I hope you are doing well!

    Take care,

  11. So happy you like the look, my dear Scarf Enthusiast, and thank you for your sweet and lovely words. The shoes have walked so many miles with me, they truly deserve the attention, so big hugs to you! Have a wonderful rest of the week too <3

    Hello, dear HermesNewbie, how great to see you! All fine here, and I hope you are happy and well too :-) Re the Lena, it really is a fabulous piece. Take care too x